Wednesday, December 30, 2009


2009 was pretty intense for me.

Work wise, it was a slow slump down.
Bad omens commenced in January and gradually devoured away the months that came.
A deep pile of constant crap left on my doorstep with no one to clean it up.
I tried cleaning myself. Didnt work. Shit stayed.

Fast forward 12 months down the road and here we are. Here i am.
Still facedown on the same dung of faeces i was pushed into.

Oh well.
Despite the negativity, i survived and miraculously managed to pull of 1 or 2 pretty fun stunts in 2009.

I traveled.

Lang Tengah with the Owhy and the Zarooffe
(as well as
Kenneth but visually MIA here)

Significantly far.

And paid for it.

Vonster in pink. in Manchester. | LiAnn and Me shoving @ Platform9 3/4 in London.

Alot of it.

Still paying for it.

Also, my family played host to a 17-year-old German stray.

Kai the Jonas-*puke*-Brother.

I got to meet the ppl who did the eye candies for a movie i loved alot.

I bermrazmerise with JasonMraz in Stadium Negara.
(with the
Jere, the Hamster, the Evo and the Toh.)

...And berboomboompow with BlackEyedPeas in Sunway.
(with the Lapster)

the giantess Fergie.

I think that's it.
That's all the weight this year carried for me.

I know.
It's damn puny compared to the magnitudes i accomplished in 2008.
Guilty as charged.
I dun even remember what my initial goals were for 2009.

2010. Lets dance.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


And so i carry forth my yearly tradition of dissing out my closetted (or not) playlist repeats of the year.


These are the tracks that accompanied me as i brisked pass the compounds of 1U from office to home. The tunes that kept my ears occupied on those lonely bus rides from Pasar Seni to Seremban. The numbers that i sangalong to alot and probably googled the guitar chords one time or another just so i can berkaraoke within the confinements of my room.

Behold my shameless parade of overplayed overbubblegummed overpopped songs that dominated my head when it was not filled with the crap i call work and the genius i call Street Fighter 4.

There. My personal top 10 list of guilty pleasure syok sendiri music.
And yes. Halo is indeed my song-that-you-cant-get-sien-of for 2009.

oh and thank god i didnt buy tickets to her never-gonna-happen concert.
Sai qin sai hei

Katy Perry's Thinking of You deserves a thumbs up mention.
But because her album was in 2008 i figured i duwan so outdate la.
Still... tats a killer song.

I'd have to say that my favourite album of 2009 would have to be a juggle between John Mayer's BattleStudies, Colbie Caillat's Breakthrough and LaRoux's LaRoux.
Simply because these albums didnt bore me.

I listened to Mayer and Caillat when i was moody (which was a pretty hefty amount this year) and LaRoux when i ...err... wasn't.

Other mentionables for me include ZeeAvi's, Lady Gaga's Fame/Fame Monster (cuz she had damn alot of catchy songs in em) and the Glee Season 1 OST.

Would like to thank the TsuTsu for recommending LaRoux and Muse.

Would like to say 谢谢 to Raymond for sending me Bebo Norman.

Would like to give new ipod warm lovable hugs and kisses macho pats on the back for enabling a constant supply of sound into my earlobes when needed.

Would like to thank the blue guitar for giving me the joy of selfscreaming and finger-paining until tips started peeling.

Would like to NOT thank work for basically sucking all the time i could've used to expand my guitaring skills /finish my untouched unread books / learn how to do websites / earn more money/ meet more invisible people etc etc.

Oh well.

Music. Done.
Asylum. Out.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


OK i don't usually endorse things done by the corporate entity that enslaves my already deteriorating life aka MediaPrima, but when i saw the on-air promos that Eddy and team recently completed for the upcoming Anugerah Juara Lagu, i feel really obliged to eliminate all walls of dislike, discontent and dissatisfaction and applaud them for this.

This is what SHOUT should've been and this is precisely what the big guns at badukongjian will never be able to grasp. Bah. Run your station to the ground la.

Great job guys. Very witty shit. i lovesit. Alot.
You have been appointed permission to gloat and I will not show any signs of resistance.
Gloat away.

Monday, December 21, 2009


My wallet is eroding into a char-coaled leftover of nothingness and my christmas spirit is weighing down on me like that shoulder ghost in Shutter.

...whichis definitely more than i can say for the office of an aquarium.

i mean just look, they've got the entire ceiling plastered with xmas lights and the orange walls bombarded with xxxmas stickers.

yes. ya heard me.

the xxx type of xmas stickers.

ladies and gentlemen, if u turn to your left, you will see an array of beaming well hung balls across ahboon's spy window.

followed by white white stuff on our monitors.

And as you proceed deeper in, you will be greeted by SnowStyroSword wielding CyHong, our CSD Blackroom's resident Elf/Dward/Midget.

yes hong. hold on to that killer tall/long sword tightly.
that's as close as "tall" you'll ever get.

And of course our trusty peeping tom, Kathoon.
Careful, she bites. and punches, knocks, slaps, kicks, stabs, insults etc etc.

and if you're really lucky. it even snows in the black room.

only IF you're lucky. like me. everyday.

Despite how festive things are on the outside (and inside), I'd have to say that Grinch-mode has pretty much taken over me this year. There's a sad sad fact about how the older you get the less magical everything shiny and sparkly becomes that is truly a bummerlickinass.

Nowadays, money makes me happy.
And when there's none. I'm not.
Funds run dry this year. and like snowball to avalanche, i feel like errors and decisions made earlier this '09 have transcended a douchebag out of me.
Accumulated negativity. Piled up poop. Overstocked crap.

Maybe because i miss the old times.
Maybe because i'm getting older and times are indeed changing.

Either way. Erm.

Merry Christmas Bitchez!

i'll see u during caroling.
uh huh. oh yea. tats it.
imma hold on to lit candles and project my vocal prowess with all the non-negativafied leftover xmas energy i can master within me scrawny of a bod.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

MOVIE REVIEWS VOL. 8324512367586

i saw movies.
i intend to blog about them.
here they are.


thumbs up for the bedroom night scenes and the realistic camera angles.
(sounds like some adult movie review hor?)

It was kinda draggy at SOME scenes but i guess it was necessary to build the basis of the character so we feel emotionally connected with em. Which actually kinda worked for me. The ending is a wee bit wtf-ish but i guess that's the only way (or 1 of the 3 ways considering which version of the movie you saw.) to end it realistically. I was positively freaked la. Therefore I positively like.


special effects galore mouth-opening aweness in nearly EVERY jungle scene.
very very impressively creatures and details.
storywise i have to say its a tad lacking in originality. There's abit of a Matrix-mix-Last-Samurai thing going on. Maybe cuz mr Cameron took so long to produce this that Matrix and Samurai came out first.

Oh well.

Also, because the movie was an unexpected 2.5 hours long, (no one warned me!) I was forced to clutch my thighs above each other to enable longer bladder control. And then it started getting unbearable and i was literally squirming and praying in my head for the movie to end soon so i could heed mother nature's whiny wails of horror and relieve myself of the silent torture beseeching my humanly weak body. i think i was the 1st one out of the hall when the credits started rolling with Leona's haunting voice playing in the background.

Aih. :(

Still, i think Avatar is actually one of the best movies this year for me.


i was smiling at the beginning and at the end.

One of those feelgood cartoons that take you back to the ol'skool disneys you grew up with next to your older brother and his disney soundtrack fetish and the way he bugs mum and dad to purchase him the cassette as an early xmas/ bday / new year present or he'll throw a kidfit and get bad marks in exam for them to see. Sheesh.

Where was i again?
Oh ya.

Music wasnt too great fer me. Mainly because i'm not a blues fan.
for me it was lacking in catchyness and melody.
Also, like Avatar, every scene seemed to remind me of other scenes in other disney / dreamworks / significantly good animation movies around.

A little jungle book. a little Aladdin (Prince Naveen). Some Thumbelina (the nature inspired dress and jungle setting). Some Peter Pan/Tinkerbell (croc /fireflies). Tinch of Pinochio (wishing upon a star). bits of Anastasia. (the baddie) and a big portion of Shrek there at the end.

That being said. It was still a worthwhile movie and i liked it alot.
Above average.

OH and i applaud what they did to the firefly dude. :)
Very nice of Disney to break the norm in the happy ending department.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Its been awhile since i last declared my undying love and awe for StonieGar but i assure you, the fire still burns strong.

Dannysius De Housemate seems to have grown pretty fond of the spotted croc-o-fish too.

He's been making frequent trips to PetsWonderland in SS15 and he's really been taking the initiative on bringing Stonie's food supply to the next level. He's so supportive I'm beginning to think he and i are starting to have issues on who gets to rub their foreheads on the aquarium glass more often when we stare at Stonie.

We attempted live kicking croakables few years ago but Stonie's helljaws were still too puppified to handle the fugly atrociousness of the puny amphibians.

2 years and alotta jaw workouts later.
Stonie's in better shape then ever.

Fresh Kermits devoured.

Look how adorable the lil fella clings onto/into his dying prey like those softoys we give our puppy doggy friends. Isnt he just the cutest thing you've ever laid eyes on?

He gets even cuter when you see him chew and tear the living guts out of that croaksome spoilt Prince Naveen.

Everybody say "Awwww."

As in. Awwwwsome!

Saturday, December 05, 2009


So Kuching wasn't so bad.
I'd be lying if i said i didnt have absolutely no fun at all.

we even brought along our pet angmo.

It was a family trip.
At first.
And then people started talking and announcing their plans at their respective workplaces and soon enough we're packing a van filled with aunty teachers and uncle teachers from both the parent teachers' schools.

Thing is. We family. We aint too keen on the whole talking/bonding basis.
We prefer to use non verbal communication to decipher what each other is thinking.

Like when the brother starts staring into space stoned shitless.
It probably means he's tired shitless and doesnt want to be disturbed from his beauty hibernative sleep.
Light sleeper he is, so any slight creek or tap or cough will jolt him wide awake in absolute crankyness.

And when the sista flails her hands and jumps with her jiggles bouncing all over the place in public places (preferably tourists spots). It probably means she wants a photo taken. badly.

We stayed at this cozy little backpackers inn called Singgahsana Lodge which i must admit sounded pretty dodgy when my mum did the research and bookings via ONLINE before the trip.

When i 1st heard that.
My jaw dropped.

Wasn't sure if she just clicked on the 1st link that popped up on google or if she read the many many reviews on lonelyplanet BEFORE booking the rooms.

Dunno if she actually weighted her options of different homestays and inns and did the rational comparison in rooms, prices and locations before saying "YES".

Didnt know that she actually KNEW how to go ONLINE. o__O

But then when we finally got there i had the biggest most sighful sigh of relief.
The rooms were spacious.
Beds were good.
And the commonroom toilet was very clean.
And not crowded.
My fave.

This is the lobby area.

The topfloor bar.

Vandalism is encouraged here.

We visited the Cat museum.
which made me search frantically for a non-dust-filled corner so i could nap the visit away.
cuz it was such a snore.
just pics of cats in different medias through the centuries.
not even live cats available for me to touch and torture.
Yanked ourself outta there as soon as we could.

into the cat's mouth we go.

We visited some of the many caves there as well.
I would certainly say that this was the highlight of my time in kuching.
Breathtaking caves. My knees turned wobbly when i looked down from some of the high points.

brother the uncle

fairy cave wings

We visited the Sarawak Cultural Village where we got to see traditional orang asli supermodels do their thangs as well as have our village "passports" copped at each "station".

stamp cops from each worthy tribe. i am a warrior now.

whiteboi learns how to blow his pipe

Also ravaged through wilderness of Sarawak jungles in search of the endangered Rafflesia.

And found one.


And then we also drove past Hot Chicks cafe along the road.

be warned of nose bleeds when you walk in.

I, in total, had myself 2 sessions of Sarawak Laksas and 2 servings of Kolo Mee in our 4 days there.

Kolo Mee.

Also had my share of Sarawak Layered Cakes.

Adidas flavour.

I know la. It's a pretty puny helping of kuching food consumption but hey. gotta give credit to someone who's not really a foodchaser right?

Thats the wonders of sharing a trip with uncles, aunties, and parents - the foundational essences of hardcore food chasing is practiced by our elders so lazy ppl like me who dun wanna use brains can aimlessly tag along and sit down on the table THEY pick and let THEM do the food ordering.

Ah. Me like.

We were expecting a whole entourage of furry arrogant felines waiting to greet our arrival.

But surprise surprise.
Seen roaming strutting and frolicking everywhere in our faces every corner we turned, were slobbery needy dogs. (Not that im not a fan. heart ya Fifi. wuf ya Luna)

We didnt even spot cats till our 2nd day there.
And then we wanted to kick em from frantic search frustrations.

So much for Kuchings in Kuching.

we were debating how this should be pronounced.
- Cozeez or Cozy *krrrrroh*

Kuching town is nothing much, to be frank.

Didn't see no pussycatsdolls.
Didnt buy no cheap stuff.
Didn't spot no kennysia.

We did however, visit the very cool and happening AND cool Rainforest World Music Festival.

the venue that is.

See. We are cool happening exotic music lovers.

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