Monday, December 21, 2009


My wallet is eroding into a char-coaled leftover of nothingness and my christmas spirit is weighing down on me like that shoulder ghost in Shutter.

...whichis definitely more than i can say for the office of an aquarium.

i mean just look, they've got the entire ceiling plastered with xmas lights and the orange walls bombarded with xxxmas stickers.

yes. ya heard me.

the xxx type of xmas stickers.

ladies and gentlemen, if u turn to your left, you will see an array of beaming well hung balls across ahboon's spy window.

followed by white white stuff on our monitors.

And as you proceed deeper in, you will be greeted by SnowStyroSword wielding CyHong, our CSD Blackroom's resident Elf/Dward/Midget.

yes hong. hold on to that killer tall/long sword tightly.
that's as close as "tall" you'll ever get.

And of course our trusty peeping tom, Kathoon.
Careful, she bites. and punches, knocks, slaps, kicks, stabs, insults etc etc.

and if you're really lucky. it even snows in the black room.

only IF you're lucky. like me. everyday.

Despite how festive things are on the outside (and inside), I'd have to say that Grinch-mode has pretty much taken over me this year. There's a sad sad fact about how the older you get the less magical everything shiny and sparkly becomes that is truly a bummerlickinass.

Nowadays, money makes me happy.
And when there's none. I'm not.
Funds run dry this year. and like snowball to avalanche, i feel like errors and decisions made earlier this '09 have transcended a douchebag out of me.
Accumulated negativity. Piled up poop. Overstocked crap.

Maybe because i miss the old times.
Maybe because i'm getting older and times are indeed changing.

Either way. Erm.

Merry Christmas Bitchez!

i'll see u during caroling.
uh huh. oh yea. tats it.
imma hold on to lit candles and project my vocal prowess with all the non-negativafied leftover xmas energy i can master within me scrawny of a bod.


Katherine said...

excuse me....when did i bites. and punches, knocks, slaps, kicks, stabs, insults U?

Jaemy.C said...

erm... the question is when do u NOT bite. and punch, knock, slap, kick, stab, insult me? o__O

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