Monday, November 02, 2009


I call it fate.
Pure concentrated fate.

It was only a matter of time before destiny would land itself in my lustful grasp and satisfy my cravings for hardcore 20 hit combos and cheesy pre-battle taunts.

It was only through an unavoidable system crash on my withering pc that drove me over the edge of my brother's place at SS24/24 and eventually the opportunity to renew my gaming life with the gift of the genius known as STREET FIGHTER IV for the PC.

Started toying with it on Friday night.
Ended up sleeping at approximately 5am that very day. (or technically, next day)
Too friggin addictive to put down.
Was busy figuring out ways to master CrimsonViper's traits cuz she looks so damn yauyeng in all her killer moves.

Anyway I'm kinda on a ChunLi / Rufus hiatus now.
I'm all about the legs and fats man.
If you're not one of those outdated blokes like me who are functionally retarded on joypads and have been playing it on PS3 for awhile, you'll know that those 2 have combo guns that out-fire and outBOOMZ any BFG 9000 out there.

Ryu and Ken are cheater players.
Their hoduken uppercuts can out-uppercut and out-attack ANY attack.
and the move itself looks so bladi good too. With the flaming fist and all.
Not a fair move at all man. Not a fair move.
How do the wimpy Blankas and Balrogs stand against something so effortlessly effective like that?!

Brain power has been working on OT due to endless memorizing of character moves from websites like this.
It's like i'm back in school drilling in my maths formulas again, eager to exercise my new-found knowledge on the exam table.

Thankfully, I see no signs of blistering, bruising and swelling on fingers (or any other parts of the body).


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