Sunday, March 22, 2009



I am officially on a 2 week break!
Yup. Ya heard me roight!
Not 3 days not 1 week but 2 muthafriggin weeks yo!
2 weeks away from the strenuous never-ending workload of 8tv.
2 weeks escape from the ridiculously political rulings of a multimillion dollar company.
2 weeks of..... ah.... ah...AAHH... *lays on bed and starts puffing on ciggie*

Will be boating away to Lang Tengah tmrw and if all goes well, a Cameron trip with the siblings after.

i have a feeling that my 2 weeks of bliss will just jet by like nothing lor....

And then i'll fall into post-holiday depressions again and come to work in cockface mode and give cockstare at people when they talk to me.


Also, reminder to self and others....
Do not ever, in any circumstance, give yourself the possibility to obtain bodily harm a day before your big getaway by cleaning house or changing fish water or sweeping floors because this could lead to highly annoying consequences.

I was cleaning the house today.
And then the supa clutz came out and i ter-kicked one of the sofa chairs while running around.
Yes. i speed through chores cuz i want them done quickly.
It was a forceful kick and it REALLY hurt.
So now i have a swollen toe that's turning black as i type.
Looks like a friggin 3rd degree frostbite to be honest.

Blackness got me scared and I decided to pay the company clinic a visit.
So i limp my way back to Sri Pentas only to find the clinic closed. -_-
So i take a cab back to Pelangi and fork out RM40 for the resident doc to tell me that it's just a minor sprain and that it's best if i avoid sea food and big activities. Nothing broken.

LEFT: 6pm RIGHT: 1am

Awesome la.
Just awesome.
The day my holiday starts is the day this has to happen to me.
I think I'm fated to live life on earth in pain and in constant potong-stimness.
Also, no more seafood for my beach trip. Doctor's orders.

So now i limp everywhere i go.
Like literally u can see me dragging my feet in a catwalk style comparable to the living dead.

So people, lesson of the day:
AVOID doing house chores before you go on a holiday.
Let the dust pile up.
Leave the dirt alone.
Let the garbage coagulate
House chores are the devil and they will ruin your lives.



Jeremy said...

SAKIT !!!! kong kiou d ur toe.. die d die d

Jaemy.C said...

ya lorrrrr...
i damn sked laaaa...
im back from beach trip and i was limping like getting better...

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