Thursday, November 26, 2009


Am nestled temporarily in the Borneoric lands of Kuching for a short family trip.

spotted so far:
- sneezers in plane getting weird paranoid glances from passengers all around.
- douchebag who let his phone ring for a bloody 15 minutes before switching it off (after receiving nudges of annoyance from nearby passengers.) (yours truly included)
- dog strutting proudly in Taman Sahabat.
- NO cats in sight. Oh the irony.
- blurring vision due to extreme heat exposure under the 11am sun.
- blurring vision due to 4am wakeup call for a 7am flight at the chaoticly crowded LCCT.
- the supposedly famous Kolo Mee. Not just spotted. Tasted too. Found it so-so.
- nice 4-bed room in Singgahsana Lodge.
- NO kennysia sightings. yet.

Paparazzo will resume in another half an hour or so.
Will be visiting the museums later with the aunties and uncles that tagged along with us in this trip.
Pray that i dont snore.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Holy shit.
Dexter (season 4) is so owning the current wave of tv series seasons.
For the 1st time in a long time.. a plot twist made me hold my mouth in utter wide-eyed gaspness and shock.

Even the poster is so brilliantly done.

FlashForward comes in 2nd.
Californication and V are on a tie breaker.
can't decide which hits my addict nerve more.

Glee relies purely on songs to sell. Story wise its pretty mediocre to say the least.
Sometimes even downright absurd.

Gave up on Heroes and Desperate Housewives.
i could go on and on about the hates and oh-no-they-did-not's about those 2 but will vent another day.

TheBigBangTheory is so funny i could watch the same episodes over and over again and still LOL.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


... to EvoChubs and Pokes.

Ignore the wallet-wielding-freako in the middle and u have a splendidly smilesome photo. We should all go for holiday together somewhere and take more nice group photos la.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Thank you Crazy Dog for the 1-on-1 date / movie.
It was Astro Boy's preview screening @ Tropicana City.
1st time setting foot there btw.

I have never seen a single episode of the original AstroBoy so... was watching this with absolutely no idea what to expect.

I ended up dozing off. yet again.
I think i'm getting serious shit olde cause i've literally lost count of how many movies i've managed to fall asleep in.

Let's see. WALL-E. Transformers 2. This is it. Law Abiding Citizen ( yes, guilty of drifting off even though i found the movie nice) Across the Universe. 2012.
Just to name afew.

Coming back to AstroBoy - kids will enjoy this movie la.
That's all i can say.
Predictable. Family oriented. Cliched jokes. So-so graphics. Annoying characters.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I attended the Asia Film Week seminars during the weekend.

Can't say i was jumping up&down about it because god knows it was the friggin weekend.
And the fact that none of the cabs i took actually knew WHERE the godforsaken location was.

I literally felt like it was the blind leading the blind when i sat at the back of the cab, safety belt strapped on, cluelessly nodding my head and going "ah. err. ok." as Mr.Cabby forwarded question after question if "this turning correct ah?" or if "this road can or not?"

I dont know damnit.
You're the bladi cab driver.

Then again i cant blame the poor fella.
It was held at ASWARA aka Akedemi Seni Budaya Warisan Kebangsaan translated as National Arts Culture and Heritage Academy.

Say wha... ? whe...?

i know. Mouthful isnt it?
Organise la somewhere that actually exists.
Wild goose chases in the early hours of the day rushing to attend a seminar on a weekend is no good for the young working adult's soul yo.
Damages. Damages i tell ya.


It was a pretty expensive seminar and i had the priviledge of attending free of charge.

AhBoon browsing tru our cheapo photostated 3-day guidebook

Friday was a total drag.
Same speaker from last year. Same info. Recycled jokes. Snorelax.

Saturday, on the other hand, was very very worthwhile.
Had the honours of watching CafeFX present and answer questions about their work. Works that included one of my favourite films of all time - Pan's Labyrinth.

They also did fx for SinCity, G-force, G.I.Joe, Nim's Island, KiteRunner and are currently working on the very-pleasing-to-the-eyes' Alice in Wonderland.

Yeah. Drop that jaw. now.

I was too paiseh to ask for photos.
So i snap from far.

See, even during breaktime, people are lining up to ask questions.
Jeff, the co-founder of CafeFX, was a damn nice guy when we went forward to enquire about AhBoon's tracking issues.

There were so many ppl continuously coming up to him that he had to excuse himself for a toilet break before running back to layan the rest of the quezzies.

I sense the stimulating aura of respect illuminating for him as well as a rather pungent stench of jealousy coming from my end.


Sunday, was relevant but unfortunately doze-inducing too.
Good thing was that Peter Wunstorf threw us some outdoor action by dragging our asses into the open for some lighting and shadow tips.

unfortunate victim / model

With interest.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Talk about random coincidental bump-ins.

Location was all the way @ Pasar Seni.
I was alone, tired, hungry and anxiously awaiting the 99 Metro bus to transport my lazy ass back to beloved Pelangi.

Suddenly I hear someone shriek my name from behind.
Lo and behold - Lena stands behind me. Positively flustered amidst the smokes coming from the WantanMee stall beside her - Alone AND available. (her colleagues FFK her and left her to scavenge the streets of errr...Petaling Street.. for lunch)

Ended up having a very VERY random one-on-one catchup/since-you're-here-lets-eat-together lunch with her at the precise stall in which we both had our little unplanned collision.

Honestly. She was the last person I'd expect to see all the way here.

Fate or random coincidental bang?
No idea.
But it was fun.

We should do this more often L3na.
Let's plan our next coincidental meet up.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have photos of Paris.

It's not alot.
But the Frenchers put it on FB awhile ago and i 'rightclick-save-picture-as' the photos.

Le Arc de Triumph as kelefeh in the background.

Le Louvre.

Me demonstrating how the Msian buaya chomps its catch.

i forgot which museum this was.

That's famous Miss Lisa on the far right. On the wall.

Lost and clueless as usual.

Disney store on the Champs Elysees.

There should bloody hell be more la.
I'm still waiting for Eiffel Tower pics to appear.


2012 YAWNS

2012 is cliche with a capital K and Yawn with a capital ON.

wasnt great.
wasnt even good. Heh.

Special fx were eye-opening to say the least.
And when there wasnt any special fx, my eyes weren't opening. Literally.

In its defense, it got quite kancheong towards the end la.
so that was pretty good.
Slight glimmer of storytelling hope there.

Oh. and the Adam Lambert song for this movie isn't too bad.

Oh. and Poor Tamara. :(

Saturday, November 07, 2009

MY 0.05 secs OF FAME

Blink and you'll miss it.

Thanks for not blinking.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009




Didn't fancy the trailer at all.

But then i watched it and holy shit it was damn nice.
Love the fast cuts and talking-to-self bits when our scientist gets into action.
Pretty witty stuff.

*Steve playing with chocolate chips* XD


Good story.
ouch to the 2nd criminal dude that died.
Above average but not on top.


I'm sorry to report that i succumbed to boredom in this one.
Maybe because i'm not exactly a MJ fan. Love some of his songs. Not ALL of it.
I invited flies (and mozzies and bacteria and fingers and fists) to visit my mouth in the middle of Earth Song.
Cineleisure was killer packed when i went to see it during the premiere.
was sweating buckets from peoplephobia and stress before the movie started.
People were crotch-grabbing and moon-walking all over me. Trauma.


Heard rave reviews about it so decided to give it a watch.
And by watch i mean download.
Unfortch, it was only so-so for me.
But then again. considering the low budget premise of this movie... it's pretty decent.

There IS a twist.
But....err.... not a very in-your-face impactful one.
you watch la.
I saw the trailer for How to Train Your Dragon recently and i just couldn't stop thinking how wrong the title is.
However, the dragon in question is damn adorable.
I'm a sucker for cute monstrosities.
So train my dragon i shall learn how to.

Monday, November 02, 2009


I call it fate.
Pure concentrated fate.

It was only a matter of time before destiny would land itself in my lustful grasp and satisfy my cravings for hardcore 20 hit combos and cheesy pre-battle taunts.

It was only through an unavoidable system crash on my withering pc that drove me over the edge of my brother's place at SS24/24 and eventually the opportunity to renew my gaming life with the gift of the genius known as STREET FIGHTER IV for the PC.

Started toying with it on Friday night.
Ended up sleeping at approximately 5am that very day. (or technically, next day)
Too friggin addictive to put down.
Was busy figuring out ways to master CrimsonViper's traits cuz she looks so damn yauyeng in all her killer moves.

Anyway I'm kinda on a ChunLi / Rufus hiatus now.
I'm all about the legs and fats man.
If you're not one of those outdated blokes like me who are functionally retarded on joypads and have been playing it on PS3 for awhile, you'll know that those 2 have combo guns that out-fire and outBOOMZ any BFG 9000 out there.

Ryu and Ken are cheater players.
Their hoduken uppercuts can out-uppercut and out-attack ANY attack.
and the move itself looks so bladi good too. With the flaming fist and all.
Not a fair move at all man. Not a fair move.
How do the wimpy Blankas and Balrogs stand against something so effortlessly effective like that?!

Brain power has been working on OT due to endless memorizing of character moves from websites like this.
It's like i'm back in school drilling in my maths formulas again, eager to exercise my new-found knowledge on the exam table.

Thankfully, I see no signs of blistering, bruising and swelling on fingers (or any other parts of the body).


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