Friday, June 05, 2009


So there's this crucial switch right?
And we need to turn it to get the machine working to get our work done.
But because its faulty now and it wouldnt budge cuz the turning was too smooth for our sweaty oily hands to grip, none of us puny humans succeeded despite taking turn after turn after turn to turn it. Urgh. No fingering skills whatsoever. We suck.

So we're sitting there. Hands hurting. Sweat dripping. Work coagulating.
And new Intern ChongLeeJian (whose name clearly does NOT resemble mine one bit. At all.) struts in amidst the chaos.

All eyes are now on the poor girl.

ChoongLeeChien: Ah..... LeeJian 你来得真好! XD
ChongLeeJian: har? *clueless face*
ChoongLeeChien: 来来。我跟你讲hor... hehe... 这个switch如果你转到的话,我就给你一碗面.
ChongLeeJian: ah?
ChoongLeeChien: 如果你转不到的话,我就给你一晚. *wriggles eye brow*
ChongLeeJian: *GASP* rushes to machine in superman lightspeed. *CLICK* Switch turns on. Instantly.

Pause. We all stare in long awestruck blinketyblink silence.

ChoongLeeChien: 喂................什么意思啊现在!!? -___-
ChongLeeJian: hehe. :)


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