Saturday, May 23, 2009


Was spring cleaning the office PC and backing up files (cuz god knows if it decides to hang and cause me shit again my head is as good as rolling off the chopping block with Elea holding the axe with an effed up smirk on her face) when i came across the bits and bloops of the December Newbies we did with Sarah Lian last year.

SwooSwen helping Sarah out with the wardrobe where it matters.
Oh. and yeah. They were eating. In that room.
Yes. They were not suppose to.
You didn't hear it from me.

And being the kind kind soul i was,
and also the fact tat Sarah was so nice to us during the shoot,
and also the fact tat i think there were some pretty damn funny outtakes,
i compiled and sent em to the lilmui for her keeps sake before forever removing them from the face of my 300G office HD.

Me behind.
She in front.

The camera i mean.

Visit her blog to see the full extend of my assistance to her la.

Sorry that i couldn't do anything about the bust enlargement bit that you kept begging asking for, Sarah.
I know. Bad me.
I deserve a good spanking.

Peace yo.

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