Wednesday, September 05, 2012


I recently had the opportunity to attend a social media event.
A very bad social media event.
It was over-crowded and under-seated.
The presentations were, to say the least, personalityless and the subjects tackled were basic topics any Tom Dick and Harry would be able to Google with the access of internet.
So i paid RM60 and stood for a whole good 2 hours before fatigue and annoyance compelled me to escape to the nearby park for a breather.

And then after the event this started circulating online.
(we left early. Couldnt even bother staying till the end.)

The irony is that this event was organised by a so-called "Social Media" community. And one of the subjects preached was indeed about how to handle social media crisis. Cause god-forbid another Paradigm Mall disaster might just be lurking around the cyberspace corner waiting to pounce at any random social media account manager who wasnt properly trained in the etiquette of customer care and being a humanely polite person.

Here's more.

So anyway the event was a waste of time, money and energy but it proved a rather entertaining plot which had me glued and thoroughly at the edge of my cheapo plastic chair the whole night.

Social Media crisis. 
It's the new drama.

I need more popcorn. 

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