Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Last Sunday's weather was so perfect and sunless and windy that i couldn't NOT go outside my 18th floor balcony and read book.

finishing Angels&Demons is my goal now.

This is my Earth Hour room pic.

was too important to close off.

I left the TV on while 8TV stopped their transmission cuz i thought it was interesting.

At present moment, i can already feel the harsh reality of the anti-holidays sinking in...
damn it la.
2 weeks just friggin flew by like NOTHING.
I am dead serious.
I feel like it just zooooomed pass so fast that I havent really enjoyed it to it's fullest.
4 days @ home after returning from Lang Tengah felt like NOTHING.

It's already Tuesday and in 2 more days im going to Cameron and then it's the weekend and then it's bladi OVER. finished. gone.



Anyways, movie marathon with the Pokes and the Owhy @ Cineleisure was good.

Talentime was very touching.

But really really cannot stand the abrupt ending.
I understand that Yasmin likes to ( wah wah. going on 1st name basis now. Like best fren liddat. -_-) do open endings like that for her movies but...errr.... this one i cannot accept la.

Totally no closure.

But still nice la.
Every scene rings an emotional bell.

Then after that took a 15 minute pee break, then straight went to hall 10 for Knowing.

...which started off very interesting...

But fell flat kau max at the major "plot twist".
I was shaking my head in disbelief watching the pukesome twist unravel before my poor eyes.
I still shake my head now.

the thought of going back to work tugs at me with it's clammy inhumane tenticles...
Hand me a chainsaw pls...

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