Thursday, May 28, 2009



- Looking blur and clueless so people think i'm blur and clueless and hence wont bother me with botherable things.
- The simplicity of scrambled eggs + bread in the morning
- My supa duper gonna-skin-me-alive-budget travel plans for the month that comes after 2 more months.
- Strumming to the Climb ( wat to do. I'm a sucker for catchy Miley pop songs)
- The fact that the Allen beat the Adam in Idol.
- The genius of Drawn Together.
- Watching fish swim in the aquarealm.
- Bleeding love. Yes. i am still not over and done with the song. Crazy.
- Hatin on the Club. Rihanna got naaais booty.
- Terminator: Salvation. Good. Not great. was keeping fingers crossed for the supreme omega killer koolerthankool T1000 to at least make a cameo. but sadly potong stim tak jadi. I'd take T1000 over Arnold anyday.


- The work shit that gets me boiling so so easily nowadays.
- Waiting. and waiting. and waiting. 一寸光阴, 一寸金 ah. Urgh.
- The new Kelly Clarkson single.
- The chorus tune of the new Katy Perry single. (actually she's got so many better songs in the album to release la. damn it.)
- Worriying about the personal financial woes. KaChing me pls.
- Blabbermouths that blabber AFTER telling them not to blabber.
- The new Black Eyed Peas song.


Alltvmas said...

why r u dislike BEP new song? I only like their vid clip, other than that the song just sounds weird.
btw,like The Climb too. somehow it sounds inspiring...hehehehe.

Jaemy.C said...

yala the boomboompow dunno wat the heck they singing tune also. just beats only.

but the thing is.. it's so catchy! it keeps playing in my head non stop!!! argh!!!

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