Thursday, April 30, 2009


Tis' the season of season finales and i will now rant accordingly.

CHUCK's finale was daaaaamn nice.
Killing off Bryce (or so we think?) was a reallllyyy good move. Just like how JJAbrams loves to kill off important people very suddenly in Alias or Lost or Fringe(1st epi only). Or how Joss Wheddon does it so well on Buffy and Angel. Gives me that jolt of emoness to sustain my viewship.

Nothing new in the way things are going down.
Was about time Edie got the death la.
She's the only cast member flexible enough to let go. (Other than Katherine)
Quite a stupid tribute episode that followed after that. Loopholes kaukau.
She should be filled with bitchin pissedness and insults towards the husband in her narrations la.

HEROES is so effed up and pukesome i can no longer find the words to loath it anymore than i already do. Stupid season ending. Stupid way to kill off a character (sort off) and even stupider acting from the former cheerleader. Stupid season ending. Oh ya. Said that already.

FRINGE is getting fringly nice.
Started off very slow. Xfiles wannabe.
But now we're finally seeing JJAbram's sci-fi philosophical touch coming into view.
Army of soldiers to fight the supernatural battle?
In this context, I dig.

PUSHING DAISIES is just ok. Still whimsical. Still full of colour.
Will need to wait and see how colourful the last 2 episodes tie up before it closes down for good.
I still find it a challenge to keep up with the dialogs. Which are always fun la. Hehe.

DOLLHOUSE is a let down compared to THE OTHER of GeniusJoss' work la.
Eliza Duskhu's acting is nothing short of monotonous.
Nothing particularly new about the show also.
Plus Topher gets more and more annoying each episode.
Aih. Sorry Joss. Won't be suprised if the show gets the can soon.

HagridHiggs handed me KINGS the other day.
2 words hit me while watching the 1st epi - "Battlestar" & "Galactica"
It's so so similar. The mood. The way it's shot. The brother sure like wan.
So philosophical and biblical somemore.
His cup of tea la.

Been downloading random episodes of THE MENTALIST as well.
Quite an interesting show.
Wouldnt mind actually watching the whole season if someone can gimme.




kenwooi said...

i watch heroes, prison break and how i met your mother! =D

Jaemy.C said...

haha heroes is going down the drain!! only season 1 was nice! Sylar became pussywhipped towards the 2nd season. cant stand the endless loose ends in the show la!

Prison break i only followed until season 3. Heh. couldnt take the fact tat my fave character died so so unjustifiedly (which actually contradicts wat i wrote in my post la heh)

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