Friday, January 30, 2009


I should have taken friggin long leave during CNY la.

I think i made a mistake being thrifty about my 20 days of leave.
There's no justification for being hardworking when NO ONE is around to notice you being hardworking in the 1st place.
I'm gonna use my leave like water beginning now.
just wait and see.

Vomit blood everytime i step into office.
That's probably the reason why i need so much time to myself after work. I don't go out cause I need the personal time to recuperate from all the blood puked out during the day. Oh well. Life's hard. No surprise.

Chinese New Year was super slumber.

Is it just me or do these festivals get less and less fun as you grow older.
Cynicism and dullness just replaces all the enthusiasm you once had for these special occasions.

Anyways, big news - I finished a book.
it's actually bigger than big.
it's HUGE.
An achievement all together.
Took me 2 months.
Half the time i took to finish the draggy book known as American Gods.
And i actually enjoyed this one killer max termamat sangat.
Really really good book.
Thus confirming the fact that my attention span caters only to books that dun use so many novelistic words.

The Graveyard Book.
Me like.

Ending was very bittersweet.

And very very perfect for the story.
There's no other nicer way to end it.

Oh and i'm going for Jason Mraz in March.
Heh. Han the Hamster was so semangat that i couldn't help not NOT feeling the flames of fan craze (eventhough i'm not that big a fan myself).

The fella actually went all the way to SungeiWang, endured the pushy crowd and relentlessly pursued the 15% discounted ticket que until he was the LAST person entitled to the promotion. Others behind him curse him so much he sneeze the whole way back.

THAT's what you call determination!

There's hope in life after all.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Alot of work.
CNY next week.
Didn't take leave.
Saving for next time.
Will disappear for a month soon.
Wanna go somewhere.
Or stay home.
I dunno.
Skies the limit.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Curious about Benjamin

The curious case of Benjamin Button.

Starts off good.
And I really thought this was going to be one of those movies that would tear me like a baby by the end of it.

Didn't happen.

Yawned alot.

And i didn't feel the pityness I was suppose to feel for dear Benji.
I wiki'ed the original story and it sounds much better than the movie version.
So much more koh-lian.

By the end of the movie i only had one sentence in my mind.
"It's about time."

But it ends well. I like the ending.
and I think the posters are pure genius.

Daring idea.

Bet you'll never find anything like that done locally.
Everyone is too particular about branding that they'd never be open to the idea of flipping a brand name like that.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

She Called Me and...


I received a call from HouseBunneigh SY while i was @ the office.

Which was kinda weird cuz memang she was still ONLINE on my msn list.
Could have easily msged me there and save her precious prepaid money.
But No.
This was a straight upfront call.

Me: Hello...?
SY: Jaemy........ ni.... zai... na li..... (where r u?)

Me: Office. Why?
SY: ni de ....gar.......... si liao.....(your gar is DIEDED)

Me: haaaaaaaaaaaar...................(looong speechless pause)
SY: di shang quen bu dou shi xue........ (there's blood all over the floor...)

Heard enough.
Rushed home.

She wasn't lying.

Puddles of blood to trauma me as i stepped home.

I dunno how i dunno what I dunno why,
But I do not think that Stonie jumped out of the aquarium willingly.
I really don't.
He's a happy Gar.
Happy Gars DON'T attempt suicide like that.
He's been with us for 2 years++ now and he has never shown signs of depression.

My theory is a far out one, but because Stonie's aquarealm is placed relatively close to the 18th Floor balcony, my bets are on the gigantic KL crows that vulture over our city everyday.

Yes. It's the birds. I know it is.
Danny says feeder fishes have been disappearing too.
Damn birds. Damn damn birds.

But ThankGod, as i type this Stonie SEEMS ok now.

He was kicking and spazzing shortly after the 1st call from the HouseBunneigh (as i was rushing home) and she called Danny and ran to grab dustpan and cleaned dustpan and scream like hell and filled up bucket with water and sweeped bleeding Gar into dustpan and unloaded Gar into bucket full of water.....

So ngam that the day she took leave was the day Stonie decided to pull this shit.

He's alive.

I only pray that his wounds do not get infected or anything these few days.

Close one.
I really thought i had lost Stonie lor.
Was already rushing home in a broken heart and phazed out state of mind.
The type you feel when a loved one passes away or when you turn numb by turning on denial mode.

p/s: part 1 of story here

Monday, January 12, 2009

This is so Random I Love it

Me in happy jolly mood opening Pelangi door with SY observing from the back and MarbleGobySoon eagerly awaiting door to be opened by me:

Me (casually chants while unlocking door):
xiao hai zi guai guai, kuai ba men kai kai...

wo diao ni ah!

SY: (XD)


Sunday, January 11, 2009


I'm so tired.

3-day photoshoot.
50% of weeekend down the drain.

I want my saturday back.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Overdue Things of 08 (and Beginnings of 09)

CumOrGetPokedindeFace @ Pelangi Crib 2008

ONE IN A MILLION finalists promo shoot @ what'sthatplace

I got to direct a considerably large scale production.
Was friggin tension but damn fun.

Kiteday Sunday @ Taman Metropolitan.

Believe me.
Kiteflying is NO walk in the park. (pun intended)
It's friggin rocket science la.

Sad thing was, kite line broke when it soared the highest.
Reached it's prime and overdid itself for it's own good.
RIP kite. I bet you're in a better place now.

Illegal Balcony BBQ @ Pelangi

If we were in Singapore, we'd go to jail for doing this.

...But we werent so we didnt give a damn.

Tina Mina Tuna Tunnel McDonald's
T-Rex Birthday 2009 @ Full House

Our bday present to Tina was the exclusively revamped,
re-stretched & re-mixed nickname.

Happy B'lated Tina!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Video We Did in 2004

Lo, behold and get ready to witness,
an age old video this way approaches.

T'was the year of 2004,
in the bright festive month of December,
when a group of church-going youths decided to gather.

To concoct a Christmas video was their main objective,
the word of Christ was their definite initiative.

With the overflow of commercialism in the world today,
We knew we had to alot to convey.

So we set out to preach
the true meaning of the season,
and to debunk what had become of this occasion.

Amateurs and first-timers everyone was,
heck we were still in high school (most of whom were peers),

We fondled the cameras.
We stormed the locations.
We brushed aside the humiliation,
of working under strict adult supervision.
(Only because we were under much obligation.)

Drama queens, over-acting scenes,
Androgynous roles thrown in for no means.
We plowed and we had fun,
Until it came down to the actual run.

So forgive the crappy editing,
Ignore the lame ass script,
We were young and chirpy,
and oh so syok sendiri.

Still, it's a memory,
Of things that used to be.
It saddens me to confess that
alot has changed since our debut on the docket.

So here it is!
An old treasure i managed to scavenge
from the forgotten abyss of my dust cluttered sty,
a humble video that, miraculously, did not go too awry.

(You may commence cringing now.)

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Damn it.

Anyone know how to remove the annoying pop-up ads that appear whenever my page loads?


It's got something to do with my Chatterbox on the right...

it's 2009 and i feel a wave of uncertainty sweep over me.
With the economy crisis waving it's diabolical stench over the country, everyone says it's not a good time to start a business or venture into unfamiliar territory. (Which is actually what i've been dying to try out for a while now.... )

Unfortunately at the moment, I am forced to retreat and duck into my little panic room corner until the time comes again when i can stretch and flex my ambition.


ON the other hand, what's a business endeavour without risk?
What's life without a leap of faith?
What's to gain without pain?

I wanna start something...
But i have neither the resources nor contacts nor skills to kick-start the aforementioned "something".


i caught 2 fun flicks from faithful torrent :

Disaster Movie and Zack and Miri Make A Porno.
(The poster for Zack & Miri just kills me la)

Disaster Movie was
utterly stupid.
Painstakingly slapstick.
Excruciatingly shallow.
and that's why i was laughing my ass off!!!
Its been a while since i actually laughed to myself so loud in my room...

I like this one la.
So much funnier than Epic Movie and Superhero Movie.
Ya. I'm a proud supporter of the Spoof franchise.
i saw the poster of Dance Flick the other day in the cinema and it made me go "OoooooOOOoo!" in 7th note high pitch loudness.
That's how enthusiastic these movies make me.

Zack & Miri also damn fun!
The Porn nicknames. The vulgarism. The deliberate bad porn acting. Me like.
I think Seth Rogen is just dying to take all the taboo subjects in our lives and make them into comedies la....

Pregnancy. Losing your virginity. At 40. Weed. Now Porn.

Spirit was pure crap.
Ip Man was fun.
The Day The Earth Stood Still was ok. Only because i had already heard of the bad ending and prepared myself for it.

2009 yo.
Be strong.
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