Thursday, November 12, 2009

2012 YAWNS

2012 is cliche with a capital K and Yawn with a capital ON.

wasnt great.
wasnt even good. Heh.

Special fx were eye-opening to say the least.
And when there wasnt any special fx, my eyes weren't opening. Literally.

In its defense, it got quite kancheong towards the end la.
so that was pretty good.
Slight glimmer of storytelling hope there.

Oh. and the Adam Lambert song for this movie isn't too bad.

Oh. and Poor Tamara. :(


Aldric Tinker said...

It sucked big time. The only thing good about the movie is the master shot graphics (details were ridiculously Pentium 2!). Ok, maybe the song. And the promo.

Plot unraveled so damn slow! I was wondering when will it end... Momentum wasn't consistent. Tension raised every now and then, but the plateau moments were longer.

For an end-of-the-world movie, I didn't feel the world was ending anytime soon. Not like End of Days or Armageddon.


Jaemy.C said...

i fell asleep when there weren't any buildings crashing down on puny absent minded humans.

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