Thursday, July 30, 2009


I saw Harry Pot & the Half Blood Prince yesterday.

It was so-so only.
Everything seemed slow and choppy.

They didnt play to the whole half blood thing at all lor.
They didn't explain why Snape was the half blood prince.
They didnt say what Dumbledore saw when he was drinking the liquid.
The Avada Kedavra part seemed so slow and unkancheong-ish.
Not like how i imagined it when i was reading the book.

Oh well. What's new right?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So Yasmin was in my office building the day she collapsed.

And moments after it happened the word of mouth snowballed faster than the speed of sound from top floor (where they were having the meeting) to our CSD people's super sampat ears and into our facebook statuses.

i heard it and i didn't believe. At first.
Looked like ppl purposely wanna cause commotion liddat.
But when the chitty chatty aunties started spilling the intricate details of how she collapsed in the middle of the presentation and the word "CPR" & "CONFIRMED DEAD" was thrown around. I had to listen in.

Needless to say. I succumbed to the bitterbanter of the gossip aunties *cough SEAN cough* and took into consideration that it was my responsibility as a genuine facebook user to announce her passing as blatantly loud as i possibly could to the world outside MediaPrima.

Only to realise i was already epicly late.

FB was friggin flooded i tell you. Floooded.
"RIP / CONFIRMED DEAD" updates all over.

Then came the crashing news that she really wasnt dead yet.
And then everyone started clearing the rumours. (sillyme included)

In my defense they said her heart actually stopped for awhile before they managed to revive her. That's why her brain hemorrhage was critical.
The heart stopped long enough to cause lethal lethal damage to the human noodle.
That's what they said la.

Thanks for the adrenalin rush Yasmin.
It was a Friday like no other.
I will now kick start my hunt for Gubra, Mukhsin & Muallaf now that your passing will most certainly have made these shows more easily accessible in the market.
Keeping fingers crossed.
Anyone got?

I liked Sepet.
Talentime was ok.
The Petronas ads were always appropriate ice-breaking topics during the festive seasons.
and for that i thank you.

Sorry MJ. Yasmin is the new spotlight.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Imma mean old grouch and i'mmagonna make sure everyone knows it.
Off with the heads of pei-min patience, pathetic politeness and virtues work ethics.
I'm a supa slacker no good effer and I'm not giving a damn shit no more.

Suck on it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcoming the WhiteBoi

I have a new brother.
He's white and he hails from the land of sausages and Hitler.

I wanna go "Achtung!" everytime i see him.
He's 17, single and ready to mingle yo.

Parents adopted him on a 1 year basis and will be returning him to his mother land once we get bored of his foreign face in the Choong household. Will exchange him for an iPhone probably.

So far its been good.
He talks. English.
So that's a good thing.
We don't have to rely on body language and hand signs to communicate (as i had been afraid of) and he already knows how to poke fun at my mata sepet and skin colour so thumbs up Mr.Jeske on picking up a sense of Asian humour.

I squeezed out watever ounce of basic 华语 i had left in my bananafied blood and briefed him on the super basics of 你好,谢谢 & 傻傻 (山,火 & 大 included) so he wont die of utter confusion and culture shock when he starts schooling in friggin cina ChanWa today.
I fear for his life honestly.

Spot the red headed angmoh.

Oh. and Shyng wants to give him a makeover if/when he visits KL. -__-

Sunday, July 12, 2009


it was MJ spam on FB when i got into the office on friday.

His record company must be in 7th heaven now holding hands skipping in circles while MJ himself looks on and shakes his head in his own lil limboland.

Wasn't really a fan though.
I mean i like his released singles.
But never listened to any of his albums in general.
I just remember that Thriller gave me nightmares as a child.

Mariah sang badly at the memorial and Brooke Shields earned brownie points for on screen sincerity.

Suddenly the whole worlds loves MJ again.
Suddenly the WackoJackoChildMolesterPlasticNoseExtraordinare lable is but a distant past. People are so fake.

Anyways, in the duration of my absense from blogging....

I witnessed 2 friends tie the knot.
(Not with each other.)

This is TV3 designer Ayu's wedding lunch

This is Hueyen's super prim and proper wedding.
U can so clearly see she didn't wanna lose face even for this shot.
Potong stim.

We also bid farewell to my dear roundchubby neighbour CarinWongSinYin as she slammed down the resignation letter on the bastard bosses of the company and walked away without turning back. Woots. That'll show em Car.

That's Carin with her new whipped creamy specs.

No la. Actually she got hitched and will be moving to the distant Salmony land of Norway to live out her happily ever afters with the gwailo husband that she met online in a chat room some 3 years ago.

Forgive me father for i have sinned with gluttonous dosages of envy and jealousy.
The world is unfair and i also wanna go overseas to live out watever happily crappy afters i can leech out of whoever who wants me. -____-

Photos of Carin's potluck farewell here.

So this used to be my next door neighbour.

And this is the replacement.

(The black one. Not Mr. 2D.)

I call him the dark corner.
For obvious reasons.

I wanted to extend to him my warmest welcome the other day.
So i took time away from my busy busy busy busy schedule to give his emptily bare new place a much needed makeover that would reflect his personality and style.



I think it really compliments his appearance.

I left it on Friday before i left work.
He's so lucky to have me as a neighbour la.

Friday, July 03, 2009

UncleDAVE & GaySEAN @ the Office

GaySean: David 你有没有偷今天的报纸?

UncleDavid: 没有啦。

GaySean: 不见了ah!

UncleDavid: Sean 你有没听过一句话人家讲: 当你在找的时候东西一定找不到;当你没有在找的时候东西才会出现?

GaySean: 你在讲男人是吗?

Me on the other end of the office : HAHAHA!

Yes i am syok sendiri maximus. XD
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