Tuesday, December 29, 2009


And so i carry forth my yearly tradition of dissing out my closetted (or not) playlist repeats of the year.


These are the tracks that accompanied me as i brisked pass the compounds of 1U from office to home. The tunes that kept my ears occupied on those lonely bus rides from Pasar Seni to Seremban. The numbers that i sangalong to alot and probably googled the guitar chords one time or another just so i can berkaraoke within the confinements of my room.

Behold my shameless parade of overplayed overbubblegummed overpopped songs that dominated my head when it was not filled with the crap i call work and the genius i call Street Fighter 4.

There. My personal top 10 list of guilty pleasure syok sendiri music.
And yes. Halo is indeed my song-that-you-cant-get-sien-of for 2009.

oh and thank god i didnt buy tickets to her never-gonna-happen concert.
Sai qin sai hei

Katy Perry's Thinking of You deserves a thumbs up mention.
But because her album was in 2008 i figured i duwan so outdate la.
Still... tats a killer song.

I'd have to say that my favourite album of 2009 would have to be a juggle between John Mayer's BattleStudies, Colbie Caillat's Breakthrough and LaRoux's LaRoux.
Simply because these albums didnt bore me.

I listened to Mayer and Caillat when i was moody (which was a pretty hefty amount this year) and LaRoux when i ...err... wasn't.

Other mentionables for me include ZeeAvi's, Lady Gaga's Fame/Fame Monster (cuz she had damn alot of catchy songs in em) and the Glee Season 1 OST.

Would like to thank the TsuTsu for recommending LaRoux and Muse.

Would like to say 谢谢 to Raymond for sending me Bebo Norman.

Would like to give new ipod warm lovable hugs and kisses macho pats on the back for enabling a constant supply of sound into my earlobes when needed.

Would like to thank the blue guitar for giving me the joy of selfscreaming and finger-paining until tips started peeling.

Would like to NOT thank work for basically sucking all the time i could've used to expand my guitaring skills /finish my untouched unread books / learn how to do websites / earn more money/ meet more invisible people etc etc.

Oh well.

Music. Done.
Asylum. Out.


Ammar said...

quite interesting list you have there...

tik said...

Thunder - Boys Like Girls,
Uprising - Muse,
nice~~ =)

Jaemy.C said...

ammar: hehe. good to hear tat ur not bored.

tik: beyonce - halo,
kelly clark - my life would suck without u,
la roux - bulletproof,
pink - please dont leave me,
BEP - i gotta feelin',
norman bebo - britney,
shakira - shewolf,
lady gaga - paparazzi,

also nice~~ :D

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