Monday, April 06, 2009


Just managed to pop some pics from my phone (which turns cranky whenever i connect it to the PC) and found some i took when we went jungle trekking on Lang Tengah 2 weeks ago.

We were guided through the jungle to this awesome cliff point somewhere on the island and i didnt have my trusty Canon IXUS with me so the year-old Sony Ericson had to do.

I hardly ever use the phone for pics but this was inevitable.
Die die also had to take.

It's actually a really really long way down but i dont think you can see the height of the cliff from the photos. My legs were wobbly standing at the edge.

The 2 whom i trekked with.

spot the tiny couple at the edge of the cliff.

If you're wondering where the rest of the gang was during this pivotal moment on the island, they were busy snoozing away the nice beachy morning and the paid-for breakfast.

i know.

-_____________- "

Cameron pics will be up soon.
I am stoked strawberrified shitless now.


| wÅ¡¥eË | said...

what? u have a problem with that?!!! >(

Jaemy.C said...

i know u luv me Owhy. :)

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