Friday, March 23, 2012


its been a crazycrazy 2? 3 months?
i dun remember.
thats how unknowing i am.

Running ur own (or shared) company really drives the anal out in you.
You will want to get as much as u can done in all waking hours of your day so u pack on more moolah to go on nice awesome holiday trips which u may or may not be free to even start planning.
You will swear at the top of your lungs when clients don't get your side of the creative spectrum and then BFF with them the following hour.
You will take into consideration who's who,  where's which and how to gain what in every public event you attend.
also, you will get sick. and still have to work. amidst insomnia.

Ah. the joys of self employment.

Hopefully all this will ultimately excrete a new PC and a new Laptop for Kickatomic in the following month(s)?

... or if any kind hearted individuals /organisations would be kind enough to give an entrepreneurial yay-we-took-a-big-step-in-life startup company a lil help? 

Speaking of which. Go watch "The Help".
in my humblest of opinions, Best drama Movie last year.
only saw it bout 2 months ago but OMG its so good.


with our friends, Chevrolet, Henry Golding and Stephanie Chai.

with the Hosts of VERSUS (a new TV9 show) - Hunny Madu and Aidid Mercello 

with GoGerila! (one of the bands battling it out in VERSUS)
u cant really see it but Aizat is in this band. (head turned. -__-)
i like THIS song of his.

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