Sunday, January 30, 2011


It's been a cold shivery few days.
It' s mornings where i open my eyes and actually THANK god tat it feels all breezy and chilly and i dun mind slipping my toes deeper into my blanket foldings a while longer just to savour the tingle of the morning sunlessness.

Can't say i'm hating it one bit.

feels like Genting minus the crowd and loud noises and super ex everythings.

i mean... I can actually survive being enclosed in my room with the fan spinning at a modest volume of No.2. ( in which case on an un-modest 5 would be the usual default setting)


give me a super pat on my back because my dear sirs and senoritas,
i have just completed my 2nd book of the month.

Yes siree.
2 books.
1 month.
Totally proud of myself.

it's a personal record really.

Read this one about 2 weeks ago.
And now this.
Such a huge achievement in my life.

Good book.
I enjoyed the non-draggyness of the story pace.
So much nicer than American Gods (which took me 4 bladi months to finish)

Random declaration:

As an avid Threadless buyer / splurger, i have come to realize tat Threadless Tees shrink after wash. Shrink. like. ALOT.
So for my recent buys, i purchased em in a size larger (L) and immediately sent em to the harshful depths of the dobi downstairs and told the nice Kakak to show no mercy with this bunch.

Few days later i collected em back.
and lo and behold my theories were fruitful and bingo-fiedly right on.
My tees have shrunk to precisely the right size.
so now i dun need to worry about it shrinking too much the next few times i send it for laundry.

I am so damn smart.

See kids, reading does tat to your brains. makes you smart. like me.
Also makes Zombies wanna sink their maggot-infested mouths into ur head more.

Here is the visual comparison of BEFORE and AFTER:

(top) Black tee: post-laundryfied tee size L
(bottom) White tee: pre-laundryfied tee size L.

Shrinkness acknowledged.
Oversized L to a perfect fit M now.


Friday, January 28, 2011


So much to do. So little money.
I must apologize if playing the role of a so-called grownup in this society has made me cynically aware of the glorifying presence of money.

i. need. more. money.
No maybes. No buts. No excuses.
Just more.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Syok sendiri portrait shots done during our decorative process for xmas last year.
We were playing around with the many many tentacles of lights and God knows how gungho we can get over random pointlessness in the vicinity of our comfy rainbow crib.

This is all taken via Housebunneigh's canggihfied digicamera.

And when you are this syok sendiri, you need to find some outlet for expressing it.
so why not take it further in Photoshop?

cant let good syoksendiriness go to waste, no?

Monday, January 17, 2011


This is a Belated post on the Sparkel & Laitz Party we had goin down at our beloved rainbow crib last New Year's eve.

Attendees donned their most grotesque personas to our xmas abode and painted the rainbows all kinds of sinister.

We were fortunate to have our party graced by the presence of......

Uncle Saint Neon.

Adam Lambert

Ball Eater Muncher


Resident prostitute.

Mermaid Buddha.

Smiley Snowflake MissFrost

hostess DramaQueenDiva

Tina Gaga.

TheFly Tai.

Urban monkeys

Walking (drunk) Dead

Creepy Darkcorner Uncle (with weird erected contraption between thighs.)

And last but not least.. the Nutcracker Jocks.

Cracked my silver reflective nuts into a million pieces all over the rainbow floor.


There goes a nice pair of nuts.

Sunday, January 16, 2011



i think i deserve a nice pressure-pointed pat on my lazyass back because i have just read (in a non-skipping-non-browsing-through manner) my 1st book of 2011!

...and i completed this miraculous deed in just 2 bloody days.
Yup. 247 pages in 48 hours. (its a big deal to me hokeh? pls give me face abit)

Oh alert the caretakers, and address the caterers.
Ring the church bells and sound the trumpets of celebration.
For tis marketh the dawn of days that maketh dreams.

Dreams made out of situations where i dun slip off into slumberville after just 3 sentences.
Dreams made out of times where im not so distracted by msn or torrents or work or sex and everything else BUT the book i have in front of me in my hands.
Dreams where i am actually able to focus on the story unfolding in my grasp.

But the irony is..
it was a friggin depressing book.
A true story that made me sigh and frown and wince in cringeworthy spasms as i was flipping through the pages seated on my plastic cheapo room chair.

I Seludup-ed the book from under the nose of the notoriously nonchalant Swen
and she didnt even notice until i started tweeting about it.


It's no bestseller or whitbread winner.
But it's nice enuf for an engaging read.

i couldnt put it down once i started.

It's filled with pedophilic attacks by a monstrously devious Grandfather who couldn't restrain his sadistic fetishes on his own flesh and blood.
I was in agony imagining this 9 year old girl getting constantly raped and tortured by her grandad. Poor lil thing. Her survival story is truly an inspiration. Nah THIS IS THE BOOK.


So now the big question is...
is THIS the kind of books i can actually read now without falling asleep??.......



Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My 20-friggin-11 reso-frakin-lution:

(leeched off Poko's sometime ago.)
(a very inyerface wakeupslap which i really need now.)

it's on, bitchezz.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I figured today's 11111 is a doped enough number not to be absent from posting up an update so here i am. posting. something. along the lines of an update.

My good ol' friend and almost-weekly-hangout-buddy Mr Tee aka AhJinjin aka Marcus has been pretty effed up lately. His new fb profile pic is provocatively twisted and diabolically disturbing in all sorts of unnatural.

behold and be traumatized.

what kind of disturbed, if not emotionally and mentally damaged, human being would be able to conjure up something like this?! YOU TELL ME LA!.....


Anyway he was kind enuf to do mine too.

u laika my sharp teetz?

How awesome.
My belated new year's present in the form of a flatteringly flippetyflopped image of my so-called face.

Want more?

Here's another:

Let's put a smile on that foreface.

Original unspecial uncanggified photo:

i know.
so boring can die right?

Thank u AhJin u monster.

Monday, January 03, 2011


HipHip Hooray to an awesome new year's kick off filled with tissues shoved up my mucus-oozing nostrils and pills popped down my itchy groaning throat.

Splendid start to 2011.

Just splendid.

feelin meh, swen?

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