Sunday, May 03, 2009


The newlywedded girl-turned-woman just turned 27.

So we channeled our festive bday energy into burning buns on BBQ pits...

.. playing with colourful sticks that shower you with twirly things when you pull too hard...

...experimenting in androgynous cross-gender card games...

...and mutilating the faces of LOSERS with bright cutesy colours.

Farina giving Riduan some lovin'...

...and then goes behind his back and tackles Hilmi...

...before finally joinning the loserface pack. XD

We were keeping fingers crossed and praying that we'd get the chance to express our love on the bday girl/woman's face but alas, the bday god's must really hate her to disallow her the priviledge of enjoying such simple pleasures in life.

Oh well.

Her loss.

Who ask her to keep winning.

Happy Bday Carin.

On a separate note:
My barely 6-month old RM-friggin-2.7k PC is confirmed virus infected and has started it's not surprising deterioration.
i was actually hoping it would AT LEAST take another year before signs of sudden shut-downs and panic attacks would start occurring.
No thanks to my killer office infected systems la.
It's like every single PC in the office is infected with some incurable STD.
Thumbdrives penetrate go in go out. I take home. Scan. Nothing detected.
Thrust it in out my pc. Voila. Infected.

As of present time, my PC can no longer detect hidden files.
Folders open at maximum size no matter how many times i set it at medium size.
Some files and folders can no longer be named because the entire filenames just dont appear visible anymore.
IE windows pop up randomly with no warning. Latest record was 41 auto-open windows at one shot. Hanged the PC no doubt.
Sometimes the PC shuts down and i can't turn it back on.

Effe me silly right now la.
Everything just screams REFORMAT.
I hate reformating PC.
It's effingheadache and i am in no mood to endure headaches now cuz I save that area of my life for work.
When i come home, it's anti-brain time.

Fuck. Me.

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