Thursday, October 22, 2009


It's not even Christmas and already some weird CNY shizz about to breakout soon.

Hand drawn by ur's truly.
To be used as props in a music video shoot next week.
Lets see how that turns out.
if all goes well u should be seeing these lil babies being fondled and caressed on national TV.

Keeping fingers crossed.

Oh. And while i was attending to nature's call.
The darkcorner aka indian macha neighbour's hands got itchy.

I came back and found THIS written on my innocent halfdrawn 扇子.

it doesnt look like one lo if u ask me.
Dunno wat indians thinking nowadays. -__-

Oh yeah.
And happy Belated Bday GobySoon.

May Marbles shine bright on u fo eva and eva.

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