Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Bare with me.

This is my 2nd last post about Europe before i end my grandfather Euro stories and poser Euro photos...


So from France, Bar死lona and Milan (airport only -_-) i waved the Frenchers au revoir and made my solo flight to Manchester where the childhood classmate waited with her pink brollie and immaculate eyebags in the rain, desperate to give me some of that much-needed lovin i was cravin since the whole passport incident.

So weird la actually.
We were classmates since standard 1 - 6 but both of us were too lansi and stuckup to speak to each other until recent years.

She took me back to her place (cue wriggle brows) @ Manchester Business School campus and it was raining so we were wet and then we started stripping and making out once we were alone my shoes and socks got all damp and soggy that i had to dry it outside.

But seriously. the campus hostels there are so different to campus hostels here in Msia.
they have walkways that go on forever and ever and if you don't remember which door opens to where (cause they all lookalike) you could walk into the wrong room and potentially someone in a compromising position and definitely maybe get a nice big slap across that pretty face of yours. Oh yea. You deserve it bitch. You do.

1st dinner in Manchy. with YeeVonster & her China friends.
Erm. Everyone was busy cleaning up.
I was lonely & lost.

My Manchy welcome gift from the Vonster.
H1N1 prevention mask and food in case they quarantine me.

Leeching off the Lappy.

up the stairs to her crib after grocery shopping.

Dining area.

Weather was cold and windy and rainy so i had my sweater on most of the time.
But after Barcelona and Nice i had enough of sun so the climate change was very much welcomed.

on campus ground.

Next day we took the bus around town where Vonster played guide to the many attractions of Manchester.

This is Piccadilly.
I like saying the name cuz it rolls off your tongue easily.
Plus the only recollection i have of this name was when i was playing Monopoly.

Jumpers in front of Manchester United FC.

Erm. A Park near her campus.

in front of Selfridges & Co.

I actually did alot of shopping in Manchester.
No thanks to YeeVonster's student card (which allowed pity discounts almost everrrywhere) and PRIMARK. I bought a handful of Topman slim ties that cost friggin 1 POUND each and a new sweater so i dont freeze to death at night. (previous sweater got stolen in bag)

Eye of Manchester.
Ya. Everywhere has an "eye of.." now.

Pink brollie super striking in the middle of rainy Manchy citycentre.

This is YVonster strutting her photography skill.

city centre again.

Winnie the Pooh cooked me breakfast.with super big sausage.
I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it more than me.

err. yea.

we also visited China Town Manchester.

...where we had Manchester Sze Chuan dish.

My sincere thankfulness to YeeVonster who opened her room and bed to me (cue wriggle brow) so willingly. I guess knowing someone for almost 17 years does come in handy.

3 days in Manchy.
1 day in London.

Take heart.
1 more post about my trip and you can rest.
Next grandfatherstory post: LONDON.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


So Arthur's Day went down last night @ Sunway Lagoon.

As predicted it was overly crowded, excruciatingly hot, annoyingly cramp, everyone was sweaty, performances were draggy...

...and utterly gile babi awesome when BEP took the stage.

God forbid i was already very very worried that it was going to be another PCD 3 years ago. Which it kinda was. Only difference was the fact tat BlackEyedPeas gave such a good performance i forgot about everything else when they came on.

Considering that this was supposedly an event with so many other artists performing and not a BEP Concert itself, i anticipated them to do maybe 3 songs max give or take.

u know la events like this.
Hype up 1 international artist.
Get us to fork out our precious moneys.
and in the end sure potong stim damn fast finish wan.


BEP performed not 3 or 4 songs...
but a whopping 10 songs weh. (Not including Fergie's and's solo sets.)
Dun praypray.

They brought down their own band, dancers and even stage props.
Who could forget the 2 HUGE inflatable robots standing tall on each side of the stage as BEP performed at Oprah's 24th Season Kickoff.

Unfortunately i never got the chance to execute the dance above which i have been killer rehearsing non stop prior to last night because of the various reasons stated at the beginning of this post. (read line 2 from top)

So they got it started with...err... Lets get it started.
Then went into some of the other songs in the THE E.N.D album.
Rock that Body
. Imma Be. Meet Me Halfway.

They also did Shut Up. Dont Phunk with my Heart.
Pump it. Where is the Love.

In the middle, Fergie came out with her 2 guitarists and did Big Girls Don't Cry.
Which was damn good la i think. She was busy thanking everyone for their support.
Very humble of her. Although i think they probably say it on default everywhere they go.

Then spotlight went to Will.i.Am who did his DJing thing for awhile.

Wasnt too into this cuz he took MJ and retro songs and some other ppl punya songs and tried to create a dance club sorta atmosphere - Which so wasnt working - Cuz it was damn cramp and i was sweating buckets and sticking elbow into this other bitch who was trying to steal my standing zone when it was already so hard to get a good view . How to dance u tell me?!

Ended with BoomBoomPow and I GottaFeeling.

I think Guinness gave them a whole hour to kill.
Which they literally did.

Before that it was the other kelefeh artists like Reshmonu and JoeFlizzow and MCHotDog and ManHand and dunnowhoelsecuzionlywannaseeBEP so i was really starting to feel restless from the draggy performances liao.

that's Taboo in white. In case ur wonderin.

I'm not exactly a big BEP fan (or even a fan to be honest. cuz i don't fancy ALL their songs and i don't own any of their albums. Plus Pump It and Let's Get it Started don't get on my playlist.) But they were so humble and engaging on stage tat i think i have a new respect for them la.

Despite all the fame-founding and Billboard-charttopping (I Gotta Feeling is still No.1 after 3123213 weeks) and Grammy-winning, they still wanna give face perform in these lil events in lil Msia with it's never-ending list of rules and restrictions.

GUINNESS must've pulled out all their guns to get them to give so much face weh.

See what i mean? Power guns.

Thanks Lapster for the free passes and an awesome awesome night.
Lets do it again some time soon. *wink wink*

Friday, September 25, 2009


Preparation for tonight.......


Thursday, September 24, 2009


So much to see.
So little bandwidth.

Thus the end of TrueBlood season 2 that hath me heart-aracin', sweat adrippin' and emotions aflowin'.

And you know what they say...
When 1 door closes, new ones go boomboompow!!!


FRINGE season 2. CALIFORNICATION season 3.

HEROES - Season 4 / Volume 5 (so confusing la...)
(keeping fingers crossed that it's their last season yet.
pls pls just end it already.)


Warehouse 13.
(X-files meets Reaper meets Fringe meets Indiana Jones)

(High School Musical meets TV series meets Fly fm

I tried to introduce my colleague - JoLai - to this show and this was how the conversation went down:

ME: Eh eh u have to watch this new series i just downloaded. It's called GLEE.
JoLai: Guli?! o_O
JoLai: Geli??!?! o______O
ME: -______- .....................go back to work la.*sigh*
JoLai: ok! ^^


EUREKA season 1 & 2 still on download queue.

With so much to see, who's got time for a life after work man?!

(btw. see u @ Arthur's Day aka BlackEyedPeasNight tmrw
cuz we all know we're ONLY going there to see them right?)

Need to go study the IgottafeelingOprah dance moves now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ANGEL : After the Fall: First Night

Once again doing my fair share of contribution towards the Whedon goldmine offering altar.

Once again proving my undying devotion to the franchise i refuse to let go despite the abrupt series finale and even more absurd storyline the comics have taken the show to.

(left) Angel Vol.1: After the Fall
(right) Angel Vol. 2: After the Fall: First Night.

So IF everything is going down the way it is, why isn't the Buff gang doing anything about it or giving Angel and crew the helping hand they so desperately need?

Sometimes i just don't get the continuation (or in this case - discontinuation) in timeline / reality these stories carry.

Makes me wanna watch the whole series from season 1 again la.
At least there's more satisfaction there.


MTV Video Music Awards this year was entertainment at its best.

Especially when it involves egos being bruised and blacks being booed.
Ah. i love live drama.

Lady Gaga's performance was bladi epic. Pun intended.
Taylor Swift's jump from platform to train to car was pretty cool.
I'm having doubts if P!nk was actually singing during her trapeze stint.
Beyonce was legs and girates all the way. Hot as usual.
And Janet's lip sync with weird voice was just... weird.

Nothing new there.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


If you're not already bored with my escapade with the French angmohs.......
Here's a recap! - exclusively in easy-to-read point-form picture system format.

I dont have photos because of the incident.
so Google helped me out.
Images are just to give you an idea of where i was at.
May the people who took my bag burn in hell. and suffer. forever.

Just mentally insert me with some killer yauyeng pose in all these pics k?

10th August:
- Charonton

Petit Palais


Eiffel tower
- i was on top.
it was tiring but very worth it.

11th August :

Musee Grevin Wax Museum
(read: Miusay Grayvount. i think.)

- i had photos with Madonna, Gandhi, Obama, MJ and Shah Rukh Khan.
No kidding.
There's a wax figure of
ShahRukhKhan in paris.

Assemble Nationale

Champs Elysees
(read: shaamp zeh lee zeh. i'll NEVER get the hang of french la. CONFIRMED.)

- supposedly the most famous street in Paris.
i found it so-so.
mainly cause i couldnt afford anything there.

Hah. Sourgrapes taste so good.


We also took the Velib' around Paris and put Asians to shame when i crashed into one of those roadside cone things and almost pokaied in front of cafe full of staring patrons.

12th August :

Le Louvre - we couldnt finish everything there cuz its sooo soo friggin big.
managed to take photos of a real live (technically dead) mummy on display.
But photos were stolen so.... *sigh*

Chateau de Chambord - spectacular light show at night.

13th August :

Dune of Pyla - hot and tiring. but very nice view.

Camping@ Saint Girons

14th August :

the drive through the Pyrenees
very relaxing and breathtaking indeed.

arrival @ Barcelona late at night

15th August :
- Barcelona

16th August:

- Bercelona FC Stadium

Sagrada Familia

- Rambla

- picnic@ Port Well

yes tats alcohol.
at 4pm. -_-

17th August:
- bff with the Malaysian Embassy @ Paseo de Colon
- errr.... pretty much just lepaked around the city centre.

18th August:
- 2nd date with Mika (who was the nicest Spanish aunty on earth) from the Msian Embassy - got my emergency replacement passport
- left Barcelona in a bitchfithurry and arrived at...

Bormes les Mimosas
gorgeous town with very nice walkways on a hill.
they say if u go during the early days of summer, the whole town practically blooms with colour and u can smell the sweet fragrance of flowers wherever u are in the town....

Nice (view from where we tumpanged for afew days)

19th August:

- lepaked around Nice

20th August:


21st August:

St. Paul de Vance village
village located inside an old castle.
i loved it.

Monaco @ night -
starred at things that rich people own.
starred and drooled buckets.
22nd August:

- Ville Franche
seaside village. very nice view.
unfortunately the beach "quality" is no where near some of the beaches in Msia.
water was very clear though.
can see to the bottom. corals and Nemo's swimming all around.

dinner picnic @ the Promenades des Anglais
beachside again.
We're such beach junkies la.

23th August
- Milan - airport
- England

Will upload the details of Manchester and London soon!

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