Wednesday, September 05, 2012


I recently had the opportunity to attend a social media event.
A very bad social media event.
It was over-crowded and under-seated.
The presentations were, to say the least, personalityless and the subjects tackled were basic topics any Tom Dick and Harry would be able to Google with the access of internet.
So i paid RM60 and stood for a whole good 2 hours before fatigue and annoyance compelled me to escape to the nearby park for a breather.

And then after the event this started circulating online.
(we left early. Couldnt even bother staying till the end.)

The irony is that this event was organised by a so-called "Social Media" community. And one of the subjects preached was indeed about how to handle social media crisis. Cause god-forbid another Paradigm Mall disaster might just be lurking around the cyberspace corner waiting to pounce at any random social media account manager who wasnt properly trained in the etiquette of customer care and being a humanely polite person.

Here's more.

So anyway the event was a waste of time, money and energy but it proved a rather entertaining plot which had me glued and thoroughly at the edge of my cheapo plastic chair the whole night.

Social Media crisis. 
It's the new drama.

I need more popcorn. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012


i really should write something.

But what else can i conjure that doesnt involve me squinting my eyes and frowning my forehead and squeezing my brain juice in order to produce some excess obligatory funny liner that makes me go "ahhh i've written a nice posts! #win" ?

i think because im constantly drowning myself in thoughts of the what to do's, when to do's and how to do's that when it comes to relaxing (or blogging) im just lazy to exert mental energy. Brain coma. A state of psyche surrender.

So therefore in no particular order. Random opinions.

- LIFE OF PI has to be one of the best books i've read in awhile. (Thanks to the housebunneigh housemate for igniting the "want-to-read" in me) started off rather slow but when u put ur heart to it and be optimistic that there's an ending that is worth the somewhat draggy chapters, you'd be pleasantly wowed.

- FIFTY SHADES OF GREY is NOT one of the books worthy of the aforementioned optimism.

- THE CABIN IN THE WOODS blew my mind. The casualness of the lab character buildups were genius to say the least. Fresh concept for a horror/sci-fi movie too. Now when my spirits are low and my inspiration absent, i remind myself of WWJWD. What Would Joss Whedon Do.

 - PARANORMAN was a pleasantly touching movie. If u dont already notice the walau-so-nice-can-die claynimation.


I sneaked off (or rather sneaked off and then proudly spammed Instagram like a gungho photographer wanna-be) to BALI for a week's worth of foreign frolicking.
It was nice.
Instagram pics came out great.
As long as Instagram pics came out great, nothing else matters.
Absolutely nothing.

Lets see what else.

Work has been slow-ish. I'm knee deep in writing a new vid for our KickaVlogs.
Cant say that inspiration has been particularly good to me though.
It's been a dry draggy season of sitting down at OldTown and staring stonely at the hazy Restoran Twin Joyous opposite the road beneath the overhead bridge and seeing the Bangla and China workers wait for buses.
Staring and shaking my leg mostly.
U know, when ur nervous as hell and u're stuck in mental blockage and u still know u need to get this shit done but nothing shits out.
Yeah those shakes.

WWJWD mana lu?!

Oh and
Happy (Belated) Raya!

Thursday, June 07, 2012


We just did another video.

Time was tight and tension was super tiuz (on my side) but i'm just hoping this video justifies the idea and lameness i so want to never lose touch of in myself.

i never wouldve expected so many friends to fork out time for lil ol' us to do this.
But they did and we are indeed thankful and in depth to them now.

Mummy always says its not good to owe.

Lets wipe off that worrisome thought and see some behind the sceens pics instead.

Other than stinting at, Arnold rules on his throne at Pestle and Mortar.
(rules = show face for publicity and let other ppl do the heavy lifting. thats the waydago!)

GRIM film looking mightt cozy for their lil scene.

Jared likes/licks my mohawk.

Hamster Han lookin mighty confident in his shade of makeup and blusher.
i think he does this fairly often. Just saying.

Papi Zak shows his unwavering love to his homies. 

with a dark person.

.. and finally a shot that didnt really make it into the vid 
Poor Katy. 

Friday, March 23, 2012


its been a crazycrazy 2? 3 months?
i dun remember.
thats how unknowing i am.

Running ur own (or shared) company really drives the anal out in you.
You will want to get as much as u can done in all waking hours of your day so u pack on more moolah to go on nice awesome holiday trips which u may or may not be free to even start planning.
You will swear at the top of your lungs when clients don't get your side of the creative spectrum and then BFF with them the following hour.
You will take into consideration who's who,  where's which and how to gain what in every public event you attend.
also, you will get sick. and still have to work. amidst insomnia.

Ah. the joys of self employment.

Hopefully all this will ultimately excrete a new PC and a new Laptop for Kickatomic in the following month(s)?

... or if any kind hearted individuals /organisations would be kind enough to give an entrepreneurial yay-we-took-a-big-step-in-life startup company a lil help? 

Speaking of which. Go watch "The Help".
in my humblest of opinions, Best drama Movie last year.
only saw it bout 2 months ago but OMG its so good.


with our friends, Chevrolet, Henry Golding and Stephanie Chai.

with the Hosts of VERSUS (a new TV9 show) - Hunny Madu and Aidid Mercello 

with GoGerila! (one of the bands battling it out in VERSUS)
u cant really see it but Aizat is in this band. (head turned. -__-)
i like THIS song of his.

Monday, February 06, 2012


I am currently facing an annoying pinch of dilemma whilst attempting to finish my much overdue 2012 New Year resolutions. (If its still considered one.)

Let's face it.
i need a car.

Despite how everyone tells me that having a transport device to call my own is, in fact, a liability and a burden rather than something that brings you untung in life, i think most people just dont understand the emotionally traumatising part of NOT having one.

Here's why:

1 - Not having a car usually means Troubling your friends.
People who know me on a bff basis know that i really really cant stand mafaning people. And in this case, mafaning friends for transport. (Although the term "what are friends for" comes to mind.) It is a constant blow to my fragile incompetent ego every time i need to open my mouth and put friends (or WORSE - new acquaintances) in a position where they are obligated to say yes. (lets face it, it IS an obligation when someone asks u for transport. A rejection to this only results in awkwardness. Hence, i am eternally grateful to friends who have braised harsh KL road conditions to allow me the joy of sharing a seat in their mobile motors. Arigato muchos gracias. )

2 - Not having a car robes you of Freewill ...
.. when u need to leave events or social gatherings (talk like i'm some damn happening jock liddat rite?) U are forced to take into consideration your kind hearted buddy who so generosity made that extra U turn on the jam-packed KL roads just to pick u up. Which he/she will be doing again later when sending u home.
Oh god who r u to order someone off their happytime to chauffeur u home.Which higher entity bestowed upon u this power to command another human's time ur own.Who died and made u the boss of "imdoneletsleaveNOW". No. U sit and u wait till ur good friend offers to go home. Then u go. That's what u do, that's how it is. End of point.

3 - Not having a car makes you lose the Game
Lets face it. how do u go up to a potential date, ask that person out and then close by saying "so u come pick me up at 8 k? cuz i dont drive." Epic. Fail. Unless ur a girl la. Then diff story. Heh.

4 - Not having a car makes you a Direction Retard.
I dont know if i was born with this defect or this inability to recognise roads, but my inner motivator tells me it is this unownership of a vehicle that deems me so. i'm probably too stressed out being in a car and making conversation with someone in a car that i cant focus on landmarks and directions happening outside. Multitasker i am not. I guess.

5 - Not having a car destroys Creativity
How r u gonna carry ur huge ass shooting equipment and large lighting and life-size props, at the spur of the moment, to an awesome far away location when inspiration suddenly hits and u just need to get that idea out in the flesh? Groan-worthy indeed. Also, passion is 1 thing. Cab fare is another.

So in case you havent noticed, i am considering if getting a car should be in my 2012 to-accomplish list.
If i do get a car it will be an accomplishment in my life.
One that will make me happy as an independent human being.
One that will seal myself in the "professional" adult phase of life.
Oh man. i'm turning 27 soon and i dont have a car. FML.

On a different perspective... having a car just leeches the life out of u in so many other ways.
Monthly instalments.
Service charges.
Traffic summons.
Kopi-O money.
Changing tyres.
What colour your car should be.
Actually DRIVING.
Burning alive when u crash and u cant get out of the wreckage.

I'm staying home and embracing antisocialism. Settled.
2012 Resolutions. NOT settled.

Saturday, January 21, 2012



i know i havent been updating much so here's a Happy Dragonew Year roar (literally) vid Kickatomic did for crazy's sake. (Please watch and share so more people acknowledge the humble existence of Kickatomic. Your support in making our name known is gratefully appreciated and atweetciated)

Remember to embrace the inner dragon!


Saturday, January 07, 2012


i. am. so. outdated.
This is my 2011 year-end reflective update and it's already the 7th day of 2012.
Nvm. Lucky number. I embrace.

i have alot to say but no inspirational means to convey them in a manner that doesn't sound like some emo year-end rant. But i have been putting this off for so long la. Better just get it out of my system.

Firstly, i must say... 2011 treated me quite humanely.

Secondly, i love ice cream.

OK now that i've got that out of my system, let me run through the highlights of my year..

- i visited Bangkok and had a taste of Chatuchak. Literally. Ate so much.

- i left my Art Director position at 8TV to merealisasikan a very scary fantasy of mine (with the accompaniment of a close friend)

- Splurged on Singapore trips for the enriching experience of Lion King: The Musical. as well as the recent Wicked: The Musical.

- Went on our 1st ever frenfren group trip thing to Lang Tengah. (weird cuz we've known each other for so long but NEVER managed to go on a holiday before)

- Purchased my 1st ever DSLR camera. and proceeded to experiment.

- Purchased my 1st ever Smart Phone. and proceeded to discover Twitter.

- u know wat. 2011 will be the year that i became heavily "involved" in Twitter. No thanks to the funness of social media and my shyness for a real social life.

- oh. and i had my 1st ever major Surgery in my life. (sorta. or maybe i mean major COSTING surgery)

May 2012 bring forth more mutations of positive outcome!

i leave u with Kickatomic's 1st ever syok-sendiri maximus video

(pls share around if u like hokay?)

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