Friday, March 27, 2009


I am back from beaching!

Burnt, flaky and peeling. As usual.

Apparently every beach trip i take leaves me visibly reddish and looking like a heat-struck snake shedding scales.
Then, as SY likes to put it, in 2 weeks time i become white again. -_-
I think i should just give up trying to get dark la.
Should just leave it to the experts. *cough* shyng *cough*

Now i tell u about ze trip:

Lang Tengah was where i was for 4 days and 3 nights.
"Tengah" because it's located in the middle of Perhentian and Redang.

The 3 of us (Zarf , Owhy & Me ; Chenny was suppose to join us but couldn't because work, commitments and bosses suck - i'm so sorray Chenneigh... ) took the night FireFly to Kuala Terengganu and stayed at a backpackers inn in the city for the night.

It was the 1st time giving FireFlyz a go.
Plane felt even smaller than AirAsia.
But all in all was ok.
Anything will beat the crappy heatyness of MAS.

Our inn felt like a prison cell.

But aiya. RM15 per person of course la.

Next day we met up with Ken and Kel and proceeded to the Merang jetty for the boat that was to transport us to Lang Tengah.
I hated waking up at 6.
Friggin moody.

The boat ride was kinda boring.
Nothing like the super bumper-car-roller-coaster feel Krabi speedboats had.
I was dozing off. On the boat.
Yeah. I like it rough.

Upon arrival on the island, We kinda expected it to be more of a "woah" than an "oh ok......." reaction.
Beach was kinda small and lacked the vast white oomph that PhiPhi island had.
We stayed in this humble resort called Redang Lang Resort and we pretty much stuck our asses there most of the time. Mainly cuz there wasnt anywhere else to go.

And to make things worse, we had no TV and the rooms were literally ovens if you didnt leave the air cond on while u were away. Going green and saving energy out the window.

I literally lashed out silent scream when i saw the absence of the tv.
Guess it comes with the price we paid for the package.

Goodstuff: very clear waters. very fine white sand. Quite an affordable package.
Badthings: small beach. budget accommodation. Dead corals everywhere. Poor soles.

Oh and as expected, my seaside romantic walks turned into draggy limps of pain.

Spot the cacat toe.

The sun was so hot that most of us had lost the mood to really enjoy on the 1st day.
I understand that beach trips are suppose to be bright and sunny but this
was kau burning lor. Like the rays were literally eating away our flesh from the surface layers to the tissue inside.

1st day was a snorkel visit to Redang Bay Marine Park.
Didnt really enjoy it.
Too many people.
Sun was too hot.
Salt water kept getting into my nostrils and gagging my breathing system.
(it was only after tat that i realised you could actually tighten the snorkeling gear to your preferences. heh.)

Obtained majority of sunburns there.

2nd day was perfect.
No sun.
Breezy the WHOLE day.

Beached alot.

Snorkeled alot.

Took paparazzo pics of ppl pakto alot.

Parade in fugly uncle singlet alot.

And there was even karaoke at night.

After working the rented snorkeling gear to my advantage i actually found myself enjoying every moment of being under the water.
Surprisingly calming.
After you get pass the potentially-drowning paranoia, unknown-creatures-creeping-up-to-u phobia and fear of scrapping-feet-on-sharp-corals.

More to come soon. :)

We are fehmilee.


WayeYoung said...

Looks pretty awesome!!

Although you say the beach is pretty small :(

FatLouie Lee Cole said...

man...after I taught u how to wear the snorkelling gear, u still dunno how to wear ah? fail lah you.

wei..i stayed that place the last time i went there. totally agree with what u said. small beach. dead corals. nothing much to be amazed of. but did u get to see baby shark early in the morning?

kenwooi said...

looks nice! expect for the first 2 pics.. haha.. =D

Jaemy.C said...

WayneYoung: yeahh.. water all very nice but beach quite small la....

FatLouieLeeC: yala. cuz i old ady mar. keep forgetting. and you stay tat place b4? eleh why never tell me? aih.... i didnt get to see baby shark at all man. :(

kenwooi: wat u trying to say kenwooi?! that i look fugly?! ARE U?!

FatLouie Lee Cole said...

erm....i didn't say that i saw baby sharks rite? hehehe... i heard from my friend who was so rajin to wake up so dem early in the morning at 5am to go see baby shark. hehehe.....

eh u din ask me oso. din tell u go lang tgh oso. dun blame me ar. but the insects thingy...scary man!

chenneo said...


huarrgh. hen xiang hen shuang. T_T

Jaemy.C said...

FatLouie Lee Cole: walau. 5am?! i'll be grouchy shitface moody if i wake up at tat time for the shark. I'll grind the shark and make baby shark fin's soup if i need to wake up @ tat time...

I love insects! :)

chenneo: qi shi zhen de hen shuang... o.oV. Hen relax. Hen High. Hendai.

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