Thursday, June 25, 2009


They don't fancy it.

I have taste after all.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


OK so this is a spoiler post so all ye peoples who are watching TRANSFORMERS 2 within the next few days or so, y'all better come back AFTER you've seen it.

You have been forewarned.

Oh and bare in mind, this comes from a non-fanatic.

So anyway.
Humble verdict of mine: Good not Great.
1st was better.

Enough eye candy throughout the movie to satisfy the Special FX sweet tooth.
But too much eye candy for a plentifulness of scenes till swallowing became difficult.

Bad bad plot.
Egyptians? Pyramids? Really??....
Why does everything sound all too Alien VS Predator / Stargate to me.
A handful of scenes just reminded me of other movies.
Plus Optimus adding all that extra firepower at the end just reminded me of POWER RANGERS when super Magazord bulks up until his neck disappears and his limbs become short from over crowding of armour. Not sexy Optimus. NOT sexy.

Megatron gets pussywhipped.
Suppper potong stim.
In 1st movie like damn yauyeng liddat.
Manatau he's got another dai ko. -____-
Inconsistency. thats all i can say.

And the ultimate downfall of the movie?
I-wanna-shoot-him-to-shut-him-up annoying characters.
So since everyone liked SamWitwit with the fastmovin mouth in the 1st, they decided to make everyone in the movie in his neurotic, fidgety image as well. Robots included.

While we're at it,
whats with the Species-ish Transrobo chick?
What's with Jetfire's godamn Tongkat and the Janggut and the parachute farting?!
What's with the leg humping and the different accents and the fugly WALL-E lookalikes?!

Whatchu doin MikeBay?
Come back to earth pls.

But aiya. All in all still good la.
Super canggih explosions everywhere.
The whole movie is practically a US Military advert promo.

Oh well.
Will wait for the brother to buy the DVD so i can watch it again by skipping the annoying scenes.

Oh. and this here was my fave Decepticon in the movie.

How sweet is that cycloptic pussy?

Saturday, June 20, 2009


So I finished my breakfast.
Washed the plates.
Walked into the bathroom.
Brushed my teeth.
Then it suddenly occurred to me.

i already brushed it half an hour ago.

super -___- lor.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


TrueBlood returns.
Me like.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


HAnz make my couz student life more colorful...:


HAnz make my couz student life more colorful...:
tonite wat time u finis work

HAnz make my couz student life more colorful...:
dinner lo

ah tonight i not free worrr...
going dinner with colleagues

HAnz make my couz student life more colorful...:
fine! go hav dinner and hav fun wif ur other bfs!

im sorry babes

im a playa

HAnz make my couz student life more colorful...:

sorry babes
ur so yesterday

HAnz make my couz student life more colorful...:
ur so last week

jaemyC: ur so last season
jaemyC: throw ur catalogue away
jaemyC: no one buys u no more
jaemyC: down the bargain bin u go
jaemyC: bargain bin is ur new home
jaemyC: aunties and uncles ransack u
jaemyC: and they still dont buy u
jaemyC: and ur left alone and dusty in the sad sad bargain bin
jaemyC: screaming for attention
jaemyC: screaming for someone to pick u up
jaemyC: but no one bothers

HAnz make my couz student life more colorful...:
den how?

jaemyC: then mer. slowly rot there lor.
jaemyC: become dusty and dirty cuz everyone's touched u
jaemyC: ew.
jaemyC: its like everyone's had u.
jaemyC: and they duwan to keep
jaemyC: so throw back into the bin
jaemyC: and more new things are added into the bin.
jaemyC: and u get pushed to the bottom
jaemyC: and forgotten

HAnz make my couz student life more colorful...:
den ill come and hunt u

HAnz make my couz student life more colorful...:
den slowly , part by part , piece by piece,

HAnz make my couz student life more colorful...:
gonna gives u hell , gonna gives u hell, gonna gives u hell~


Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I just went through 90 minutes of pure agony.
Probably more painful than what happen to Hingzboz a month ago.

Hands down.

Worst movie.
of the year.

So far.

And to think that it was already the heavily censored local version we saw in the cinema.

Imagine how much more suffering it would bring to other countries who have to endure it in it's full uncut glory.

Yikes. *shrugs & shivers*

Sunday, June 07, 2009


7-colour Pelangi appeared in Pelangi. (cause we stay in, like, this place called PELANGI Damansara. Get it? Get it? Yeah. You better.)

So we ended up doing Pinocchio shadows.

With fingers.

And tongues.

Rainbows in Rainbow rock.

Heart skipped a beat when i spotted this slid under our apartment door the other day.

10th June. Can. Not. Wait.
Obviously, this proves the existence of an almighty God who watches over our dire needs and bottomless stomachs and never-ending cravings for delivery food.
He knows our hearts and he knows that our sorry asses are just too damn lazy to walk out and dabau food for ourselves. Hallelujah.

I've already ranted about how much i blamed mr. mamakman for closing down his restaurant 4 months ago, and have since succumbed to the temptations of McD and OldTown delivery for rebound.

Thank god the chains are about to be broken.
Sorry Otown. Sorry McD. It's not you it's me.

Managed to catch some pretty amusing movies to curb the weekend enthusiasm.
And it felt guuueeed...

Ghost Town was interesting and pleasant.

Some funny moments here and there and the movie's heart is where it should be.
Pleasant. Quite nice.

Lesbian Vampire Killers was surprisingly funy.

So thing is, i downloaded this one not knowing ANYTHING about the show.
Just thought the title seemed interesting. Heh. *wriggle brow*
Turns out - British movie.
Am not particularly fond of Brit humour but these guys really make it work lorrr.
Me likes and me was laughing head off in some deliberate corny B-grade horror scenes and punchy Brit-accented lines
Time not wasted.

They Wait wasn't bad.

Until it hit the end.
Then i was shaking head going "what were they thinking?!......"
Typical hollywood ghost flick. OKok la. Not too bad.

Frida was nice.

Old movie.
New watcher.
Can or not?!
Unibrow Salma Hayek gave good acting.
No wonder la she kena nominated for Oscar.

Then i managed to catch Monsters VS Aliens in 3D in ONE U and played lampost to the Shyng and the Jook.

I had already planed to intercept the attendees' seating area and was going to force-sandwich myself between them so to avoid any unintended hankypanky from happening before my innocent eyes. But obviously, the 2 had other plans. And u know la 2 VS 1. HOW TO WIN?!?!


Anyway Monstas VS Aliens wasnt good la.
Mediocre to say the least.
Or maybe the 3d glasses just didnt do it for me.
Nothing much that was new or funny.
Disappointed cuz i am a big big sucker for anything with the word "Monsters","Aliens" and "VS".

Freddie VS Jason.
Blanka VS ChunLi.
Subzero VS Scorpion
Marvel VS Capcom.
Shyng VS Shyong.

I miss Mortal Kombat and other mindless uncomplicated beat-em-up games for the PC.
I miss executing finger-numbing Fatalities on keyboard and doing super kengchau 40 hit combos during round 2. :(

And to make things worse,
tmrw's a friggin Monday.


Friday, June 05, 2009


So there's this crucial switch right?
And we need to turn it to get the machine working to get our work done.
But because its faulty now and it wouldnt budge cuz the turning was too smooth for our sweaty oily hands to grip, none of us puny humans succeeded despite taking turn after turn after turn to turn it. Urgh. No fingering skills whatsoever. We suck.

So we're sitting there. Hands hurting. Sweat dripping. Work coagulating.
And new Intern ChongLeeJian (whose name clearly does NOT resemble mine one bit. At all.) struts in amidst the chaos.

All eyes are now on the poor girl.

ChoongLeeChien: Ah..... LeeJian 你来得真好! XD
ChongLeeJian: har? *clueless face*
ChoongLeeChien: 来来。我跟你讲hor... hehe... 这个switch如果你转到的话,我就给你一碗面.
ChongLeeJian: ah?
ChoongLeeChien: 如果你转不到的话,我就给你一晚. *wriggles eye brow*
ChongLeeJian: *GASP* rushes to machine in superman lightspeed. *CLICK* Switch turns on. Instantly.

Pause. We all stare in long awestruck blinketyblink silence.

ChoongLeeChien: 喂................什么意思啊现在!!? -___-
ChongLeeJian: hehe. :)

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