Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My turn to blog about my 2008.

Last post for the year this is. Woots!
I have alot to reflect on.
I did stuff.
Stuff that i'm proud of and stuff that i feel shitty about.
But thankfully none that i regret.

First, the good stuff.

- I followed in my brother's footsteps and conquered Mount KK with the company of close friends.

- I travelled more than i normally do at the expense of my hard earned moolah.

- I was productive enuf to win some awards on behalf of 8TV.

- I splurged on new CPU. New Monitor. New dining set (for aquarium).

- I appeared in a TV commercial.

- I met a superstar.

- I bought myself a guitar and nurtured the musical side of my retarded mind.

- I had some very very fun times with the gang.

The bad stuff....

- I over-splurged. On everything.
- I was careless. And it cost me an arm, a leg and 2 digital cameras.
- I became a hermit and dived into the dark teachings of anti-socialism.
- I lost touch with the dreams i used to have and am succumbing to the cynical side of reality.
- I lost all sense of patience and can no longer enjoy time consuming activities that do not benefit me in the form of paychecks.

My Favourite Movies of the year were:

The pet flick. The headache flick. The action flick.

Popcorn flicks all of them.
Nothing as significant as the way Pan's Labyrinth touched me last year.
I still think that Wall.E was a bad movie.
But dun worry.

The Spirit was worse and The X Files:I want to believe should never have been made.

Dark Knight was pleasant too. (i'm not really a fan of Batman so less enthu abit)
But the brother is already gagaheadoverheals with the movie so.....
i don't need to fan the fire la...
Happy 2009.


Monday, December 29, 2008

MY TOP 10!

So every year-end i post up a syok sendiri top-10 chart with a pukesome list of things i unfortunately couldnt help falling in love with.

Been doing this since secondary school so it's only appropriate to keep up this personal tradition of mine...

This was my faves for 2007.
And this, 2006.

Once again it's all POP songs so all ye mainstream-haters pls bare with me.

Here lies MY TOP 10 FAVOURITE SONGS OF 2008:

over-played songs galore.

I cannot explain Bleeding Love la.
The 1st time i heard it i just dived straight into song obsession.
That was before Msia caught wind of it.
Before it shot up the US Billboard.
Before the radio stations ran the repeat button on it.
Then i got sien of it for awhile.
Then came the So You Think You Can Dance routine.
Then i heard the BoyceAvenue acoustic version.
Then it went into my playlist all over again.

Now everytime i hear the song i can visualise the dance in my head.
Which is why i am STILL listening to the song now...

It's been nominated for 2 Grammys for Record of the Year & Best Female Vocal Performance.
I hope it wins.
For both.

The only thing i dun get is why they released it in 2 versions of the video.
- A US version and a UK version.

the US vid just looks like a low budget one compared to the UK version.

I feel like bleeding now cuz tmrw is a workday after the long Xmas weekend.
Sux la.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


T'was the night of Christmas day that carolers gathered to spread the joyful message of peace, and proper time management to all who opened their doors...

We sing.

We dance.

We steal things.

(Pris' tribute to her fave book.)

Spot me.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas peeps!

Potluck in the office was supadupa fun.
Food and fools galore.

We were told to prepare food and i was semangated to prepare something hands-on...
so being the expert chef i was, i contributed the item that i loved consuming the most among all luxury eadibles...

Fried Chicken!

It was my 2nd attemp ever at preparing this fine dish so i was pretty hyped.
Actually got up @ 7am to prepare.

Sapu the flour. Goreng in the oil. Garnish with vegie.

Walauweh i was drooling buckets and fighting myself so hard not to finish all the ayam goreng on my own cuz i was getting sooo friggin hungry while arranging it nicely in the tupperware.

The official CSD welcome.

We were told to dress in christmasy colours and some people went all out to hog the potluck spotlight.

Eleana the santarina/reigndeer.
Whichever you prefer.

She bends over good.

Me and ChrisHiggs high and drunk on sparkling juice.

Everyone high on christmas carbs and carbonated drinks.

Had soooo much work to finish but played the ignorant i-dun-care card.
It was Christmas eve and damn it i was going to enjoy it.

There was caroling, canoodling and of course the infamous gift exchange session...

Plenty of pics taken but not with my camera.

Heck i spent the whole of last night wrapping gifts and was so tired that i was dozing off whilst putting my incredibly cacat gfit wrapping skills to use...

It's damn dangerous ok!?

I was slicing and dicing with my cutterblade and kept cutting out of line from the dozing.
Eyes couldnt stay open.
I'm lucky to have my fingers still attached as i type this.
At one point i actually drifted off to ze dreamland with a doughnut in hand while i was munching on the leftovers that i da baued from the office potluck.
It's Christmas ah!! Come on!!
I dun feel very festive now.
Crap la.
It felt more christmassy 2 weeks ago than right now.
Never mind never mind.
Tonight caroling with the church.

Should be quite fun.
It's always fun.

Ok fine it was funner when i was younger.
and when there were more younger people in the group 3964250894 years ago and we would have our own separate house-to-house caroling session away from the hawkful eyes of grown-ups...

And Ya. i do realise that i am considered a grown-up myself now...


Gone are the good ol days la.

GONE. ..

Oh ya,
See you when i see you.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

TAGnical Error

OK so technically, Van's tag to me was my 3rd ever tag.
And Poco's tag was the 2nd.
1st will always be from Syong HouseBunneigh la.

so if you're free....

(yesh yesh i am. at present time i mean. It's 30 mionutes into christmas eve. Need to wake up @ 6am... ok mayb 7.. to fry chickens for my office potluck tmrw. Froid ciken's rock la.)

Open your itunes or MP3 player. Put it on random/shuffle.
Don't skip anything, otherwise you're taking the fun away.
Answer the question with the song title that comes up.
(i just use windows media player)

--> start now.

(Here goes! Cringe-worthy playlist coming right up.)

You are also known as:
Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

Your parents REAL wedding song:
Letting Go - Sozi (aiyoh....... )

Your funeral song:
Everything - Michael Bubble

What you think of the world:
Tied Down - Colby Caillat (how true)

How you're feeling today:
Dream Big - Emily Shackelton

The song that will be stuck in your head for weeks on end:
You Were Meant For Me - Jewel

Your significant other sings this to you:
Freeze - Jordin Sparks

Your theme song at your funeral:
Too Cool - Meaghan Martin (Camp Rock SOT) (wah.)

You should create this song title as a screen name:
Shake It - Metro Station (it would be a screen name that sounded like all kinds of wrong)

You would get on your knees and sing this to your best friend:
Ice Box - Omarion

The result of your breakup:
Heaven Sent - Keysha Cole (Woohooo. Singlehood rocks.)

How to resolve a fight:
Scream - Zac Efron (Walau. For once, Zac is right...)

On your first date, this would be playing in the background:
Better in Time - Leona Lewis.

Get down to:
Shut Up and Let Me Go - The Ting Tings

Headbang to this tune:
I Know Where I've Been - Queen Latifah (the slow Emo-type headbanging. Yup.)

Song of escape:
Konitchiwa Bitches - Robyn

Uh oh, you failed an assignment. This song pops into your head:
About You Now - SugaBabes

Picture this song as an opera:
Little Drummer Boy - Jars of Clay ( i actually can.)

Or rather, this one as a hardcore metal screamo song:
1000 Miles - Blake Lewis

What happens when you find true love:
Disturbia - Rihanna (Hah!!!)

You might say this sums up how lame celebrities are:
Take A Bow - Leona Lewis

Look! It's Spiderman! Play that dramatic music!:
Light On -David Cook

This morning when you looked in the mirror this is what happened:
If You Had My Love - Jennifer Lopez

The song that REALLY gets your adrenaline rushin' is:
No Air - Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown

You truly, madly hate this song:
Migrate - Mariah Carey ( i dun....)

But when you're depressed, this one makes it all better:
Magic - Colby Caillat

What about that one time where you felt really super hyper?:
A Night to Remember - High School Musical 3 SOT (yeah baybhe yeah)

The definition of reality television:
The Little Things - Colby Caillat

You can sing this to the top of your lungs without missing a note!:
Extraordinary - Mandy Moore

Sometimes, you hate the world. Your teenage angst theme:
The Winner Takes It All - Meryl Streep (wtf?!)

Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it with this tune:
Bubbly - Colby Caillat

Wouldn't this sound cool instrumentally? :
Stikwitu - Pussycat Dolls (yesireeeee it would!)

Ugh, gurlfriend issues again. What helps you get through?:
Forever - Chris Brown

Your Marriage Theme:
Here I Am - Renee Sandstrom (Camp Rock SOT)

Oh Noes, the the divorce:
If We Fall in Love Tonight - Rod Steward (erm. abit the contradicting right?)

Aaw Prom is here! Dance to this:
Hot N Cold - Katy Perry

Then there's summer vacation, here's a little summer jam to go with it:
This Way - Jewel

Drama, drama, drama. This sums it up:
Part of your world - Jessica Simpson

In all reality, you know this is how you feel about life:
Feedback - Janet Jackson

You're off to college, what happens the first day?:
Till I Hear it From You - Gin Blossoms

You're in a fairy tale, better bust out that wacky musical song:
Radar - Britney Spears

Your overall life theme song is :
Let it Rock - Kevin Rudolf ft Lil Wayne (yargh!)

So there ya have it!
The ipod Tag!
Thanks Pokes.

Friday, December 19, 2008


tagged for the 2nd time ever. ever. by Heavanessa.
Here are my tag-answers!


Dear FatLouie aka Summer Gal:

I don't really know how to tell you this, but I'll join the monastery. I think I realized it last year in your closet and I saw you pull the clothes off Bill Clinton . I'm sure you're frostbitten enough to understand that Extreme Home Makeover sucks. I'm returning your ring to you, but I'll keep the results of your blood-sample as a memory. You should also know that I told in my confession today about a new life as a clone.

In pain,


Sorry FatLouie.
Van made me reveal the secrets.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Work It Baby

So much work can die.

Supposed to direct One In A Million Top 12 contestants in a shoot tmrw but at this instant, we don't even know WHO we'll actually be shooting..... results not out yet. -_-
i hate on-the-spot shoots la. We dun get to plan beforehand.
Damn tension.
Newbie like me (yes i still consider myself fresh and easily corruptable cuz i still can't direct nicely) should be given the privilege to plan my board frame by frame and practice my communication skills in front of a mirror before getting thrown into the fire liddat.

Ok fine. So i direct Newbies each month.
That one plan until so nicely already of course no problem la.


I cannot deny though, I'm actually pretty friggin excited now.
I'll be working with a bunch of people whom i've only observed from afar from last time.
Will be experiencing communication challenges tmrw cause apparently the linguafranca of production shoots is friggin-knnccb-canto. -_-

I've been labled a banana in the office btw.

Doesnt matter if you can speak mandarin.
Doesn't matter if you attended Sekolah Kebangsaan Cina.
Doesnt matter if you joined jiang gu shi (storytelling) and hui chun (calligraphy) competitions and that 90% of your school friends are pure chineses.


As long as you sit at a table full of canto-speakers and you're the only one who can't get the LOL jokes, you are ze infamous Banana of ze group.


I rearranged my room yesterday.
Just got bored and felt like releasing some pent up stress.
So i shove, move, tilt, bend, throw.
SY says the room feels bigger now.
Still alot of work to do though.
Gonna get more 20 ringgit shelves when i am done with the shit i'm going through now.

The other day my friend told me that another friend just left her production job and will be going to UK to pluck apples for a living.

Like, walau.
Abit the drastic right?

But i cant help but feel envious of people who have the guts to leave everything behind and pursue a life free of idiotic clients, moody bosses and fake smiles.

I jealous la.
I have good thing going here.
Focus focus.
OK need to wake up at 6:30am tmrw.


Saturday, December 13, 2008


Streamyx is sucking more and more each day at home that i am seriously considering switching to Maxis Broadband.

What say you Bunneigh? Wanna switch or not?
Cannot tahan ady la.
So slow can die.

Money flowing like water again. -_-
Christmas shopping is in full swing...
Somemore Megasa.. i mean.. SavingSale is on now...
(Savings my foot la. Spending means spending. There's no saving in spending.)


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


In the recent years of breathing and all, I have come to realise that i sneeze uncontrollably when i am stressed.

Seriously, you can tell wan.

I'll be sneezing and mucus-splatting the whole morning/night before a major presentation/shoot/meeting/dateline whilst rushing to finish the job...
then suddenly i'd be ay-okay right after handing up the project.

Can occasionally be confused with a flue.

It's all in the head.
Something damaged or broken in me that links my state of mind to my nostrils.
I bet if i had a chance to go for those serious shit weekly therapy sessions, there's nothing a few jabs or hypnosis can't cure.

I'd be sneeze-free for life.


Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Work sux.

To pull me away from a depressing state of frak-work-frak-life-ness, i decided to take matters into my hands.

the Xmas Wishlist 2008 was set up @ my lil corner by the window to encourage those who shared similiar suicidal state of minds to stop stressing about work, and stress about christmas instead. Self mutilation is not the answer people.

Started with the simple lights.
Then Jo brought over last year's 8TV CSD tree. (they have a new one in the room now. out with the old in with the new. Figures.)

Twirled up the lights.
Dangled the sparks.
Pasted up the Wishes.

And Voila.

As expected, Xmas Wishlist's cheer aura drew people to it.

And then you suddenly have a whole list of Wishes ready to be sent to Santa.

Erm. I highly doubt tat some of the wishes will come true though...

Monday, December 08, 2008


This is a rare occasion but i miraculously landed myself a weekend filled with... get this.. PARTIES.


YES i know.
I was actually going out.
and socializing.
with humans.
for once.

1st it was Adeline's Supafly BBQ House Garden Bday thing.
Then it was JamieTits' Italiannese Bday thing in The Curve.
2 nights back to back.
i am amazed and proud of myself.

This is Adeline's Helium Garden Bday.

Suddenly someone suggested we all sing the bday song in Chipmunk voices..
So we grabbed the floating balloons and decide to experiment...

Most of us had never tried Helium inhalation before so everyone was jumping around in excitement before we took our 1st big puff.

EVERYONE sounded deadass funny after that.

High on Helium ady.

This is JamieTits' Bday.

Dun let tat diabetically sweet outfit full you.
The night was FAR from the innocent sweetness you'd expect from a girl dressed in a cinderella dress.

There was alot of girl-girl tongue action.

There were the scandalous bare-it-alls.

Alot of forking around.

And finally. the blow.

Throughout the night both of us were head-turning at each "Jaeymie" called out loud.
Hence, the JamieTits & JaemyDick was conceived to differenciate the 2.
And yet people still got us confused after that...... -_-

Managed to catch Twilight with SY and Han the other day.

While watching i suddenly realised that all the people who were telling me what an awesome book twilight was..... were ALL females.

Sista was raving about it since forever.
Anna was raving in blog.
Prisca was raving to me through msn.

Walking out of the cinema after the show,
i can safely say... CONFIRMED Twilight is chick flick.

Every scene with Edward in it made SY moan and sigh in breathlessness.
Then came the constant elbowing and pinching when she couldnt contain the hornyness anymore.
This went on throughout THE ENTIRE show while poor me sseated beside her groaned and twitched.
Han was so lucky to be situated on my right.

I had told myself that i was going to finish the book before watching the movie but at my grandfather speed, i only managed to reach chapter 6 before succumbing to the dark lazy side of Cineleisure.

But the sad thing is... I actualy enjoyed the movie.
Ya. I did.

Forget that every scene with tat over-make-upped CedricDiggory dude made me cringe.
Forget that the stupid "i love you forever" lines kept coming.
I actually found myself liking the story after they introduced the whole vamp family.
And Bella getting thrown around at the end was just priceless.
Finally. Some action.

Will still TRY to finish the book but i'm more interested in the 2nd one now...
Lets see how long that takes me before the movie comes out...

2 more episodes before Dexter season 3 ends its glorious massacre.

Friday, December 05, 2008


Jealousy can be an amazing motivator.
God I hate this guy. Argh.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Rainbow I-18-7's power supply got cut off on Monday.

Of all the days in the week, this shit just HAD to happen on the worst one. Awesome.
It was the 1st time ever in 2 years of Pelangi bliss that darkness befell us.
I forgot to pay the 3-month-accumulated bill and TNB remembered how to be functionally effective. For once.

Yesh. i am ze guilty.
I deserve to be spanked and disciplined by means of circumcision without the use of anesthetic.
I should be forced to endure the combined might of diarrhea AND constipation at the same time.
Sorry SY. Sorry Danny. Sorry fishies & fridge full of food...

Came home to pitch blackness and couldnt see the HouseBunneigh rustling around in the living room as i stepped in (since she so black also) and i nearly had a heart attack when she hopped in front of me to hand me the depressing news.

Since it was after-office hours, TNB said there was nothing they could do even if we banked in the money immediately. -_-

KNNCCB. No warning letter No reminder Nothing.

And that was how I-18-7 become an excruciating evening of sauna, steam and sweat.
Featuring heat-baked housemates, candle-light acoustic performances and lots and lots of silent cursing (directed at me).
See our tulan faces. Fooyo. Can kill ppl with 1 stare.
It doesnt look blackout-ish cuz of the cam flash.

This was the only pic where i didnt look like i wanted to hit people with that guitar.

Dun be fooled by the smiles.
Underneath we wanted to disembowel each other due to the extreme heat.

i kept telling myself that this could be God's way of giving me an opportunity to reflect on life, think about my future, catch up on reading (at the corridor outside the apartment where there WAS light) and just do the things that i would never be able to do when the PC was turned on. (which meant every-damn thing of course).

But thing is...

When i was reading about the accident that nearly killed Bella as Edward came in for the rescue in Twilight, i kept thinking: i could be downloading Heroes now.

When i was attempting Bleeding Love on guitar, i kept missing the computer monitor with the chords nicely shown at the top of the lyrics on

When i was staring at the light-less Christmas tree, faint sounds of jingles kept creeping into my head from my winamp playlist..

CANNOT sit still and concentrate lo.
Kept fidgeting and oozing cold sweat all over my body (on top of the actual hot sweat)
Now i know what it feels like to be in rehab...

I should just marry my pc la.
Till death do us part.
FINALLY, a relationship i can actually commit to. (cuz i'm a player.)

Getting TNB to switch the power supply back on the very next day was a whole new world of hell & headache... needless to say i was not surprised at their incompetence AT ALL.

Wanted to take half day off to settle it.
They ended up dee-lee-dallying till it took a whole friggin day to get the matter sorted out and power pumping back in the apartment.

Whole day i was worried sick that Stoney, Rasco & NgongNgong wouldnt be able to survive the ordeal in their oxygenless aquarealms....

Thankfully the casualties were minimal.
2 Yamato prawns gave in to the fight. :(

curse you TenagaNasional!
CURSE your children companies and your children companies' children companies!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


It's going to be christmas in a month or so and no way are we going to let long working hours, crappy wedges and bitchy bosses steal our christmas spirit from our tired but able bodies.

No siree.

The Pelangi I-18-7 housemates were home rather early (7:30pm. Believe me. it IS early in our timezone.) and were in gleeful moods. So what better way to express that pent up glee but to glimmer up the dust layered xmas decos stashed away in the store room.

And thus commenced, the 2008 deco session.

1st thing you MUST MUST MUST do is to look good for the camera.
As demonstrated by the HouseBunneigh SY.

From bimbo black to wonderland white.

Then you pull out supposed-former-Aquarium-Hood-now-turned-xmas-deco box.

Then after that you need to know how to find nice angles to place your camera on 10 sec timer mode to take shots that include yourself inside the pic. Or you'll end up with photos of everything and everyone else except yourself.

See what i mean.

You end up with only 1 single shot with ur face in the photo at the end.

Then you watch in silent awe as the semangated housemate does the details of the arrangment, untangling of the pastic leaves, hanging of the lights and humming of the carols.

That's Housemate No.3 Danny on the far right.

During this time, you also engage in very intellectual conversations with your other 2 very brainy housemates....

Danny: (takes a rest from decorating, moves over to aquarium and pours fish food in)
Me: Eh Danny!!!! Shinying fed already!
Danny: Oh izzit?? She fed already ah?
SY: Ya. Thanks. Shinying FAT already. -_-
Me: EHH! Sorry! I really didn't mean that... :)
SY: -_-
Danny: o_o

After everything is done, you take photos of end results and post em on your new blog.

Light on!

Need to start Xmas shopping now or i'll never get it done on time...
somemore i damn broke.

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