Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Last Sunday's weather was so perfect and sunless and windy that i couldn't NOT go outside my 18th floor balcony and read book.

finishing Angels&Demons is my goal now.

This is my Earth Hour room pic.

was too important to close off.

I left the TV on while 8TV stopped their transmission cuz i thought it was interesting.

At present moment, i can already feel the harsh reality of the anti-holidays sinking in...
damn it la.
2 weeks just friggin flew by like NOTHING.
I am dead serious.
I feel like it just zooooomed pass so fast that I havent really enjoyed it to it's fullest.
4 days @ home after returning from Lang Tengah felt like NOTHING.

It's already Tuesday and in 2 more days im going to Cameron and then it's the weekend and then it's bladi OVER. finished. gone.



Anyways, movie marathon with the Pokes and the Owhy @ Cineleisure was good.

Talentime was very touching.

But really really cannot stand the abrupt ending.
I understand that Yasmin likes to ( wah wah. going on 1st name basis now. Like best fren liddat. -_-) do open endings like that for her movies but...errr.... this one i cannot accept la.

Totally no closure.

But still nice la.
Every scene rings an emotional bell.

Then after that took a 15 minute pee break, then straight went to hall 10 for Knowing.

...which started off very interesting...

But fell flat kau max at the major "plot twist".
I was shaking my head in disbelief watching the pukesome twist unravel before my poor eyes.
I still shake my head now.

the thought of going back to work tugs at me with it's clammy inhumane tenticles...
Hand me a chainsaw pls...

Sunday, March 29, 2009


If there's one thing about the island that really caught my eye (other than the clear water, dead corals, small beach and missing TV), it was the massive amounts of humongous-gigantus long leggy spiders nesting at all 52354283409 corners of the island.

A simple walk could easily land you face 2 face with one of these huge ass crawlies if you weren't careful.

Needless to say, this drove me crazy.......

.....with enthusiasm!

So with Discovery-channel mode turned on, I was running around the bushy areas catching grasshoppers and any form of living organism spiders would consider "food".

Then i got smart by recycling the empty bottles lying around and slammed the unlucky lil hoppers into the bottle, compiling them in large numbers before feeding them to their poisonously fanged predators for an imminently slow and painful death.

i felt so proud of myself.

With so much food you'd think that the spiders on the island would appreciate my kind and giving gesture by putting on a dramatic predator-devouring-prey gorging fest right?


Now i know that Lang Tengah spiders are super lansi.

The friggin huge one's just weren't interested in my peaceful offerings of fresh meat and shrugged em off like i was some annoying dude trying to disturb their afternoon lepak.

Most of the hoppers i fed just ended up twitching alot in the web.
Spider ignores twitch.
Then web brakes and hopper falls down and hops off into the sunset.
Hence, wasting my efforts to give back to the food chain. -_-

But the humbler, smaller one's layan-ed me and really gave me show.

Bless you younglings.
Bless you.

Aside from Spideys, there were other forms of lifeforms battling for survival on this simple yet strangely savage island.

Like this damn kau cool lizard we spotted on a tree while we were having our seaside toast one afternoon.

Initially we thought it was the spider who had him caught in his web.. (which would have been friggin cool also cuz walau spider eating lizard?! *eyes open big big stare in awe....*) but closer inspection led us to discover that this lil fella was actually hanging onto the web, already halfway done with the spider in his mouth.

Some crazy shit i tell ya.

Also sighted: green green crawly caterpillar thing on beach sand.

...And what happened to it 20 minutes later.

Then during beaching time, saw this floating on the water.

Brought it to the seaside.
Only to see white seabugs burrowing and slithering out from all sides all of a sudden.
Damn geli weh.
I don't get geli-ed often but this really made my skin crawl.

Also spotted family of bushy caterpillars.

Owhy got so freaked out she stand far far away out of focus.
But still in the camera frame for abit of the spotlight.

Here are some less disturbing pics from the remaining 2 days we were on the island.

going out for more snorkels.

working the pout.


before we spotted the spider-munching lizard.

public display of affection

damn nice hor the water?

electrods on his head.

fireflies flying into her nose.

my close up.

dead corals lead the way

crystal water me like

That's Owhy in the water.
Fuh. Like lady in the lake liddat.

me hanging.

Owhy & Marley & me.

our residency for 4D3N.

Leaving on a jet-ty.

Next destination: CAMERON HIGHLANDS

As the very wise Wooldoor Sockbat would say:

Friday, March 27, 2009


I am back from beaching!

Burnt, flaky and peeling. As usual.

Apparently every beach trip i take leaves me visibly reddish and looking like a heat-struck snake shedding scales.
Then, as SY likes to put it, in 2 weeks time i become white again. -_-
I think i should just give up trying to get dark la.
Should just leave it to the experts. *cough* shyng *cough*

Now i tell u about ze trip:

Lang Tengah was where i was for 4 days and 3 nights.
"Tengah" because it's located in the middle of Perhentian and Redang.

The 3 of us (Zarf , Owhy & Me ; Chenny was suppose to join us but couldn't because work, commitments and bosses suck - i'm so sorray Chenneigh... ) took the night FireFly to Kuala Terengganu and stayed at a backpackers inn in the city for the night.

It was the 1st time giving FireFlyz a go.
Plane felt even smaller than AirAsia.
But all in all was ok.
Anything will beat the crappy heatyness of MAS.

Our inn felt like a prison cell.

But aiya. RM15 per person of course la.

Next day we met up with Ken and Kel and proceeded to the Merang jetty for the boat that was to transport us to Lang Tengah.
I hated waking up at 6.
Friggin moody.

The boat ride was kinda boring.
Nothing like the super bumper-car-roller-coaster feel Krabi speedboats had.
I was dozing off. On the boat.
Yeah. I like it rough.

Upon arrival on the island, We kinda expected it to be more of a "woah" than an "oh ok......." reaction.
Beach was kinda small and lacked the vast white oomph that PhiPhi island had.
We stayed in this humble resort called Redang Lang Resort and we pretty much stuck our asses there most of the time. Mainly cuz there wasnt anywhere else to go.

And to make things worse, we had no TV and the rooms were literally ovens if you didnt leave the air cond on while u were away. Going green and saving energy out the window.

I literally lashed out silent scream when i saw the absence of the tv.
Guess it comes with the price we paid for the package.

Goodstuff: very clear waters. very fine white sand. Quite an affordable package.
Badthings: small beach. budget accommodation. Dead corals everywhere. Poor soles.

Oh and as expected, my seaside romantic walks turned into draggy limps of pain.

Spot the cacat toe.

The sun was so hot that most of us had lost the mood to really enjoy on the 1st day.
I understand that beach trips are suppose to be bright and sunny but this
was kau burning lor. Like the rays were literally eating away our flesh from the surface layers to the tissue inside.

1st day was a snorkel visit to Redang Bay Marine Park.
Didnt really enjoy it.
Too many people.
Sun was too hot.
Salt water kept getting into my nostrils and gagging my breathing system.
(it was only after tat that i realised you could actually tighten the snorkeling gear to your preferences. heh.)

Obtained majority of sunburns there.

2nd day was perfect.
No sun.
Breezy the WHOLE day.

Beached alot.

Snorkeled alot.

Took paparazzo pics of ppl pakto alot.

Parade in fugly uncle singlet alot.

And there was even karaoke at night.

After working the rented snorkeling gear to my advantage i actually found myself enjoying every moment of being under the water.
Surprisingly calming.
After you get pass the potentially-drowning paranoia, unknown-creatures-creeping-up-to-u phobia and fear of scrapping-feet-on-sharp-corals.

More to come soon. :)

We are fehmilee.

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