Saturday, November 29, 2008


It's going to be christmas in a month or so and no way are we going to let long working hours, crappy wedges and bitchy bosses steal our christmas spirit from our tired but able bodies.

No siree.

The Pelangi I-18-7 housemates were home rather early (7:30pm. Believe me. it IS early in our timezone.) and were in gleeful moods. So what better way to express that pent up glee but to glimmer up the dust layered xmas decos stashed away in the store room.

And thus commenced, the 2008 deco session.

1st thing you MUST MUST MUST do is to look good for the camera.
As demonstrated by the HouseBunneigh SY.

From bimbo black to wonderland white.

Then you pull out supposed-former-Aquarium-Hood-now-turned-xmas-deco box.

Then after that you need to know how to find nice angles to place your camera on 10 sec timer mode to take shots that include yourself inside the pic. Or you'll end up with photos of everything and everyone else except yourself.

See what i mean.

You end up with only 1 single shot with ur face in the photo at the end.

Then you watch in silent awe as the semangated housemate does the details of the arrangment, untangling of the pastic leaves, hanging of the lights and humming of the carols.

That's Housemate No.3 Danny on the far right.

During this time, you also engage in very intellectual conversations with your other 2 very brainy housemates....

Danny: (takes a rest from decorating, moves over to aquarium and pours fish food in)
Me: Eh Danny!!!! Shinying fed already!
Danny: Oh izzit?? She fed already ah?
SY: Ya. Thanks. Shinying FAT already. -_-
Me: EHH! Sorry! I really didn't mean that... :)
SY: -_-
Danny: o_o

After everything is done, you take photos of end results and post em on your new blog.

Light on!

Need to start Xmas shopping now or i'll never get it done on time...
somemore i damn broke.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Addictive & assfriggin awesome...
TRUE BLOOD: season 2 pls FASTER get here.
DEXTER: season finale so close i can slobber all over it.
CALIFORNICATION: makes me wanna be a writer. for all the wrong reasons.

Dreadful & halfway down the drain...
HEROES: draggy subplots. Roll-eyes so much my sockets hurt.
DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: running out of fresh ideas. Yawn.

On the fence...
FRINGE: 3d text galore. X-files wannabe.
PUSHING DAISIES: killer script but lacking on the addictive part.
CHUCK: Nice. Not excellent. But still fun to watch when predicting the plot twist. Can scream "it's coming! it's coming!" with housemate.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Asylum Jae is officially a resident of blogspot.

Thank you
xanga for 4 years, 7 months and 2 days of blogging bliss.
It would have been even more blissful if not for the KNNCCB server speed and DewNiyeeYaSeng restricted HTML codes and KNNCCB comments that are only limited to xanga members... (sorry. repeated vulgarism. limited canto-grammar)


This was the post that took my blogging virginity back in 2004.
Haiyoh. I read also feel damn malu la.
Over enthusiastic amateurism plastered all over it.
Back when i wasnt even close to Shyng, Dar & Pokes yet.
Jere, Evo, Han, Soon, Howa & Tina were merely faces i passed by on college grounds occasionally.
Dun read it.
I'm telling you.
ZhiLing & Carlos, you guys are the 1st 3 people to appear in MY 1st ever blog post weh... tell me you love me. NOW.)
(And thank you Surayayme for being the 1st to comment on my 1st blogpost ever. Ever.)

Anyone know a way to shift xanga posts over to blogspot?
I wanna migrate everything over.
From the pointless filler posts to the deep emo ones
(which are, thankfully, not abundant. i think...). From grandfather story posts to the eye-candy-trauma photo entries. I dun wanna miss anything..... If i dun relocate all the posts it's like 4 years of blogging life gone la...

To mark the momentous beginning of this new beginning,
I hereby offer to you a compilation of my very 1st showreel of projects done for 8tv!....

Double Hurrah!

ok I can bet my ass off that you killer-power designer/motion graphic friends of mine can do an undeniably better, nicer, bolder, canggih-er, beautifuller job than my beginner-basics-based motion.
CONFIRM can slaughter me with one AfterEffects combustion swipe. No DOUBT about it....
But I'm still learning.... Still learning..... Baby steps.....
These are just some of my nicer, less screwed-up-by-clients projects i dun throw far far away after they're done.
Click to soak it all in.

I like that Chris Brown song.

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