Friday, December 31, 2010


i cant think of anything accomplished in 2010 that resembles anything along the lines of "proud" and "worthwhile" at this point.

I think from the beginning i had already set my sights on making 2010 a doomed year of recuperation and restoration.

Oversplurged in 2009 so naturally 2010 was the recharge year.

But the little little joys that creeped in where very much welcomed.

i mean

I worked alot i guess.
Handled more shoots than i usually did.

Played more songs.
Jammed some jams.

Had my share of faktapshit.

Experienced the French invasion.

The German white boi's departure: (not sure if this qualifies as a "joy".)

(ok fine it does! haha)

Spent time with my hordes of adoring fans.

but overall nothing as epic as Halfwayroundtheworld Euro trips or Halfwayupthesky mountain climbs.


2010 LOVES:







WHIP IT (technically 2009 movie but only saw it in 2010)

ZOMBIELAND (also 2009 movie but bloody hell it dserves to be in this list!)

2010. Bah. Watever.
Faster come la 2011.

Monday, December 27, 2010


I am feeling quaintly artsy and expressively expressive.
Therefore, i shall lament my recent Christmas escapade in the form of self-indulgent poetry.

Ambik ni:

As the joyous end of 2010 comes near,
Wallets and bank accounts sigh in fear,
The uproarious and yuletide season of giving,
Descents upon our daily living.

Presents and trees and decorations and lights,
Are indeed the things i cannot lose in sight,
But this year i decided to spread more cheer,
Cuz' God knows it's been a bitter year.
(paycheck conflicts, workspace antics, management politics and laziness tactics)

I turn my head, i grip my fist, i push my posture high,
I will not, cannot, stand another moment in depression plight,
So i declare emotional ignorance and pick my next procession,
And i approach dear Swen in a last bid for redemption,
"Oh please oh please let me join your cause"
"I want to feel loved instead of being perved".

"Come to church this Friday! we'll fix you up with something you can harold"
Swen pats my shoulder as she invites me for a plan to behold.
"It'll be fun it'll be swell you'll like it i promise u well
You'll prance and pout till you're smillin as hell".

With that, i found myself performing the deed,
Of donning a religious coat of festivity in need.
It wasnt easy i have to say,
It wasnt a cuppa tea, to my dismay.

There were steps to remember,
Vocal prowess to conjure,
A hipload of sign language to decipher,
But alas it was fun and thrilling and lots of carpooling
- Embracing the Caroling.

We tackled a sign language song,
That sent me on a confusion throng,
We suited up in pitch black,
Though some would frown and say Frak.

My commitment was limited,
As regretful as admitted,
But i pray i did not offend the many,
Whom i thought were downright sweet as honey.

So i salute the Anglican church which took me in,
For a short while of cheer and grin.
To Swen, Andrea, and Qian,
Thank u for not letting my December become "Sien".

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Last year I was running on empty fuel from post-Euro splurge, so naturally, the Christmas rush was way out of my financial league to enjoy in all its glory.

The good thing is, by the end of last year i managed to snag myself 2 awesomely cheap post-xmas deals on 6feet xmas trees from IKEA and been keepin 'em thrown tucked neatly in the storeroom.

Until now.

check out the xmas forest growing in our living quarters.

just wait till we light it up.

We're sprouting xmas tress all over the rainbow.

Take a whiff of that artificial pine.
oh yeah.
u know u love it.

i know that Christmas isnt about gifts and shopping and pretty decos...
but who am i kidding?

It's sealed in my ignorant head that Christmas without a tree and lights and gifts, is not christmas at all.

i need my dose of visual stimuli to keep my festive spirits up.
if not i'd just hermit myself in my lil depressing corner and hurl anti-commercialism remarks at all the SALE SALE SALE signs and throw rotten eggs at Santa wannabe impostors.

on that note... i think Christmas would never be Christmas without the abundanceness of year-end workshit datelines, rushed projects and cursed ideas.

Some so treacherous and unforgiving that one is forced to surrender one's dignity to cater to the success of an ideas.

Project produced by the vastly larger than life MizzKoh.
Written, Directed, Edited and Animated by yourstruly.

(isnt the intern just smokin'?)

Happy Decking the Halls.

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