Thursday, October 22, 2009


It's not even Christmas and already some weird CNY shizz about to breakout soon.

Hand drawn by ur's truly.
To be used as props in a music video shoot next week.
Lets see how that turns out.
if all goes well u should be seeing these lil babies being fondled and caressed on national TV.

Keeping fingers crossed.

Oh. And while i was attending to nature's call.
The darkcorner aka indian macha neighbour's hands got itchy.

I came back and found THIS written on my innocent halfdrawn 扇子.

it doesnt look like one lo if u ask me.
Dunno wat indians thinking nowadays. -__-

Oh yeah.
And happy Belated Bday GobySoon.

May Marbles shine bright on u fo eva and eva.

Friday, October 09, 2009


Rockstar colleague Eleana got married last week in the grandest of all grandest events at the Hotel Royale Chulan in KL.

The invitation card was fuchsia pink.
thank god the wedding wasnt.

that's the rockstar couple cutting the supatall cake.

June likes to touch my head.

the 8tv CSD team++ (now CBU - stupid name -_-)

And here is Eleana's leg

Ele's been dreaming of this night for ages.
so she was supa stressed but cannot show face cuz scared everything turn out fugly in photos.

Congrats guys!
photos leeched from June's JinCung.

Monday, October 05, 2009


Hurrah and rejoice-rich for I have something else to do after i retreat to my 4 walls at home rather than catchup on Warehouse 13, Dexter, Glee, Desperate Housewives, Hung, Fringe, Heroes, Californication and the newly begun Stargate Universe.


It's a game that promotes love between the living and it teaches us to be good gardeners so that our future greens grow healthy and bloom with life for the good of our environment.

It also teaches us to appreciate life and organise strategic attack maneuvers that make waste to any obstacles that try to gnaw, chew, crawl, drag or claw it's way into our living quarters.

And perhaps the biggest lesson from this game - it teaches us that no matter how cute you are and how much your religion teaches you not to kill, zombies deserve absolutely no mercy.

Also, your brain deserves your utmost care and protection.

why does love always feel like a battlefield?

Here are just some of the organic protector plants who keep the zombehs from taking over your garden and from eating your precious brain:

the descriptions are killer cute.

But then again.... you cant really blame the poor walking dead as well.
They're just doing what their basic bodily instincts tell em to do - seek out and devour brains. They dun have a choice. Pity them.
Monsters VS Aliens Plants VS Zombies
will they ever live in peas peace?


Decapitate em zombehs, you.
Decapitate em with cuteness.

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