Sunday, December 13, 2009


Its been awhile since i last declared my undying love and awe for StonieGar but i assure you, the fire still burns strong.

Dannysius De Housemate seems to have grown pretty fond of the spotted croc-o-fish too.

He's been making frequent trips to PetsWonderland in SS15 and he's really been taking the initiative on bringing Stonie's food supply to the next level. He's so supportive I'm beginning to think he and i are starting to have issues on who gets to rub their foreheads on the aquarium glass more often when we stare at Stonie.

We attempted live kicking croakables few years ago but Stonie's helljaws were still too puppified to handle the fugly atrociousness of the puny amphibians.

2 years and alotta jaw workouts later.
Stonie's in better shape then ever.

Fresh Kermits devoured.

Look how adorable the lil fella clings onto/into his dying prey like those softoys we give our puppy doggy friends. Isnt he just the cutest thing you've ever laid eyes on?

He gets even cuter when you see him chew and tear the living guts out of that croaksome spoilt Prince Naveen.

Everybody say "Awwww."

As in. Awwwwsome!

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