Saturday, August 25, 2012


i really should write something.

But what else can i conjure that doesnt involve me squinting my eyes and frowning my forehead and squeezing my brain juice in order to produce some excess obligatory funny liner that makes me go "ahhh i've written a nice posts! #win" ?

i think because im constantly drowning myself in thoughts of the what to do's, when to do's and how to do's that when it comes to relaxing (or blogging) im just lazy to exert mental energy. Brain coma. A state of psyche surrender.

So therefore in no particular order. Random opinions.

- LIFE OF PI has to be one of the best books i've read in awhile. (Thanks to the housebunneigh housemate for igniting the "want-to-read" in me) started off rather slow but when u put ur heart to it and be optimistic that there's an ending that is worth the somewhat draggy chapters, you'd be pleasantly wowed.

- FIFTY SHADES OF GREY is NOT one of the books worthy of the aforementioned optimism.

- THE CABIN IN THE WOODS blew my mind. The casualness of the lab character buildups were genius to say the least. Fresh concept for a horror/sci-fi movie too. Now when my spirits are low and my inspiration absent, i remind myself of WWJWD. What Would Joss Whedon Do.

 - PARANORMAN was a pleasantly touching movie. If u dont already notice the walau-so-nice-can-die claynimation.


I sneaked off (or rather sneaked off and then proudly spammed Instagram like a gungho photographer wanna-be) to BALI for a week's worth of foreign frolicking.
It was nice.
Instagram pics came out great.
As long as Instagram pics came out great, nothing else matters.
Absolutely nothing.

Lets see what else.

Work has been slow-ish. I'm knee deep in writing a new vid for our KickaVlogs.
Cant say that inspiration has been particularly good to me though.
It's been a dry draggy season of sitting down at OldTown and staring stonely at the hazy Restoran Twin Joyous opposite the road beneath the overhead bridge and seeing the Bangla and China workers wait for buses.
Staring and shaking my leg mostly.
U know, when ur nervous as hell and u're stuck in mental blockage and u still know u need to get this shit done but nothing shits out.
Yeah those shakes.

WWJWD mana lu?!

Oh and
Happy (Belated) Raya!

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