Sunday, May 23, 2010


Woke up to an awesome gloomy sunless saturday which absolutely gave me the peace of mind i needed after these few weeks of workshit mashup.

Gazed up at the dark clouds and instantly knew that the lightning flashes and thunder roars in the distance were telling me to stay down and enjoy the cool breezy morning. I had a moments worth of blissful silence (in a thunder-clapping rain-approaching sorta way) before i dragged myself out of bed to make breakfast for the groaning tummy.

Went down the MiniMart and got myself eggs and nuggets for a morning pickerupper.
I know.
Oily and crunchy and all kinds of unhealthy.
Just the way i luv em.

So 2 splats of Mayo and a splotch of chilli sauce later.
I'm good to go for a 9am episode of LOST in my surprisingly unstuffified room. (it's usually an oven by 10am)

I'm starting to really believe what the online Fandoms are saying about how no matter what conclusion LOST gives us, it will never be enough to fully justify the whole series. Sad but true.
I am already feeling the pinch of unsatisfactory dismay when prominent characters are starting to get booted out of the major plot so random and instantaneously that they hold no weight whatsoever to the buildup background stories the writers have so nicely carved in our loyal naive minds. cis.


I was treated to a pleasant visual enlightening moment when the housebunneigh presented me a plate of Lychee in the mids of my FRINGE season 2 finale during lunch later on.
FYI i have never before in my life seen or touched an actual lychee in physical form before.
Therefore, visibly facinated and wide eyed i was when it came to my attention (and room).

Had to take photo.
Was ooing and ahhing while snapping away.

looks like a shaved rambutan.

Day came to a very very beautiful end when i couldnt help but lepak alone at the balcony of the 18th floor rainbowblock and bask in the post-gloomy sunset unfolding before my eyes.

Once again.
Had to take photo.

Looks very much like the V season finale sky actually.
Prepare for invasion.

We are of peace. Always.


Friday, May 21, 2010


Things i am currently very much happy about:
- the friggin weekend and an outing with the hooligans
- some very fruitful ideas on the Merdeka project we'll be working on soon. brainstorms work.
- in my temporary possession: year-old Morrison classical guitar for fingerfondling purposes
- the cancellation of HEROES. finally. thank. god.
- V's killer season finale. this might just be the series to watch out for. after DEXTER of course.
- Actorlympics @ Jaya One 2 weeks ago
- my much anticipated and cannotwaitanymoreori'lldie week-long leave.

Things i can go on and on cursing about until the sky can fall down in a blizzard of burning fire :
- workload pileup crapness
- heavy meteorains that hit precisely when i need to bloodyhell walk home after work
- the cancellation of FLASH FORWARD after only 1 season.
- future plans that are still merely plans and nothing more
- the Bounty Hunter. stay far far away from this lousy excuse of a romantic comedy. snore.
- the crashing of my 300G WESTERN DIGITAL hard disk. Goodbye photos. Goodbye fullseason downloads. Goodbye porn. Ppl pls send me photos (and other stuff). Mine are gone. Taken into the abyss by Western Digital. Yes. Western Digital. Dun ever buy anything made by that name.
- not being a billionaire.
- the GLEE hype. i dun get it.

i just realised my curses surpass praises.
i'm a bitter bitter person and i will write emo songs on my temporary new guitar now.

Watch out.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


Weekend with KLDesignWeek @ KL Convention Centre.
not particularly pleased with flushing my religious chillpill weekend time down the drain for a company-sent conference but some speakers were actually pretty inspiring to say the least.
Plus the fact that the company paid for everything. (except meals. bah.)
So go lor.

got random post-lunch breakdance performance somemore weh.
Famous Crew. dun play play.

Bumped into so many ppl.
So many.
TOA lecturers.
Old colleagues.
Former classmates. *sorry Locksin. didnt hear ur screams la*
Work acquaintances.
Friendly friends.
New friendly friends.

1st day was ok.
Attended alone.
i practically slept through the whole Hideki's presentation.
He was boring and his translator wasnt helping perk up the mood one bit and i didnt get any of his abstract work.
I had equally lonesome new friend Parveena & SarahLian as company.

2nd day was interesting enough.
But nothing too explosively mind-blowing.

3rd day was awesome.
Loved the motion presentations and all the presenters.
Though once again, i fell victim to heavy eye lids during the jap fella's session.
Maybe it was the translator. Maybe it was the cold room. Maybe it was the slouch-curledup position i had slumped myself into in the seat.
Cuz his work certainly weren't sleep-inducing one bit.
Short attention span for foreign languages i guess.
Especially when its double the slowness with a translator.

jap dude presenter Fantasista strutting in his self-designed textile.

colleagues and i (3rd day) waiting for the halls to open
(left) my uncleshoe-ed leg directed at Popoh's foodfilled face.
(right) my epicburp directed at Jolai's focused face

photo session with the textile-wearing asian male Eryka-Badu jap dude.

Now gimme back my weekend pls.

Monday, May 03, 2010


funny shit.

I saw Iron Man 2 the other day and found it so-so.
FX were, as predicted, killer good. Nothing new there.
Stark & PepPots were annoying to watch.
Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard made everything lose its connection.
ScarJo was friggin enjoyable to gawk at. Cool in every scene.
Ending climax was a lil too fast.
Weak plot.
Jon Favreau seems relentless in plastering himself with more and more screen time.
Someone craving the limelight i see.

3/5 for me.

Handled yet another shoot today.
I am seriously loosing the feelings of my legs, sweat glands and mental state of mind with these back to back shootings.
I like the adrenalin rush and burst of ideas when shooting.
But loath the drain it does to my energy and the troublesomeness to get the shots i want.


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