Friday, May 01, 2009


One In A Million season 3 FINALE tonight @ Shah Alam Stadium Malawati.
Will be there to spectate and occasionally clap. Possibly make a slight cheer or two.

Here are some backdated shots from the time when we were shooting the promo for the top12.
Couldnt upload then due to the whole P&C factor but now that i can, i will and i have.

Supasta make up room.

Supalightings in the background.

the bigger picture of the set.

And there's my face telling Simon to work his mojo for the cam.

the 360 scene with green matte.

All of which eventually lead to the completion of THIS. THIS and THIS.
Nowhere near as canggih as the other super pro special fx/motion graphic studios around.
But. oh well.

Keeping fingers crossed that Esther gets it but i have a feeling Tomok will win.

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