Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I attended the Asia Film Week seminars during the weekend.

Can't say i was jumping up&down about it because god knows it was the friggin weekend.
And the fact that none of the cabs i took actually knew WHERE the godforsaken location was.

I literally felt like it was the blind leading the blind when i sat at the back of the cab, safety belt strapped on, cluelessly nodding my head and going "ah. err. ok." as Mr.Cabby forwarded question after question if "this turning correct ah?" or if "this road can or not?"

I dont know damnit.
You're the bladi cab driver.

Then again i cant blame the poor fella.
It was held at ASWARA aka Akedemi Seni Budaya Warisan Kebangsaan translated as National Arts Culture and Heritage Academy.

Say wha... ? whe...?

i know. Mouthful isnt it?
Organise la somewhere that actually exists.
Wild goose chases in the early hours of the day rushing to attend a seminar on a weekend is no good for the young working adult's soul yo.
Damages. Damages i tell ya.


It was a pretty expensive seminar and i had the priviledge of attending free of charge.

AhBoon browsing tru our cheapo photostated 3-day guidebook

Friday was a total drag.
Same speaker from last year. Same info. Recycled jokes. Snorelax.

Saturday, on the other hand, was very very worthwhile.
Had the honours of watching CafeFX present and answer questions about their work. Works that included one of my favourite films of all time - Pan's Labyrinth.

They also did fx for SinCity, G-force, G.I.Joe, Nim's Island, KiteRunner and are currently working on the very-pleasing-to-the-eyes' Alice in Wonderland.

Yeah. Drop that jaw. now.

I was too paiseh to ask for photos.
So i snap from far.

See, even during breaktime, people are lining up to ask questions.
Jeff, the co-founder of CafeFX, was a damn nice guy when we went forward to enquire about AhBoon's tracking issues.

There were so many ppl continuously coming up to him that he had to excuse himself for a toilet break before running back to layan the rest of the quezzies.

I sense the stimulating aura of respect illuminating for him as well as a rather pungent stench of jealousy coming from my end.


Sunday, was relevant but unfortunately doze-inducing too.
Good thing was that Peter Wunstorf threw us some outdoor action by dragging our asses into the open for some lighting and shadow tips.

unfortunate victim / model

With interest.

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