Saturday, December 05, 2009


So Kuching wasn't so bad.
I'd be lying if i said i didnt have absolutely no fun at all.

we even brought along our pet angmo.

It was a family trip.
At first.
And then people started talking and announcing their plans at their respective workplaces and soon enough we're packing a van filled with aunty teachers and uncle teachers from both the parent teachers' schools.

Thing is. We family. We aint too keen on the whole talking/bonding basis.
We prefer to use non verbal communication to decipher what each other is thinking.

Like when the brother starts staring into space stoned shitless.
It probably means he's tired shitless and doesnt want to be disturbed from his beauty hibernative sleep.
Light sleeper he is, so any slight creek or tap or cough will jolt him wide awake in absolute crankyness.

And when the sista flails her hands and jumps with her jiggles bouncing all over the place in public places (preferably tourists spots). It probably means she wants a photo taken. badly.

We stayed at this cozy little backpackers inn called Singgahsana Lodge which i must admit sounded pretty dodgy when my mum did the research and bookings via ONLINE before the trip.

When i 1st heard that.
My jaw dropped.

Wasn't sure if she just clicked on the 1st link that popped up on google or if she read the many many reviews on lonelyplanet BEFORE booking the rooms.

Dunno if she actually weighted her options of different homestays and inns and did the rational comparison in rooms, prices and locations before saying "YES".

Didnt know that she actually KNEW how to go ONLINE. o__O

But then when we finally got there i had the biggest most sighful sigh of relief.
The rooms were spacious.
Beds were good.
And the commonroom toilet was very clean.
And not crowded.
My fave.

This is the lobby area.

The topfloor bar.

Vandalism is encouraged here.

We visited the Cat museum.
which made me search frantically for a non-dust-filled corner so i could nap the visit away.
cuz it was such a snore.
just pics of cats in different medias through the centuries.
not even live cats available for me to touch and torture.
Yanked ourself outta there as soon as we could.

into the cat's mouth we go.

We visited some of the many caves there as well.
I would certainly say that this was the highlight of my time in kuching.
Breathtaking caves. My knees turned wobbly when i looked down from some of the high points.

brother the uncle

fairy cave wings

We visited the Sarawak Cultural Village where we got to see traditional orang asli supermodels do their thangs as well as have our village "passports" copped at each "station".

stamp cops from each worthy tribe. i am a warrior now.

whiteboi learns how to blow his pipe

Also ravaged through wilderness of Sarawak jungles in search of the endangered Rafflesia.

And found one.


And then we also drove past Hot Chicks cafe along the road.

be warned of nose bleeds when you walk in.

I, in total, had myself 2 sessions of Sarawak Laksas and 2 servings of Kolo Mee in our 4 days there.

Kolo Mee.

Also had my share of Sarawak Layered Cakes.

Adidas flavour.

I know la. It's a pretty puny helping of kuching food consumption but hey. gotta give credit to someone who's not really a foodchaser right?

Thats the wonders of sharing a trip with uncles, aunties, and parents - the foundational essences of hardcore food chasing is practiced by our elders so lazy ppl like me who dun wanna use brains can aimlessly tag along and sit down on the table THEY pick and let THEM do the food ordering.

Ah. Me like.

We were expecting a whole entourage of furry arrogant felines waiting to greet our arrival.

But surprise surprise.
Seen roaming strutting and frolicking everywhere in our faces every corner we turned, were slobbery needy dogs. (Not that im not a fan. heart ya Fifi. wuf ya Luna)

We didnt even spot cats till our 2nd day there.
And then we wanted to kick em from frantic search frustrations.

So much for Kuchings in Kuching.

we were debating how this should be pronounced.
- Cozeez or Cozy *krrrrroh*

Kuching town is nothing much, to be frank.

Didn't see no pussycatsdolls.
Didnt buy no cheap stuff.
Didn't spot no kennysia.

We did however, visit the very cool and happening AND cool Rainforest World Music Festival.

the venue that is.

See. We are cool happening exotic music lovers.


Marcus Tee Jin Liang said...

Love the photos of the cave, especially the long shotand you standing at the bottom left corner, looks awe~some.

You sure that's a Rafflesia or a dead ... thing?

Jaemy.C said...

haha actually tats not me. its the pet angmo whiteboi. but from far look like me right?? XD

but yeah. it really was pretty awesome.

and it was dead Rafflesia thing. can or not mr.tee?!

Marcus Tee Jin Liang said...

Oh yah, he does look like you! You guys should like swap lives when he's suppose to go back to his home country:)

K Fine its a dead stinking rafflesia.

Jaemy.C said...

yeah i look like him he looks like me. regardless of the obvious sepetness and skin tone colour and language preference. he should replace me at work. no one will tell the difference.

u gotit tee. tat rafflesia is dead and stinking. and tats the way we like it.

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