Sunday, December 20, 2009

MOVIE REVIEWS VOL. 8324512367586

i saw movies.
i intend to blog about them.
here they are.


thumbs up for the bedroom night scenes and the realistic camera angles.
(sounds like some adult movie review hor?)

It was kinda draggy at SOME scenes but i guess it was necessary to build the basis of the character so we feel emotionally connected with em. Which actually kinda worked for me. The ending is a wee bit wtf-ish but i guess that's the only way (or 1 of the 3 ways considering which version of the movie you saw.) to end it realistically. I was positively freaked la. Therefore I positively like.


special effects galore mouth-opening aweness in nearly EVERY jungle scene.
very very impressively creatures and details.
storywise i have to say its a tad lacking in originality. There's abit of a Matrix-mix-Last-Samurai thing going on. Maybe cuz mr Cameron took so long to produce this that Matrix and Samurai came out first.

Oh well.

Also, because the movie was an unexpected 2.5 hours long, (no one warned me!) I was forced to clutch my thighs above each other to enable longer bladder control. And then it started getting unbearable and i was literally squirming and praying in my head for the movie to end soon so i could heed mother nature's whiny wails of horror and relieve myself of the silent torture beseeching my humanly weak body. i think i was the 1st one out of the hall when the credits started rolling with Leona's haunting voice playing in the background.

Aih. :(

Still, i think Avatar is actually one of the best movies this year for me.


i was smiling at the beginning and at the end.

One of those feelgood cartoons that take you back to the ol'skool disneys you grew up with next to your older brother and his disney soundtrack fetish and the way he bugs mum and dad to purchase him the cassette as an early xmas/ bday / new year present or he'll throw a kidfit and get bad marks in exam for them to see. Sheesh.

Where was i again?
Oh ya.

Music wasnt too great fer me. Mainly because i'm not a blues fan.
for me it was lacking in catchyness and melody.
Also, like Avatar, every scene seemed to remind me of other scenes in other disney / dreamworks / significantly good animation movies around.

A little jungle book. a little Aladdin (Prince Naveen). Some Thumbelina (the nature inspired dress and jungle setting). Some Peter Pan/Tinkerbell (croc /fireflies). Tinch of Pinochio (wishing upon a star). bits of Anastasia. (the baddie) and a big portion of Shrek there at the end.

That being said. It was still a worthwhile movie and i liked it alot.
Above average.

OH and i applaud what they did to the firefly dude. :)
Very nice of Disney to break the norm in the happy ending department.


Marcus Tee Jin Liang said...

Hey! I watched Avatar and then P&F right after last Friday night!

Like you said Avatar's execution is nice story is typical. Disney was lees than what I expected but then again I'm just happy they;re coming back to 2d.

I didn't know Paranormal Activity was out here! I wanna watch, wanna watch with me.... again?

Jaemy.C said...

wah. movie-hopping away ur friday nights like the wild party animal u are huh?


Paranorm is not out here la mr.tee. i downloaded. heh. XD

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