Thursday, September 23, 2010


When tragedy strikes....

Do what your instincts tell u...

Snap Pictures.

The housemates return home and we are immediately greeted by the sight of fallen plant on floor.
Dirt scattered. Leaves ripped. Stems broken.
Everyone gasps and haiyoh's and OMG's.
and then instead of reaching for the spades to rescue poor pokai-ed plant, everyone instantly whips out canggified poket cameras and plays paparazzo to the horror scene in front of us.


Poor plant will be scarred for life thanks to our merciless doings.
She'll never want to stand on a window ledge ever again.
Or show anyone her full bloom of boomz.
Or endure any sort of picture-taking.

i dun think photosynthesis is gonna cover up this wound anytime soon.
We have damaged her beyond stem cell regeneration.

Where is the love ppl?
Where is the love?

is this what mother nature deserves?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

HAPPY RAYAR (now u can spell it backwards and still sound the same)

Another project i was involved in.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Just some stuff from things I kinda recently completed.

Olden Shanghai shenanigans.

Carnival crap.

Mooncakeshop mashup
(loosely inspired by Pushing Daisies' Pie Hole.)

Italian cafe items.

Forbidden City center

Elements done for September's Chinese Newbies promo actually.

i dun think i will be posting the finished project anytime soon.
Mainly because i dun think it justifies the design in anyway.
Let's just admire the stagnant design for what it is.
Unmoved and untampered.


Thursday, September 02, 2010


Sometimes i really think the unfortunate tragedies that befall us are actually blessings in disguise if we just step back, squat, lean in, bend over and tilt our heads to get a different perspective on things.

I experienced such a event 2 days ago.

Woke up. Realised PC crashed through the night.
Tried starting up.
Flickered with light for a moment before shutting down again automatically.
Problem persisted the next few 42382095842343290 rounds of tries.

Cursed. Clenched fist. Kicked stuff around room. Karate chopped cupboard.
Concluded that, once again, it was time for PC to let me down.

Decided to engage in immediate professional assistance.
Unplugged everything. Carried CPU down to Taxi uncles waiting at overhead bridge.
Got in. Dropped off at IKANO. Dragged myself up to 2nd floor.
Seeked ALL-IT's service counter.

Problem detected. Problem solved. 2 hour intermission wait.
Affordable fees of RM21 to fix CPU. No problem. Pay.
Had solo lunch in Cinelei... i mean..err.. e@Curve. (lousy name)
Carried fixed CPU down to nearby Taxi uncle.
Taxi uncle wanted to slaughter my wallet. RM15. Blah.
Crossed road with CPU in arms to seek different taxi uncle on opposite lane.
Taxi uncle told me to cross back over to taxi uncles waiting opposite road - Which was where i was at earlier. Blah.
Crossed back over.
Flagged down (miraculously) different incoming taxi uncle.
Got in. Dropped off at Rainbow.
Lifted up to 18th floor.
Stepped in room by 2.30pm.

Barely 5 minutes into Windows startup screen when rain started pouring outside.

i sigh with relief.

Blessing-in-disguise check-list:
1) PC crashing couldve happened on a friggin workday and cause me even more rushing shitcrap running around BUT didn't. Could've. BUT didnt. Chose to happen on a holiday. Which i am grateful for. More time to sort things out. Less stress.

2) Rain commenced AFTER stepping into safety zone. Which saved me a great deal of trauma and awkward CPU-running. Rain Could've drenched me (and more importantly, CPU). BUT didnt. Which i am grateful for.

3) Repair could've cost much much more. But nice service counter repair fella found loophole for spare part in the end. Only paid for service charge. (original RM30. members price RM21. Awesome.) Could've cost more. BUT didn't.

4) Could've pokai-ed whilst whisking around CPU in hand and once again lose all sense of dignity by crying in public if CPU broke into a million pieces. BUT didn't. Could've. BUT didn't.

Thank you thank you thank you God.

Random photo moment:

Pasted on the door of our office during the company free durian makan day.
Community message reminder above was supported by everyone else who did not
gorge on the free durians downstairs.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


It's not a holiday when all you do during your so-called offdays are worry about work, fret about things you need to complete, stress about datelines and bite your nails when you dont know where to get started.

Therefore you do little little things like pee alot more, checkout strangers on facebook, take extra naps, refresh twitter every 2 minutes (when twitter doesnt even need refreshing for updates) or run off to Singapore.

you know. the normal things a desperate person does to procrastinate.

Anyway. Holiday's over and shit pile hits me again tmrw.
i will cry and groan later.
but for now - randoms:

That's Burnli at his supposed surprise bday thing that
he already smelled the stench of miles away. and declared on FB about it so
we ALL knew he whiffed our fishyness.

Speaking of fish....


Ngong Ngong has reached the end of his lifeline.
dun ask me who did it.
(Miss Scarlet in the kitchen with a revolver!)
(it was the super garang catfish.

Someone placed Ngong Ngong with catfish and they couldnt
learn how to co-exist in the same aquarium.
There could be only 1.

Speaking of kitchen...

witnessed an egg explode in a microwave.

Was too lazy to crack open the egg to mix it in a bowl before heating it up
so i basically put the entire egg in and went on with life.

was a pretty intensely loud boom.
1st time!

Speaking of boomz...

Ran off to Singapore for a short visit to my cousin's.

That's my uncle indulging in his new found hobby.
He waves a black thingamajig and presses a button and u hear a click
and then real stuff gets captured in pictures.

Spot the green viper in the photo above.

Uncle was looking for monkey's as subjects to shoot
but due to the presence of someone from a less-fortunate downer-grade
neighbouring country, they decided THEIR presence wasnt worth it.


Therefore, uncle picked the next best thing to shoot
- chopped up plants on Bukit Timah.

Speaking of plants....

That's housebunneigh indulging in her new thing too.
Nurturing furry easy-to-grow daisy seedlings on the balcony and talking to em
everyday when she gets lonely aka. when i'm not around.

speaking of lonely...

That's my company on my last day of my week-long holiday.
Was feeling like shit and decided to splurge on a microminitub of the above item.
The last time i had a taste of this was during the 1st sem of college. 5 years ago.

I remember because i couldnt taste anything different about it with Baskin Rob.
and then today i THINK i realised how wrong i was.

Because Biscuit Caramel flavour was so awesome my brows
went up all high and slanted awe-ish when the spoon went in my mouth.

I think it was just the flavour that was nice la.

I'm a sucker for anything Caramel.

work tmrw.


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