Thursday, April 29, 2010


Directed a shoot yesterday.
Wokeup @530am.
Felt like dying.
Plan like crap.
Stress like shit.
Scared like frak.

But fun like hell.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Warr Lao.

So frigginass busy until i was literally running from meetings to meetings yesterday.
it's a miracle i didnt end up with my routine headaches by the end of the day.

I need to vent.

Therefore movie reviews will be my outlet.

KICK-ASS, in my humble opinion, is the best movie i've seen this year.
Kid you i do not. (yes. better than Dragon-Training. and no i havent seen Shutter Island so i cant compare it to that yet. who knows. i might edit this post once i watch it. dunno yet.)

It's been awhile since i felt that edge-of-your-seat constant heart-racing kancheongness for a movie. Where you get so drawn in to the show that cold sweat drips and your back gets all hot and slightly sweaty as the heat kinda turns up from the hot action happening before your eyes.

This movie did it.

I saw the Hit-Girl trailer sometime ago and i just knew i HAD to catch it.
Awesome action. Dark Humour. Great special fx. And a violentbitchmuthafighter 11 year old kid who could whoop ma ass and turn me limbless inside out anytime. If that even means anything.

Without Hit-Girl the movie would never work la.

Sweeet. - 4.5/5


Love love lovesit.
I'm an absolute sucker for dragons and riders in faraway lands during long-ago times.
Cliched storyline but really good storytelling.
Plus Toothless is so damn cute i cannot tahan.
I want a dragon too.


What else..........

Clash of the Titans was crap.
Wasted my 3D money.
Ended up watching most of the show with the 3D glasses on my forehead.

Look at the cute retro oldies poster of the original movie.

and the new ones.

Date Night was quite funny but ultimately pointless. I like Tina Fey though.
Unfortunately her limited acting capabilities are beginning to show. She might become one of those 1 dimensional actresses like Jennifer Aniston or Katherine Heigl who's always stuck in the same shell of characters no matter what movies they do.

Oh well.
I like her writing though.

NINE was boring.
some scenes were good.
But still made my eyelids heavy.

Had to skip through some songs to make the movie end faster.



Blame Glee for putting Like A Virgin on my workplace music playlist now.
Stupid infectious musical remakes.
I never even liked the song before this.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Creepy crawlies may give some people the heebie jeebies.
But my lovedovey interest and extra enthu excitement towards these lil babies are forevermore.

Recently discovered some really really bizarre documentary clips i've been watching over and over and over again at home and at work via youtube.
Can't help it. I'm too enthralled and engulfed in it's wonder to stop.
Lamented and recited these fascinatingly fun facts to at least 3 different groups of people yesterday.
Yes you should be worried about me.
This is not normal nor is it healthy.

MAN. Are these clips not the most crazily jaw-dropping awe-gawking cringe-inducing mind-bogglingly awesome footages your humanly eyes have ever set sight on?


i'm so turned on now.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


So a mountainous tundra of things have been happening since my strangely sudden promotion @ 8tv.

I have been shoved into a chaotically manufactured queue of meetings and more meetings on a back 2 back basis comprising of brainstorms, briefings, discussions and brainstorms where we slap on smiles and fool around in an attempt to look like we like each other professionally enough to get our respective works done nicely for bosses to notice how low of a financial shitpay we're getting and give us more money.

I actually go home with throbbing headaches now.

Oh well.
Nothing unexpected.

Ponies still prance and butterflies still flutter through my days when a good concept works and when you can see people appreciate the ideas during meetings. I had a small nibble of that this week so at least i know i'm liking it so far.

Therefore with great powah comes great responsibility.
And with great responsibility comes great seats to match your big awesome pile of awesomeness crap you've been accumulating throughout the year and a half you spent curled up in your old seat.

New seat. Old junk.

And what better way to embrace the new challenges in life than to jump straight into some serious refurbishing, renovation and redecoration on your new corner to announce to the world your presence.

I think the curtain matches my eye colour and socks.

(Unfortunately i was given stern warnings to have it removed after management caught whiff of its illegal construction. Said reason (other than the fact tat it was illegal) was that curtain was becoming the apple of eye sore for the very pretty CSD room and was obstructing sales from potential clients upon entry into room due to its cheaper than cheap looking materials. Therefore tarnishing the squeekier than squeeky clean image of the very professional CSD fishes humans.)

(I was forced to comply.)

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