Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Holy shit.
Dexter (season 4) is so owning the current wave of tv series seasons.
For the 1st time in a long time.. a plot twist made me hold my mouth in utter wide-eyed gaspness and shock.

Even the poster is so brilliantly done.

FlashForward comes in 2nd.
Californication and V are on a tie breaker.
can't decide which hits my addict nerve more.

Glee relies purely on songs to sell. Story wise its pretty mediocre to say the least.
Sometimes even downright absurd.

Gave up on Heroes and Desperate Housewives.
i could go on and on about the hates and oh-no-they-did-not's about those 2 but will vent another day.

TheBigBangTheory is so funny i could watch the same episodes over and over again and still LOL.

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Ammar said...

FlashForward? How come I'm not thrill when I'm watching the pilot?
I'm praying that Quinn get deliver soon, cause she is partykiller...every episode all about finn and quin...not good at all...

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