Wednesday, December 30, 2009


2009 was pretty intense for me.

Work wise, it was a slow slump down.
Bad omens commenced in January and gradually devoured away the months that came.
A deep pile of constant crap left on my doorstep with no one to clean it up.
I tried cleaning myself. Didnt work. Shit stayed.

Fast forward 12 months down the road and here we are. Here i am.
Still facedown on the same dung of faeces i was pushed into.

Oh well.
Despite the negativity, i survived and miraculously managed to pull of 1 or 2 pretty fun stunts in 2009.

I traveled.

Lang Tengah with the Owhy and the Zarooffe
(as well as
Kenneth but visually MIA here)

Significantly far.

And paid for it.

Vonster in pink. in Manchester. | LiAnn and Me shoving @ Platform9 3/4 in London.

Alot of it.

Still paying for it.

Also, my family played host to a 17-year-old German stray.

Kai the Jonas-*puke*-Brother.

I got to meet the ppl who did the eye candies for a movie i loved alot.

I bermrazmerise with JasonMraz in Stadium Negara.
(with the
Jere, the Hamster, the Evo and the Toh.)

...And berboomboompow with BlackEyedPeas in Sunway.
(with the Lapster)

the giantess Fergie.

I think that's it.
That's all the weight this year carried for me.

I know.
It's damn puny compared to the magnitudes i accomplished in 2008.
Guilty as charged.
I dun even remember what my initial goals were for 2009.

2010. Lets dance.


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