Saturday, May 07, 2011


WOW where do i begin?........

1) - i have left 8TV.

good 4 years of my life.
Dun regret a thing.
seen alot. learnt a tonne.
time to move on.

but alas, unemployed but not uninspired.

big plans for my future i have.
and i think i've reached a point where i am ready to take on the uncertainties that have plagued the back of my head all this while. wont deny that it scares me shitless to the core... but aiyah dun care la. just do. dun think. just do.

Here are some picturesque pics from my last few days at 8TV.

izham gave me love letter. so sweet of him. xoxo.

BMG was so kind to give me a floating monkey.

huggaroo for the quitter

i was trying to get sean's hand out of my groin area.

swen waves. eleana behaves.

caitlyn wouldnt let me go.

2) - i have an iPhone.

yes the one thing i have sworn never to consent to has proven to be my own undoing.
shames my ego much to say this (and sounds kinda wrong)... but gosh it feels good in my hands.

the mobility of internet on the go.
the touchscreen smooth slides.
the nice vivid colours in my palm.
the instant tweets and fb access.
the satisfaction of watching EVERYONE around u have the same exact thing u have in ur hand thus eliminating individuality.

oh yeah. geekgasm twitch.

oldPhone, meet iPhone.

of course this also means more moolah down the flush hole of "wants" instead of "needs".
but like a dear wise colleague.. excuse my floob.. EX-colleague, always says .. "aiyah lei yao joh lei yat ding yong dou fong em dai geh la" (when u got it u sure use until cannot put down wan)

Therefore transforming the "want" into a "need".

Such epiphany.

3) - Teo Heng karaoke rocks!

my misconception towards the small-spaced, dodgy-looking new cina karaoke joint in town is precisely what it is... a misconception!

Because they really do seem all roundly better in terms of value for money and sound system.
plus they've got touch screen song selection! And their eng song choices are really not bad.

the only flaw i can pinpoint is that their song listing system is a tad hard to navigate and pick.
BUT still. u get what you pay for and the place is dopper than those super kau ex redbox/neway u see in supercrowded malls nowadays.

4) - Lion King: the Musical was profoundly surreal.

Tagged along the bro and gang for a weekend trip down Singapore for the show and wow it really was good. (i know which part made Owhy trauma during the show liao haha). Watching the 1st song before my eyes literally made me tear and excrete shivers of goosebumps all over. This was THE song la. childhood playlist overload song.

i am aware that we were not allowed any sort of
phototaking but u know me.. "rebel" spelt on my forehead and in my gut.

the elephant graveyard

pride rock

Bummer happened when we arrived late for the show.
we were late.
and we were forced to wait outside the hall for the 'Circle of life' troupe to stampede their way onto the stage from the back entrance before we, the latecomer audience, were allowed in.

Blame it on poor time estimation and our slow unrunnable feet on foreign ground.

lens flare!

checkered chic


the show felt surreal and enchantingly kickass.
damn nice la the props and the dancing and the african-accent-flaunting.

go watch if u havent. its worth every expensivedollar u channel it into.

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