Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today is the birth date of 2 of my closest friends in the whole wiiiiiiide mathafriggin world.

They are the bringers of darkness in my countdown to the apocalypse and the ultimate Fatalities in my Mortal Kombat 3.

They are the Evolutions in my Spore and the 40-Hit Combos in my One Must Fall.

Happy Bday AhYowza guai.
Yes. Both of u same birthday.
Nope you dunno each other.
One of u was my secondary school mate.
One of u was my college classmate.

I dedicate the following pics to the both of u.
Taken @ the S'ban home last week.

The family founded an occupied bird nest in the curry leaf tree.

It looks so friggin cramp. I dunno how they do it.
If me i sure kick the fella out already.
i need my space.

Pigeon Mum was keeping watch attentively nearby.
She wouldn't even budge when we were THIS close.

ok la it's not THAAAAT close... but u get wat i mean...

Damn nice hor? :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


1) Seven Pounds.

meaningful story. snoreful pace.

i dozed off.

2) Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li

bad acting. cheesy script. puny characters.
sucky spinning bird kick.
wrong wrong wrong.

3) catching THIS on facebook ads space.



Saturday, February 21, 2009


Too long have i stayed in absolute ignorance.
Too long have i let slip these emo-depressing master pieces.
Too long have i stayed katak di bawah tempurung-ed...

For once i have actually seen 3/5 of the Best Picture nominations in the Oscars.
( i know la. 3 is so not brag-worthy. but aiya wat the hecks.)

I had already written about BenjiButt earlier.
Milk and Slumdog are both, in my opinion, much better than Benji.
Both are super emo shows that get seriously disturbing at certain scenes but end very very nicely. Plus i didn't fall sleep watching them. Wooooo.

I think that Slumdog really should win it tmrw.
(coming from someone who hasn't even seen Frost/Nixon and The Reader. Heh. I'm so biased.)

I was eating Fried Chicken during the jump-in-shit scene in Slumdog.
For once in my life i actually ALMOST lost my appetite watching a movie. Almost.

Sean Penn should receive Best Actor for Milk.
And someone needs to give James Franco something for the abundant male-male make-out scenes.

A mouthwash maybe.


Go Slumdog!

Monday, February 16, 2009


I can't remember the exact moment when dear Carin, who sits beside me @ ze office, broke me the turmoil-inducing news... but i recall that it was during Thai food. And i was suffering under the influence of a tomyam set meal i regretfully forgot to tell the cook to tone down on the chillies....

I was sweating shitless, lips swelled, red-faced and already into my 3rd box of tissue when she suddenly decided to tell me she was getting friggin hitched. In less than 6 months.

And i remember instantly laughing out loud in response.

Then came the wide-eyed silence when i realised she wasn't joking one bit.
I was so speechless that the only thing i COULD do was give her a standing ovation right there and then. In the restaurant.

How she managed to elude us all this time i will never know la seriously.
How she cleverly avoided any attention whatsoever on her current "affairs" for 2 whole years.
How she had been secretly seeing someone behind EVERYONE's backs and kept it all under the radar till this last minute.... Genius i tell ya. Genius.

And there i was thinking we were the only 2 virgins left in the office.

Over the months that followed, I had to bite my tongue so many times whenever the office mates threw slanderous remarks about her single hood, only to see this hidden twinkle in her eye that only both of us knew of.

There were moments when she tried to tell people and everyone just burst-ed into stupid ignorant laughters while there we were exchanging glances whilst bursting into our little "inside joke" laughter for obvious reasons.

Regardless to say, everyone in the office was stunted gilababi the day she started handing out invitations to her wedding.

The shrills from Eleana.
The "HARRR?!??!" from Swen.
The "Eh... this looks like a wedding invitation la hahaha.....(pause)... OMG! IT IS A WEDDING INVITATION!!!" from uncle David.

Ah. Priceless.

Out of the blue, Carin would always bombard me with questions about seating areas, who to invite, what colours the flowers should be, who to hire for the photography.... at the MOST inappropriate times - when i damn tension with work - and i would still be forced to layan or else endure her painful pre-marrital pinch.
Damn it.
Her bachelorette partay ended with her receiving 2 spankings from random guys in the club, a near-chested kiss (kononnya), lots of drunk-emo tears, and a massive roadside puke (much to everyone's delight XD).

The auspicious day finally came to pass on Valentines day just a few days ago...

It was held @ a very special location with a mesmerizing view of KL.

the view from KL tower.

The slide shows drove so many of us to tears and the yamseng made me scream so loud that the voice went sore and the cough came back.

In case you're wondering. That's Chinese tea i yamseng-ed to.
Nothing alcoholically alcoholic.

The ceremony was damn touching and i feel honoured to have been one of the privileged few who were let in the know of the wedding during the early stages of its planning.

To make it things better, we each had killer freebies to take home...

Like this.

it's silver chopsticks in special Carin-designed packaging.

And this.

Their celebrity paparazzo postcards

and who could forget this...


Ya. Limited edition Carin & Roger water bottle weh.
Dun play play.

i shall place this proudly at the topest area of my office seat so that i may gloat this in Carin's face the rest of her working days.

the women in wild mode
chasing after the bride's bouquet.

We were all requested to write a small note behind our photos so this was wat we wrote for ours...


All of us @ Creative Services Department family.
(excluding Hendra Wacko Wardi - he has left 8TV and thus no longer deserves to be considered anywhere remotely close to the word "family" with us)


Love u


How the heck you managed to bag that Norwegian AngMoh through the Internet we will never know...


Happy making babies!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I miss my mamak delivery. :(

my apartment had mamak delivery service.
How megalomaniacly cool is that right?

i stress on the pass-tensed "had".

They delivered the shocking news on a quiet January afternoon.
With the completed transaction of the Nasi Goreng Cina Ayam to my hands and the cash to his, came the sudden announcement that they were no longer functioning their business or residing as a cafe on the 4th floor of rainbowland. Packing their bags and heading back to India, they were.

So the panic attack hit and i started asking myself things like...
"DIE. Where was i to obtain my bodily sustenance now?!?!" or "Where was i gonna turn to for sudden stomach-growl relief and quick dose of budget unhealthies?! WHERE?!?! ARRGHHH" u know. the normal stuff.

I am a superkau lazy person.
The gazillion of restaurants located downstairs are strictly off limits due to the fact that i simply cannot fathom the thought of walking out of my apartment on a lazy, LAYZEE evening.
No way.
I think i was a fat obese person in my past life...

Calling the bff mamak delivery has been a routine for me for the past 2 years or so.
But now that they were no longer in existence, my lazy dinners have been filled with Old Town (exclusively to Pelangi Residents ONLY. woohoo.) and McD deliveries.

OK. Sounds pretty darn appetising right?
Old town. McD. Ipoh Horfun. BigMacs. Yum.
But seriously, try having Ipoh Horfun for 4 nights in a row. (i was sick. cough. )
Try having Old Town @ work during lunch (cuz the colleagues are such fans. -_-) and then coming back to Old Town AGAIN after u step home.
Try obliging to the rule that u HAVE to order at least RM10 worth of food for delivery to be applicable.

McD is fine but they take forever to arrive.
By then i'm already dead.
or worse, the acids had already begun feeding on whatever 0.002% of fats my body contains.

So if u see me getting skinner than the skeleton of a frame i already am, blame it on lack of mamak delivery.

Oh god the agony.

I miss you, boss.

Friday, February 13, 2009

This is a CRUCIAL case

This is funny.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Lily Allen's new song/vid.
Damn cute.

"I'm not a saint but i'm not a sinner.
And everything's cool as long as i'm getting thinner."

So funny la this woman.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Can the good people @ BBC please cancel off Heroes and spare us the agonising anti-climatic story already?...
We know we're going to be disappointed with whatever they throw us.
So please get it over and done with.

I'm such a sucker for stories that start off addictive and then drag and drag on forever.

My obsessive compulsive disorder compels me to watch Heroes, Lost & Desperate Housemilfs because godamit i wanna know the ending, NOT because the show's are getting any better....

I find myself cursing out loud in every episode now.

Syler is pathetic. Unless he eventually kills off Microwave kid, the whole paedophile "protege" thing going on is stupid.
Hiro is stupid. I can't take his "it is our destiny" talk anymore. 2 seasons was enough.
If Daphne is really dead, then that's stupid too. Absolutely no justifications for her character.
Let's not even start with Arthur's demise. Buffy's big bads go down with more oomph.
Claire is getting unbearable. With so much death and betrayal going on around her, she should be on the verge of an emotional kamikaze. Head kena cut open. Mother ter-killed herself (technically murdered la) Father is an ass. Flying boyfren was a meaningless filler. Biological father is an even bigger ass. ARGH.

Where is Micah?
Where is Muscle Mimic girl?
Where is Flying Filler bf in season 2?
Where is the Hasian?
What was the deal with Nikki/Jessica?
What was the deal with Stacy?
What were they thinking when they brought Adam into the story? ..And then killed him off so meaninglessly? Same goes for Matt's supposedly super psychic boogeyman dad....
Where is Kaitlyn?
What were they thinking when they brought in Maya and Alejandro?!


Heroes sucks.
Big time.

And the worse part is... i will still watch it everyfrigginweek.

It's soooo becoming another X-men / 4400....
Which pisses me off even more...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Jere: Hehe. Your face got 2 red dots. Like Princess Amidala ady...
Me: -___-
Jere: Yaya. Just need to put the lipstick in the middle then can ady....
Me: -__________-

All hail me.
Hamster must be my Anakin then.


Monday, February 09, 2009


Swen is 24.

Dun worry, Poh's blue boxers are not stealing ur spotlight.
Neither is that double-breasted beer cake.

Ur so happy that when u smile, can see wrinkles ady.

Ah... 8tv is so much more fun with u in it.

O____O v

Saturday, February 07, 2009


Come not near me for i am ze zit-faced stress bomb.

Fear me for i am the bringer of pimple pus.

One impactful squeeze of my kuali face and you will feel the suppressed blackheads erupt and open fire on your squeaky clean booty like burning ammo.

I will hit you again and again with pimply yellow gue and taint your outfits like blood splats on a butcher's apron.

I ride in the hollow gallows of work-tension and make waste to OT's like an Arctic tundra of Acne squirts.

Grr. Arghh.
Feel my pimply rage.

Monday, February 02, 2009


I initiated my 1st ever gym visit awhile ago.

I have never, in my entire 23 years of life, ever set foot in an actual gym before.
I have attempted numerous times but always gave in to pressure at the last minute.
Dun laugh ah.
Gyms make me scared.

A colleague won a 2 week trial membership from a company event and decided to give it to charity.
aka. Me.
And god knows i take what i can get.

So i ended up attending a Body Combat class with Swen, Juney and her bf.
And my god. it was awkward.
For me anyway.

Forget the inferiority complex factor that EVERYONE there was buffer and bigger size than me.
Forget that i felt damn shy when EVERYONE suddenly knew all the steps when the instructor started the class and i was left standing there like a lost child.
The fact is, the class was very VERY tiring and i sweated monsoons.

It felt exactly like Sunday school all over again.
Yeah. it did.
Like how everyone was doing "walk walk walk walk in the light *clap clap*"
and i'm just standing there damn kayu, sticking out like a sore thumb with stress sweat all over my forehead.

It was so obvious that at one point, instructor had to specifically point me out from the crowd and tell me "just walk.. JUST walkkk...".

Fail la me.
Fail. o_____o

Tmrw personal trainer gonna take us through step by step on how to use the machines there.
It's bad enough i am completely ignorant to this.. gym.. stuff....
But it's another whole level of sad when i don't even know how to operate the machines.


i can feel my body aching now.
You betcha it's gonna be 10 times worse when i wake up tmrw.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


Freakiest thing online. Ever.
(Right up there with Leave Britney Alone Guy and I Like Turtles kid.)

Had me screaming in my seat.
Had the housemate dashing out of the room.
Had the Bunneigh praying for my salvation from next door.

i think i wet my pants a wee bit.

Go see Go see.
It's only open from 6pm to 6am though.
(hence, Hotel626, get it get it?)

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