Sunday, March 29, 2009


If there's one thing about the island that really caught my eye (other than the clear water, dead corals, small beach and missing TV), it was the massive amounts of humongous-gigantus long leggy spiders nesting at all 52354283409 corners of the island.

A simple walk could easily land you face 2 face with one of these huge ass crawlies if you weren't careful.

Needless to say, this drove me crazy.......

.....with enthusiasm!

So with Discovery-channel mode turned on, I was running around the bushy areas catching grasshoppers and any form of living organism spiders would consider "food".

Then i got smart by recycling the empty bottles lying around and slammed the unlucky lil hoppers into the bottle, compiling them in large numbers before feeding them to their poisonously fanged predators for an imminently slow and painful death.

i felt so proud of myself.

With so much food you'd think that the spiders on the island would appreciate my kind and giving gesture by putting on a dramatic predator-devouring-prey gorging fest right?


Now i know that Lang Tengah spiders are super lansi.

The friggin huge one's just weren't interested in my peaceful offerings of fresh meat and shrugged em off like i was some annoying dude trying to disturb their afternoon lepak.

Most of the hoppers i fed just ended up twitching alot in the web.
Spider ignores twitch.
Then web brakes and hopper falls down and hops off into the sunset.
Hence, wasting my efforts to give back to the food chain. -_-

But the humbler, smaller one's layan-ed me and really gave me show.

Bless you younglings.
Bless you.

Aside from Spideys, there were other forms of lifeforms battling for survival on this simple yet strangely savage island.

Like this damn kau cool lizard we spotted on a tree while we were having our seaside toast one afternoon.

Initially we thought it was the spider who had him caught in his web.. (which would have been friggin cool also cuz walau spider eating lizard?! *eyes open big big stare in awe....*) but closer inspection led us to discover that this lil fella was actually hanging onto the web, already halfway done with the spider in his mouth.

Some crazy shit i tell ya.

Also sighted: green green crawly caterpillar thing on beach sand.

...And what happened to it 20 minutes later.

Then during beaching time, saw this floating on the water.

Brought it to the seaside.
Only to see white seabugs burrowing and slithering out from all sides all of a sudden.
Damn geli weh.
I don't get geli-ed often but this really made my skin crawl.

Also spotted family of bushy caterpillars.

Owhy got so freaked out she stand far far away out of focus.
But still in the camera frame for abit of the spotlight.

Here are some less disturbing pics from the remaining 2 days we were on the island.

going out for more snorkels.

working the pout.


before we spotted the spider-munching lizard.

public display of affection

damn nice hor the water?

electrods on his head.

fireflies flying into her nose.

my close up.

dead corals lead the way

crystal water me like

That's Owhy in the water.
Fuh. Like lady in the lake liddat.

me hanging.

Owhy & Marley & me.

our residency for 4D3N.

Leaving on a jet-ty.

Next destination: CAMERON HIGHLANDS

As the very wise Wooldoor Sockbat would say:

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