Saturday, April 11, 2009


So anyway here's the undisclosed story of the very random Cameron trip.

So i'm like in my last day before my holiday starts and i have no plans for my 2nd week of holiday right? and deep down in my subconscious mind i've been craving and raving and praying about paying Cameron a visit, so out of pure wadeheck i ask the sister and brother if they wanna teman me go.

And out of the blue suddenly everyone gave the green light and we're planning for a last minute Cameron trip. Just liddat.

i have never in my entire 24 years of life on earth gone on a holiday trip with the sister and the brother before (minus the biological mother and father - not to say that i dun have unbiological parents of course) so it really was pretty random.

and with super randomness comes extreme lazyness to drive up to Cameron.
(actually only 1 of us could really drive. the sister is too amateur to drive uphill and i've practically returned all my driving knowledge to the rude instructor 4 years ago eventhough i still keep my renewed license neatly in my wallet)

So we took the nice Unititi bus up and had to brave through hordish crowds in Pudu, respond politely to rude ticket sellers (in which i friggin complained to management after) and hold our bladders until we reach pondok-rehat stops along the way.

Hard work i tell ya.
Hard work.

But once we reach our Lakehouse... i tell u...
damn satisfying lo.

Thank god the place was as good as i imagined it to be cuz god knows i'm easily let-down when i keep my expectations high. (Just look at wat happened to The Spirit and Hellboy2. Epic fail)

We took this package deal that the hotel offered us and it included breakfasts, a super ex fine dining dinner and a halfday tour through the fairytale mystiquely mystified Mossy Forest which i've been walauweh-wanting to go since forever.

This was on top of the Brinchang hill.

So accommodation was awesome ( a weeee bit far since the tourist spots were in Tanah Rata & Brinchang while we were located @ Ringlet. but oh well. worth it la our Lakehouse so nice) and the Tea plantations were uber green and damn vast and wide and i was staring in awe throughout the whole ride up...

Stopped by the BOH tea centre.

the mossy forest.. which to me was ok only.
nothing much to be honest.
I think the trees and plants during the hike up Mount Kinabalu last year was nicer.

We spotted tiger in the forest though.

wat did i tell ya?

And of course wat would a Cameron trip be without a visit to the Cactus Valley....
where thorns grow amok and vandalised stems run rampant...

The butterfly park... where we caught a rare glimps of some interspecies hanky panky going on on the nets.

Althought we were more attracted to the scorpions, mantises, lizards and beetles at the door than the butterflies themselves.

We had strawberry yogurt. strawberry sunday strawberry cheesecake strawberries dried.... i am stoked filled strawberrified so much now that i really HAVE lived up to my so-called other name..... (which for the record i have NEVER EVER acknowledged btw)

But one thing is definitely the sad fact that Cameron is not as cold as it used to be la. I remember going up when i was damn young and i would be shivering and slapping on layers and layers of jackets just to fight the coldness. And when you breathe u can see ur breath in the cold air.

No more man.
You just feel the cool breeze but you dont see the engulfing mist anymore.
And here i was hopping to experience real-life Mist.
Which by the way was a damn cool movie.


kenwooi said...

cameron is a really nice place =)
cooling air and surrounding..

Jaemy.C said...

kenwooi: it used to be even colder... now it's just breezy cold. but still nice la. i like green green surroundings hehe....

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