Thursday, April 30, 2009


Tis' the season of season finales and i will now rant accordingly.

CHUCK's finale was daaaaamn nice.
Killing off Bryce (or so we think?) was a reallllyyy good move. Just like how JJAbrams loves to kill off important people very suddenly in Alias or Lost or Fringe(1st epi only). Or how Joss Wheddon does it so well on Buffy and Angel. Gives me that jolt of emoness to sustain my viewship.

Nothing new in the way things are going down.
Was about time Edie got the death la.
She's the only cast member flexible enough to let go. (Other than Katherine)
Quite a stupid tribute episode that followed after that. Loopholes kaukau.
She should be filled with bitchin pissedness and insults towards the husband in her narrations la.

HEROES is so effed up and pukesome i can no longer find the words to loath it anymore than i already do. Stupid season ending. Stupid way to kill off a character (sort off) and even stupider acting from the former cheerleader. Stupid season ending. Oh ya. Said that already.

FRINGE is getting fringly nice.
Started off very slow. Xfiles wannabe.
But now we're finally seeing JJAbram's sci-fi philosophical touch coming into view.
Army of soldiers to fight the supernatural battle?
In this context, I dig.

PUSHING DAISIES is just ok. Still whimsical. Still full of colour.
Will need to wait and see how colourful the last 2 episodes tie up before it closes down for good.
I still find it a challenge to keep up with the dialogs. Which are always fun la. Hehe.

DOLLHOUSE is a let down compared to THE OTHER of GeniusJoss' work la.
Eliza Duskhu's acting is nothing short of monotonous.
Nothing particularly new about the show also.
Plus Topher gets more and more annoying each episode.
Aih. Sorry Joss. Won't be suprised if the show gets the can soon.

HagridHiggs handed me KINGS the other day.
2 words hit me while watching the 1st epi - "Battlestar" & "Galactica"
It's so so similar. The mood. The way it's shot. The brother sure like wan.
So philosophical and biblical somemore.
His cup of tea la.

Been downloading random episodes of THE MENTALIST as well.
Quite an interesting show.
Wouldnt mind actually watching the whole season if someone can gimme.



Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Reminds me so much of the CNY battle YenC & I had early this year.

Ah... Facebook
- my anti-depressions. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009


Damn it la.
Life is depressing.
it's only been a month after my 2week break and already I feel like i need another long holiday.
I'm serious.
I took up my calendar today and without realising it, started telling myself that it was time i took another long holiday for more self indulgent splurge trips. Snapped back into reality after realising i JUST got back early this month.

My body is so so lazy now it can't even handle a month without a holiday.

See. Damn depressing right?

PoPoh came back from HIS turn of a 2 week break today and was HAPPILY skipping around throwing basket after basket of freebies and souvenirs from Japan and Vietnam into our zombified blue Monday palms.

Yes you heard me right.

Stupid fella was actually smiling and chirpy and being all positively radiant and shit on his 1st day back at work.

When i got back from my break i literally dragged my brooding butt into the office faced down hunched back as low as i could possibly go so people wouldnt even notice i was around.

I avoided as much eye contact as i could with everyone around me.

I sulked and groaned throughout the day so much that Carin had to put on earphones and blast her 50cent vulgar rap hooks to drown out my whining.

I put on lansi face so lansi that i didnt even layan Adrian's hourly slap on my back that day.

What's wrong withchoo Poh wat's wrooong witchoo!?

And of course, it doesnt make things any better when you keep seeing people around you at work leaving for greener pastures in life.

This is LiAnn posing with her FAREWELL FLOATER that we graciously presented to her as a going away prezie.

She's skedaddling off to London for 6 months doing voluntary work.
Yes. 6 months.
Lucky beeyotch.

This is audioman ChrisHiggs who just left.
He's the Hagrid on the far right.

He'll be focusing on his own audio company.
Dude's probably gonna do funner work and earn triple of wat he does/earn here la.
Lucky yeediot. You can see his work on GHOST season 2 on tv now.

Then these few months i dunno why suddenly, the whole world decided to get married.
Carin kick started it with her KL Tower extravaganza.
Then it's Hueyen's in June.
Then Elea's in Oct.
Heck i'm even helping out this someone who's getting married in a week.

What's wrong witchoo people what's wrooong!?

Oh check out my stylo new look.

Courtesy of Shahrool who was working late with me the other day.
Yesh. Nerdy is the new sexy.

In times of darkness, these babies kept me happy.

Redcurrant Puffs from Marks & Spencer.
Best puffs in all of powerpuffland i tell ya.

Now on offer somemore.
4 heavenly boxes for cheap cheap RM15.

Quickly grab.
Had my 1st bite of these when Swen offered me some back in Singapore during the MediaCorp company trip last year.

So good that it registered in my brain.

Me like Puffs.
Spencer Puffs.

Monday, April 20, 2009


First there was this....

Now there is THIS....

Recorded in absolute randomness during Lynday & Hamster's Bday @ our Rainbow Pelangi kreeb.


We just celebrated Jere's bday with awkward family stares, livingroom steamboat & after-party Street Fighter 4 till my thumbs hurt, so the videos above are for the fella who was in THIS commercial... well as THIS...

Happy Taiday.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A colleague whom, without fail, does 86542348853357623 FB quizes every morning before he goes to work suddenly decides NOT to spam my FB page with his quiz results.

So I confront him during lunch...

Me: Whyhong... 为什么今天早上没有facebook update 的!!?? 你不是每天一定做哪些quiz quiz 的东西的meh!?

WH: aiyo... 一天没有update会死吗!? .... 好过你啦... 每天post 埋那些不懂什么东西的东西.... 什么"..dictionary" 啦, 什么"tiuniaseng tuesday" la...

damn funny.

Thankfully, I open my FB this morning and things have returned to normal.....

My results was Peter also.
Not to my liking.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


So anyway here's the undisclosed story of the very random Cameron trip.

So i'm like in my last day before my holiday starts and i have no plans for my 2nd week of holiday right? and deep down in my subconscious mind i've been craving and raving and praying about paying Cameron a visit, so out of pure wadeheck i ask the sister and brother if they wanna teman me go.

And out of the blue suddenly everyone gave the green light and we're planning for a last minute Cameron trip. Just liddat.

i have never in my entire 24 years of life on earth gone on a holiday trip with the sister and the brother before (minus the biological mother and father - not to say that i dun have unbiological parents of course) so it really was pretty random.

and with super randomness comes extreme lazyness to drive up to Cameron.
(actually only 1 of us could really drive. the sister is too amateur to drive uphill and i've practically returned all my driving knowledge to the rude instructor 4 years ago eventhough i still keep my renewed license neatly in my wallet)

So we took the nice Unititi bus up and had to brave through hordish crowds in Pudu, respond politely to rude ticket sellers (in which i friggin complained to management after) and hold our bladders until we reach pondok-rehat stops along the way.

Hard work i tell ya.
Hard work.

But once we reach our Lakehouse... i tell u...
damn satisfying lo.

Thank god the place was as good as i imagined it to be cuz god knows i'm easily let-down when i keep my expectations high. (Just look at wat happened to The Spirit and Hellboy2. Epic fail)

We took this package deal that the hotel offered us and it included breakfasts, a super ex fine dining dinner and a halfday tour through the fairytale mystiquely mystified Mossy Forest which i've been walauweh-wanting to go since forever.

This was on top of the Brinchang hill.

So accommodation was awesome ( a weeee bit far since the tourist spots were in Tanah Rata & Brinchang while we were located @ Ringlet. but oh well. worth it la our Lakehouse so nice) and the Tea plantations were uber green and damn vast and wide and i was staring in awe throughout the whole ride up...

Stopped by the BOH tea centre.

the mossy forest.. which to me was ok only.
nothing much to be honest.
I think the trees and plants during the hike up Mount Kinabalu last year was nicer.

We spotted tiger in the forest though.

wat did i tell ya?

And of course wat would a Cameron trip be without a visit to the Cactus Valley....
where thorns grow amok and vandalised stems run rampant...

The butterfly park... where we caught a rare glimps of some interspecies hanky panky going on on the nets.

Althought we were more attracted to the scorpions, mantises, lizards and beetles at the door than the butterflies themselves.

We had strawberry yogurt. strawberry sunday strawberry cheesecake strawberries dried.... i am stoked filled strawberrified so much now that i really HAVE lived up to my so-called other name..... (which for the record i have NEVER EVER acknowledged btw)

But one thing is definitely the sad fact that Cameron is not as cold as it used to be la. I remember going up when i was damn young and i would be shivering and slapping on layers and layers of jackets just to fight the coldness. And when you breathe u can see ur breath in the cold air.

No more man.
You just feel the cool breeze but you dont see the engulfing mist anymore.
And here i was hopping to experience real-life Mist.
Which by the way was a damn cool movie.

Friday, April 10, 2009


This is the cozier than cozy room that we spent 2 nights in when we were in Cameron last week.





And the nice beyond nice interior of the lobby + lounge + walkways of the House beside the Lake.


dining area

room stairs


staircase to rooms

stalker shot
More to come!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


This is the awesomely awesome place we stayed at during our Cameron trip last week.







Are you not totally engrossed by the greenness of the greenery?!
Are you not completely at peace with the peacefulness??
Are you not wishing you where there just by looking at the very lookable pics!?

At 1st i was unsure if the pics and the nicely written descriptions on the website were to elude me into typing my credit card number on the booking page...
but because God is good and public transportation rocks, we were leapin lizards jumpin for joy the moment we got to the Lakehouse.....

see wat i mean?

More to come soon.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I have hit a roadblock at work.

And if i continue to dwell on this, i will end up hating a whole buncha people.
I don't like this and i don't enjoy feeling the way i feel now.

Who wouldve known that the eventual plague of the-working-world would scourge its way into my naive thinkings and bite me in the ass so so distastefully.

Looks like no matter how hard u do watever it is you do, no matter how much you THINK you've contributed to the growth of your company, no one appreciates it in the end.

It's a constant circle of pure incompetent stupidity handed down from 1 post to another.
Empty promises. Fake offers. Untrustworthy humans. Idiot policies.

Now THAT's life for you.

Monday, April 06, 2009


Just managed to pop some pics from my phone (which turns cranky whenever i connect it to the PC) and found some i took when we went jungle trekking on Lang Tengah 2 weeks ago.

We were guided through the jungle to this awesome cliff point somewhere on the island and i didnt have my trusty Canon IXUS with me so the year-old Sony Ericson had to do.

I hardly ever use the phone for pics but this was inevitable.
Die die also had to take.

It's actually a really really long way down but i dont think you can see the height of the cliff from the photos. My legs were wobbly standing at the edge.

The 2 whom i trekked with.

spot the tiny couple at the edge of the cliff.

If you're wondering where the rest of the gang was during this pivotal moment on the island, they were busy snoozing away the nice beachy morning and the paid-for breakfast.

i know.

-_____________- "

Cameron pics will be up soon.
I am stoked strawberrified shitless now.

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