Thursday, November 26, 2009


Am nestled temporarily in the Borneoric lands of Kuching for a short family trip.

spotted so far:
- sneezers in plane getting weird paranoid glances from passengers all around.
- douchebag who let his phone ring for a bloody 15 minutes before switching it off (after receiving nudges of annoyance from nearby passengers.) (yours truly included)
- dog strutting proudly in Taman Sahabat.
- NO cats in sight. Oh the irony.
- blurring vision due to extreme heat exposure under the 11am sun.
- blurring vision due to 4am wakeup call for a 7am flight at the chaoticly crowded LCCT.
- the supposedly famous Kolo Mee. Not just spotted. Tasted too. Found it so-so.
- nice 4-bed room in Singgahsana Lodge.
- NO kennysia sightings. yet.

Paparazzo will resume in another half an hour or so.
Will be visiting the museums later with the aunties and uncles that tagged along with us in this trip.
Pray that i dont snore.

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