Saturday, November 14, 2009


Talk about random coincidental bump-ins.

Location was all the way @ Pasar Seni.
I was alone, tired, hungry and anxiously awaiting the 99 Metro bus to transport my lazy ass back to beloved Pelangi.

Suddenly I hear someone shriek my name from behind.
Lo and behold - Lena stands behind me. Positively flustered amidst the smokes coming from the WantanMee stall beside her - Alone AND available. (her colleagues FFK her and left her to scavenge the streets of errr...Petaling Street.. for lunch)

Ended up having a very VERY random one-on-one catchup/since-you're-here-lets-eat-together lunch with her at the precise stall in which we both had our little unplanned collision.

Honestly. She was the last person I'd expect to see all the way here.

Fate or random coincidental bang?
No idea.
But it was fun.

We should do this more often L3na.
Let's plan our next coincidental meet up.

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