Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Was at St Francis Xavier's church the other day to witness colleague Li Ann berid of her bachelorettehood in holy matrimony to Benji.

Was a tiring day indeed because a certain restaurant had misinformed us of a certain item that was supposedly purchasable as a gift and when we got there *cough* Tenji *cough* we were told to get lost.

A pretty demoralizing way to start the day if i do say so myself.

Ended up rush-scouting/purchasing another prezie and then realising that it was not obtainable that day, so we scribbled love letters and threw it into a nice packet and wrapped it up with all the TLC we could conjoure up for the day and presented it to the blushing couple as a face-saving gift. Phew.

black is back.

It was a simple wedding. Simple and nice.
Vows exchanged in the church.
Hi-tea in the garden.
Perfect the way it was.
but humid and sweated loads.
Extra flavouring to the food right.


(left) Uncle Dave downing his juice.
(right) Popo picks up french dude on the table.

perky pink and the black widow.
(Swen's cat died so she decided to honour her pussy by drenching herself in the colour of her pubes)

couple and perkypinky.

us wishing them all the best


I am officially jamdicted.
did this for July's jamlist.


Monday, June 07, 2010


Post holiday depression at full swing today.
I slipped in as seeminglessly silent as i could and left as swiftly and soundless as my stomplet soles could sway me.


i wanted to jump off the window by lunch time.
If i had a window near my desk i mean.

Bosses had nicely cramped in 2 more new "workmates" in the already cramped up windowless place i spend my 9 - 9 in.
If claustrophobia pushes me over the edge i'm telling you i'm gonna bloody parang the whole office.
No survivors man.
and i'll flash my standard pearly white pose while at it.
I bet you'd like tat wudntcha?

Dun be surprised if i strut in the office armed with AK-47 infused with atomic flameable grenades built with shards of my bitten nail bits this week.

Dun be all wussy and wide-eyed when i deploy mutated Gar zombies upon all your roboticly fake worksmiles and pretentious voice tones.

Dun act all rational and anxious when the clawing of ur skin and the gnawing of ur nipples get too unbearable for your thick SK2-ed skins to handle. Your screams are merely nags of nothings to my numb ear.

Dun be all concerned and caring when my farts and armpits are jammed against that thing u call a face.

Heard it all befo' yo. Heard it all befo.

Bloodbath on pending.
Ammo on recharge.
Lock and load on demand.

AH. i feel better.

Decided to myspace MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS cuz i was reading JUICE the other day and there was a featured article on her. One of those 2 paragraph articles. Nothing major. Was quite a miracle that my eye actually caught it.

and wow looks like i have another artist to lookout for.
She's pretty good. Catchy stuff. Quirky nice vids to add to it too.

Click. See. Hear.

Leotards are so yesterday.
Foldable origami limbs are the new Single Ladies.

i blast her in my earphones when ppl come into office now.
so i dun need to look at their faces.

Thank you Marina.
This diamond appreciates it.



Catchy new Kylie song. Awesome vid. i like.
You could practically sing Bleeding Love & I Gotta Feeling over it though.


Friday, June 04, 2010


....is this dude.

he and i are like THIS close.
in the photo i mean.


Wednesday, June 02, 2010


So LOST concluded.
And i havent the slightest idea what it all meant.
I just didnt get it.
I still dont.

LOLOST cats.

Glued my ass down for 6 years groping through absurdity after absurdity only to be slapped in the face with more unanswereables. What was Mr.Abrams thinking!?

Why subject us to so much torture oh why.

If THIS is what LOST was...... then....

What significance did the whole damn Dharma initiative play in the story arc? What did Whitmore want that compelled him to find the island? Where does the cursed Hurley numbers come into play? What the heck was that ancient legstatue doing in the island? Why doesnt Richard age? What role did he play in assisting Jacob with the big plan? Did every other non-chosen non-casted passanger on the flight die then? Were THEY chosen to come to the island as well? Or were they just unavoidable casualties in Jacob's big search for his replacement? Where was Walt? What was up with the others? What was the deal with Sayeed's resurrection and becoming evil? What was the whole temple shit? What were the alternate reality flashbacks? What was up with Claire's baby and the fortune teller crap? ARGH.

I dont. get. it.

haha. random lost shitz.

I really really hope the brother of a fan can enlighten me once i get to talking to him about these questions.

If not.... JJ u owe me 6 years of my life!

the hooligans and me paid a visit to Bukit Tinggi some weeks back and what do we do once we get there? The obviousness of getting all slutty and whorey with the camera. Yup. We are worldly sinful photogenic frakers and we love getting it on on staircases, tall buildings, gardens, beside lakes and nice wells. Basically anywhere sleazily public enough for shameless self posing.

Ah. Funstuff.
Awesome group pics compiled.

paying homage to the fearful god of long sticks and mischief.
"yo! sai mat keng" indeed.

Uncle Howa's bday cupcake "surprise".
we wanted to celebrate it on bkt Tinggi itself but couldnt find a location to do it.
so we brought it back home. u know. where the heart is.

us syoksendiri-ing the 1Utama stage during the Wing Chun season.

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