Monday, March 09, 2009

Birthdayed / Mrazed / WatchedMen

It's been awhile.

But hurr i am again.
Barely breathing and discerningly unsatisfied with life.

Oh well. Whaaaat's new.

Behold I have monthly happenings to report.

1st and foremost. Thank Yous to every living creature whom so graciously took the time to give me a warm birthday nudge/ring/sms on the 27th last month.
Spank u very very much.
My Facebook has never been so active.
Whole day damn happening.

Found myself refreshing the page every 2 minutes.

Office maytes celebrated the bday during lunch @ Pasta Zanmai.

I didnt get all the limelight.
Had to share it with Jo cuz she was a Februarian too.
Damn it.

At night i was treated to my favourite dinner cuisine in the whoole wide world by Bunneigh and Chenneigh.

she likes it soft.

And since the HouseBunneigh and my bday so ngam 2 days apart, the humanlybaboons always celebrate our bdays together-gether.
This year it was @ Tony Roma's Sunway Pyramid.
Had to share spotlight again. Frak!

They made us hold-up lovable balloons and give long distant blows.
for the candles.

Dun ask me why mine is pink and princessy.

Just dont.

Even managed to meet up with some old OLD long lost friends in the busyness of the bday.
Thank you CC and Jians for the cheese cake.
I dun think its too sour at all.

Even L3M & Ray dropped by ONE U to see my face.

Ah. the sweet scent of extra attention.

So age decides to lable me a 24 year-old now....

I dun feel any different though.
I don't feel the wisdom of a 24 year old sweep over me.
I don't feel like i've done enough to be a 24 year old.
I wish i was still locked in my early 20's.
it was easier to impress ppl back then.
not too young to be naive and not too old to be ignorant.


I also accompanied some humans (and a Hamster) to the Jason Mraz gig @ Stadium Negara.

It was a pleasant concert.
Stuffy and ass-numbing, but nice.
Seats werent far from the stage at all and Mraz gave a very very applauding performance.

Sound was bad from where we sat unfortunately.
But i guess that's justified with the ticket price la.
We got the RM88 ones. Somemore Hamster got us the 15% discount ones.

So funny that so many of our friends went.
And i didnt bump into ANY of them.
Except Elea and her bf.
But that was also because Jere had good eyes and quickly pointed out the boyish-looking woman who walked pass us.

Chenny went. The sister went.
Eunnayce was there. Elea was there.
Michelle 8unit was there.
Joseph was there. In the same seating area as me.
And we still missed each other.

We were leaving the hall after the concert ended when we spotted the bus Mraz and band were supposed to hop on and go home parked behind the stadium.

So being the kaypo sampats we were born to be.
We waited.

theTai and theToh just HAD to stand RIIIIGHT beside the bus window, in the front line of the oppressingly scary crowd.

We were just about to give up and leave the Tai and Toh behind when manatau the fella REALLY suddenly came out and galloped into the bus.

Regardless to say, paparazzo frenzy pursued.
And Msians being Msians; Cam Flash. Pushing. Shoving. Screaming. Stepping over.

Whaaaat's new.

Of course, i took the higher road by simply putting on ZOOM in my cam and utilising my super stretchy flexible boday to avoid the unnecessary pushing. No shoving required watsoever. No siree.

So this is him after boarding the bus.

he waves.

he records.

It was fun :)

Thanks to Hamster for dragging all of us along.

Speaking of dragging.
Watchmen is not draggy la.
I enjoyed every moment of it.
But then again. It could be because every scene just reminded me of the graphic novel that the brother recommended me to read about a year ago.

Very nicely done.
Bubastis wasnt as cool as i imagine him to be and they didnt give him enough screen time... but oh well... there's already so much to take in at once anyway...

I liked it massively max.
Thank god for good long movies.

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