Thursday, June 07, 2012


We just did another video.

Time was tight and tension was super tiuz (on my side) but i'm just hoping this video justifies the idea and lameness i so want to never lose touch of in myself.

i never wouldve expected so many friends to fork out time for lil ol' us to do this.
But they did and we are indeed thankful and in depth to them now.

Mummy always says its not good to owe.

Lets wipe off that worrisome thought and see some behind the sceens pics instead.

Other than stinting at, Arnold rules on his throne at Pestle and Mortar.
(rules = show face for publicity and let other ppl do the heavy lifting. thats the waydago!)

GRIM film looking mightt cozy for their lil scene.

Jared likes/licks my mohawk.

Hamster Han lookin mighty confident in his shade of makeup and blusher.
i think he does this fairly often. Just saying.

Papi Zak shows his unwavering love to his homies. 

with a dark person.

.. and finally a shot that didnt really make it into the vid 
Poor Katy. 

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